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Founder of SmartLiving 360, a national strategy consulting and real estate firm that specializes in the intersection of place and longevity, Ryan Frederick, is proud to announce his first book, Right Place, Right Time: The Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Home for the Second Half (John Hopkins University Press). With over 15 years of experience in the fields of housing and healthy aging, Ryan Frederick offers readers a strategic and thoughtful guide for anyone who wants to find the best “home” to thrive over a long life.

Location plays a significant but often unacknowledged role in health and happiness. The right environment elevates personal wellbeing by promoting purpose, facilitating human connection, catalyzing physical activity, supporting financial health, and inspiring community engagement. Conversely, the wrong place can be detrimental to health, as the COVID-19 pandemic has shown.

In Right Place, Right Time, Frederick evaluates various regions, metropolitan areas and neighborhoods and explores the pros and cons of living options, from remaining in your home to downsizing, inter-generational living, co-housing, senior living, and more. Combining real-life stories about people selecting places to live with design principles and interactive tools, Right Place, Right Time will appeal to empty nesters, retirees, solo agers, adult children seeking ways to support their parents and loved ones, and anyone with an eye on their second half.

“Where you live can substantially impact your health and wellbeing—especially during the second half of your life,” said Ryan Frederick, Author of Right Place, Right Time. “I’m excited to offer tangible tools to help people evaluate their living situations, and determine the best place to call “home” for optimal health and happiness, now and in the future.”

Heretofore, place has often been viewed as something separate from overall life planning. However, its role is integral in health and wellness, longevity, healthcare, and financial planning. 


“Ryan Frederick has correctly identified concerns and highlighted solutions for the millions of people who want to live independently with dignity for as long as they can.” – Henry Cisneros, Former US Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, coauthor of Independent for Life: Homes and Neighborhoods for an Aging America.

“Today’s retirees are radically rethinking the role of home. Right Place, Right Time implores readers to think deeply about the role of place and take action to make the most of life’s third age.” Ken Dychtwalds, PhD, CEO, Age Wave, coauthor of What Retirees Want: A Holistic View of Life’s Third Age.

Right Place, Right Time is available for purchase on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and everywhere books are sold on October 12, 2021.

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Ryan Frederick is the CEO of SmartLiving 360, a consulting and real estate development firm that specializes in housing and healthy aging. He serves on the National Advisory Board of the Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing and was a member of the Advisory Council of the Bipartisan Policy Center Health and Housing Task Force. He is an Encore Public Voices Fellow, and his work and insights have been cited in Forbes, the Washington Post, and Environments for Aging, among other outlets.

By: Ryan Frederick, CEO of SmartLiving 360 Johns Hopkins University Press 272 Pages 6 x 9 978-1-4214-4230-3 $19.95 hc Also available as an e-book Publication date: October 12, 2021

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