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Forex Trading Calculators: A Much Needed Innovation


What Do We Know About Forex Profit Trading Calculators?

A Forex market is referred to as the Over-the-Counter market actively involved in the sale and purchase of foreign currency across the globe. It is a decentralized global market assisting the exchange of currencies between people at an agreed price. In other words, a forex market is a place where one currency is sold in order to purchase another currency. As more and more people are getting involved in the forex trade industry, the chances of potential risks involved with it are also rising. There is no such thing as a risk free strategy in the forex industry as with the involvement of money, the chances of volatility also enhance.

In order to aid effective risk management, the masterminds of the forex trade industry introduced certain tools such as a forex trading calculator that are efficient in assisting potential risk management along with assessing profits and losses. Forex trading calculators comprise a variety of computerized tools that can easily perform trading calculations based on the type of trade activity and the commodity used. In simple words, trading calculators help traders to calculate potential profits and losses associated with their trading activity. Forex trading calculators are excellent tools and their need has surged over the years due to the striking accuracy they provide.

Different Types of Forex Profit Trading Calculators

There is an abundance in the variety of forex profit trading calculators. As per a trader’s need and the type of trading commodity used, there are a number of profit trading calculators available for the estimation of profit and loss. Trading calculators are designed in a way that allows them to perform calculations for a wide variety of currency pairs including crosses, exotics, minors and majors. These forex profit trading calculators are equipped with advanced technology and can solve multiple complex calculations within milliseconds, providing accurate results.

How Does a Forex Pip Profit Calculator Work?

Pip in Forex trading stands for point in percentage that refers to the smallest movement in the rate of exchange between two currencies. In simple words, it is the smallest change in price between a currency pair during a session of forex trading. The value of pip generally lies on the fourth decimal place in most currencies, however some currencies are an exception to this. Forex pip profit calculators are essential as they help in analyzing the growth of an account and provide an easily understandable format.

Steps to Calculate Pip Value

There are certain steps to using a forex pip calculator accurately:

  1. Selecting the Right Currency Pair- The primary step to calculating the pip value is by first choosing the right pair of currency. The pair comprises a base currency and a quote currency. For example if a trader wants to calculate the pip value for the currency pair USD/JPY, then USD should be taken as the base currency and JPY should be taken as the quote currency.
  2. The Decimal Place Should Be Accurate- The value of the pip usually lies on the fourth decimal place, however currencies like the Japanese Yen have their decimal place on the second place. It is important to know the accurate decimal place for the preferred currency pair in order to get better results.
  3. Using a User Friendly Pip Calculator- An easy and understandable format of a forex pip calculator will make it convenient for the trader to achieve efficient calculation results. Therefore, a trader should use an easy to use and understand pip calculator.
  4. Spreads- Pip value is easily influenced by forex spread. Fore spreads help a trader a lot by evaluating the trade cost by estimating the difference between the ask and bid price and the number of pips in the spread.
  5. Trade Size- A bigger trade size is directly in proportion to a bigger pip value. With the increase in the size of the trade, the value of the pip will also increase.

The Benefits of Using a Forex Pip Calculator

  • The forex pip value calculator is an excellent tool that allows a trader to estimate potential profits and losses by keeping a check on even the smallest movement in price for a currency pair.
  • Forex pip calculators help traders in assessing the ratio of risk to reward which assists in informed decision making.
  • A trader does not have to depend on manual calculations anymore as with the help of a forex pip calculator, all calculations are solved by computerized algorithms that completely eliminate the chance of human error and provide results within seconds.
  • A forex pip calculator is of great help when it comes to calculating the position size. Pip calculators help to determine that the trader is not taking excessive risk by opening positions that are too big with a possibility of a big loss.

Importance of a Forex Margin Calculator

A forex margin calculator works out the exact margin or difference required to guarantee a trading position that a trader would like to open. The margin calculator helps in determining if a trader should reduce the size of the lot or adjust the leverage taking into consideration the account balance. In other words a margin calculator calculates the amount needed in the trader’s account in order to open and maintain a buying or selling position. A margin calculator computes the difference by considering the lot size and the maximum amount of leverage offered by the company.

The margin is calculated by entering the preferred base currency, choosing the currency pair, selecting the amount of leverage and then entering the position size in lots.

What Benefits Will You Get by Using a Forex Margin Calculator?

  • Forex margin calculators have played a major role in determining the lot size and the amount of leverage required.
  • With the help of a margin calculator a trader can easily assess the required amount to open and maintain a trading position.
  • Transparency in trading is another benefit provided by the use of forex margin calculators as they help a trader to see where their money is going and how their trading strategies and decisions are affecting their returns.
  • Since these forex margin calculators are computerized tools, they are sure to generate accurate results within no time, ensuring proper time management, and eliminating any chances of error and bias.

Forex Profit Calculators for Better Trading

A forex profit calculator is regarded as one of the most useful innovations for a trader. Profit calculators are advanced tools designed to aid better trading solutions by providing an insight to potential risks associated with a trading strategy. These profit calculators help a trader to evaluate the chance of profit and loss and the costs associated with the trade a trader wants to initiate. The profit calculator computes the potential profit or loss by using trade directions, number of lots traded and information retrieved from market data.

Steps to Calculate Profits Using a Forex Profit Calculator

Follow these 5 steps to calculate profits using a forex profit calculator

  1. Select the Currency Pair- Choose a currency pair that you require for the calculation for example USD/JPY or EUR/USD.
  2. Choose the Opening Price- The cost of the currency pair at the time of initial purchase is known as the opening price. Enter the price at which it was bought initially.
  3. Volume of the Trade- The number of lots or securities traded during a trading session is known as the volume of trade.
  4. The Closing Price- Closing price is the last price at which a currency was traded during a trading period.
  5. Operation- the position of the asset that is owned by a trader with the intention of buy or sell is called operation.

How Can You Benefit by Using a Forex Profit Calculator?

  • Forex profit calculators are great tools designed to evaluate the possibility of potential profits and losses that provides a trader with a deeper insight and initiates better risk management.
  • The results generated by the help of profit calculators are 100% accurate as the calculations are performed by computerized mathematical algorithms.
  • Profit calculators are great assisting tools to a novice trader as they lack experience and knowledge of the forex market. These profit calculators provide a new trader with informed judgments which helps them to implement wise trade decisions.
  • Forex profit calculators are very easy to use and understandable. These profit calculators do not require high tech software or devices to run and can easily be used on any device having an internet connectivity.

The forex market is expanding each day, and with its expansion more and more people are keenly joining the industry in order to maximize profits and minimize losses. Traders want to enhance their trading capabilities by involving the use of various tools and instruments for better returns and reduction in probable losses. With the onset of forex trading calculators, trading has become very easy and management of risks have become better.


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