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FOMO Can Be Real, This Time with AMP

If you were one of those apologists when it comes to missing out on the Bitcoin opportunity, you better not fall over the same misconception this time around with AMP. It would be better to start your investment early with the promising returns of the latest player in the crypto industry. Learn the many reasons why you cannot afford to miss out on this one.

Fear is there but get real

There is no denying that the crypto market can be risky. The environment is risky since the prices are not guaranteed by any financial institution. It will all depend on market behaviour, so you cannot claim a win unless you have realised actual gains. And this concept especially applies to newcomers in the playing field like AMP.

Despite the unpredictable nature of cryptocurrencies, you may want to take your chances on this one. Risks can be controlled with proper diversification strategies. You can start small and see where the prices are going. Feel free to maximise your investment returns by gradually increasing your capital from time to time. Still, you have to be mindful of the prices and costs in doing so.

Remember that you should buy when prices are low. You can always check out the price history for your guidance. This will minimise the costs of your purchase since you have got to pay for the transaction fees, too. It is for this reason that you have to be careful in making decisions when you engage in trading. Otherwise, you may end up cancelling your gains after all.

Missing out on the latest is no exciting feat

Perhaps it is worthy to note that experts have already given their two cents on the matter. A holdover period of five years would be enough to reap reasonable returns from AMP. Trend analysis of Cryptona experts’ predicts that the AMP coins will reach the price of $1 by 2025. It might be a bold prediction, but you cannot simply ignore what the numbers are saying.

By all means, you may want to go back from the time AMP was launched in September 2020. Prices have increased by 178% over six months this year which would tell you how much you could have earned in a short span of time. And you cannot afford to miss out on the chance of getting a share of the pie.

There is a good chance that the earning streak will continue toward the end of the year. It is expected to repeat the same milestones in the second half of 2021. For this reason alone, you should be able to test the waters to see for yourself. You would not want to go chasing the ship after it has already left the dock.

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Out with the old, in with the new

So you might be hesitating to invest in a newcomer. That is a valid response to a newbie in the market, considering the lack of a track record. But you should know that this idea may not suit the narrative for AMP. While it is a new name, it is only an enhanced version of an old player that you might recognise in the name of Flexacoin.

Flexa coin was launched in 2018. It is a cryptocurrency described as a collateral token that would come in handy not only for typical investors but especially for merchants and corporate entities.  The idea of making collateral tokens has been useful in forging loan agreements. Yes, you can now use your crypto coins as collateral to guarantee payment of your obligations.

Now AMP is the enhanced version of the Flexa coin. That means you can anticipate better operations with the Flexa Network and Ethereum blockchain. Rest assured that transactions would be efficient, particularly in terms of confirmation time.

An opportunity just like Bitcoin

Although you can forget about those chances you have missed out on Bitcoin, you cannot go into the same path once again with AMP. You may want to seize the opportunity by investing this year to be able to receive gains early on. There is no need to wait until these coins are valued at $1.

With its 100-billion AMP ready for issuance, you can always get your fair share of these coins. It only implies that there would be enough for everyone to get a chance of earning more than 100% of their capital this year. That is, if the trend stays the same without major changes in market behaviour.

It would be a refreshing option for crypto investors amid the pandemic. As national economies struggle to stabilise the local flow of money, it might be high time to divert your investment into cryptocurrencies.  It is an independent market beyond the grip of government regulations.  This novelty introduced by Bitcoin is now shared by almost all players in the crypto industry.


The fear of missing out on opportunity can be real. It was real with Bitcoin, and it can be real with AMP. This is why you should make a decision as early as now. Be that as it may, you should be ready to handle risks along the way.

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Source: Plato Data Intelligence


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