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Fortnite Gold Mushroom: How to Get



Fortnite players are looking to find the Gold Mushroom on Fortnite Island.
Fortnite players are looking to find the Gold Mushroom on Fortnite Island. | Epic Games

Fortnite players are discovering how to get the Gold Mushroom on Fortnite Island.

As Chapter 2: Season 7 kicks off, players are likely wondering what extra surprises are in store with the reveal of their extraterrestrial visitors. Anything is possible after dimension-hopping in Chapter 6. It appears the only limits in Fortnite are the developers’ imaginations.

So, what about the Gold Mushroom?

Also known as the “Mythic Mushroom,” this item is one of the rarest consumables players can find by foraging on the island. It has a 0.0001% chance to spawn in any given match.

When eaten, this item heals 100 points of a player’s shield. Player’s recommend eating this item before using other shield items—though, given its rarity, some may be inclined to just consume it immediately.

Mythic Mushrooms have a hypothetical maximum stack of three. However, attempting to pick up a Mythic Mushroom instead of eating it outright will turn it into a normal mushroom.

Players can find gold mushrooms in dark forested areas—much like where real-world mushrooms grow. This makes the Weeping Woods the most common place to find them. They only have a 1:10,000 rate to grow in place of a normal mushroom.

Or, at least, they did. Mythic Mushrooms were introduced in Chapter 2: Season 3, but have been vaulted following the introduction of Season 4. Epic Games has shown no sign of returning this item to the island anytime soon.

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