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First Class Trouble Release Date Information

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Courtesy of Invisible Walls

Courtesy of Invisible Walls

First Class Trouble is a new deception-based party game by Invisible Walls. This game takes place on a cruise liner, where players take the role of the last survivors of the ship. The goal is to find out who among the players is hiding as the evil robot responsible for the deaths of those on the ship. The game was recently teased in PlayStations State of Play, and players are now wondering when the game will release.

This new game, in the vein of popular titles like Among Us, is the latest in a line of deception-based games to be played with friends. With a few “imposters” against the majority of players in the game, trying to pit everyone against each other in order to come out on top. While this kind of title has seen less popularity over the past few months, there is the chance this game, with support from Sony, can break into the mainstream games of today.

This particular title is planned for release on Nov. 2, 2021. The game will come out on both Playstation Consoles, for a relatively cheap price of $14.99. Players can join their friends in trying to identify the “imposter” robot within the group alongside the rest of the passengers on your ship when the game launches early next month.

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