FIFA 23 Ultimate Team of the Season Squad: All Players


FIFA 23 Ultimate Team of the Season squad is now available in packs containing the best of the best players released during the promotion.

Ultimate Team of the Season is the final squad of the promotion and players from previously released squads are added back to packs. As well, there’s a new TOTS Award Winners card type celebrating certain players who received honors from their domestic leagues. What’s funny though is that those TOTS Award Winner cards have no statistical difference than a different card design. A weird addition, but something collectors can probably search for? Regardless, strange because players can pack both a TOTS and TOTS Award Winner version of the same item.

Here’s the full Ultimate Team of the Season squad in FIFA 23:

These cards are available in packs now, and as mentioned players can pack both TOTS Mbappe and TOTS Award Winner Mbappe.


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