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FIFA Reportedly Wants EA to Pay $1 Billion Every Four Years For Name


FIFA Reportedly Wants EA to Pay $1 Billion Every Four Years For Name

Image courtesy of EA Sports

A new article has shed light on a possible reason behind EA considering a name change for the FIFA franchise.

A post from The New York Times reported that a financial dispute between EA and the football organisation, FIFA, could be one of the reasons for a possible name change to the long-standing video game franchise. According to the report, FIFA is seeking to double its payout from what it currently receives from EA Sports, taking the figure to over $1 billion every four years.

This is supposedly the proposed cost in order to retain use of the FIFA licence within the game. The organization would also seek to limit the monetization by EA, who are asserting their ability to “explore other ventures within its FIFA video game ecosystem, including highlights of actual games, arena video game tournaments and digital products like NFTs.”

Previously, EA had said that they were exploring the possibility of renaming the franchise to “EA Sports FC,” a move that at first seemed somewhat baffling. With the name FIFA being synonymous with the video game franchise, a naming rebrand would seem like a bold move to most. Now, thanks to the details of The New York Times article, the decision appears to be more justified.

Fans worried about what that could mean for the games going forward can be somewhat reassured by EA’s response; the company clarified that they would retain many of its other league, player and stadium licensing due to these being part of licensing separate to that of FIFA.

The FIFA video game franchise has gone on to become the best-selling sports video game franchise in the world, having sold over 325 million copies as of 2021. Even with a rebrand, it’s unlikely that any other franchise could match EA’s success at this point given their dominance in the soccer scene.

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