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FIFA 22 Formations: 3 to Start With in FUT


FIFA 22 Formations: 3 to Start With in FUT

Photo by EA Sports

Formations in FIFA are the core of your playstyle and play a huge factor in your team’s performance on the pitch.

In FIFA 22, there are 30 formations to choose from to make up the skeleton of your team.

In this year’s FIFA we as players have to adjust to a completely new engine. With a new engine being installed, getting used to attacking and defending is as hard to do as ever. There are always the meta formations to use, like the 4-4-2 and the 4-2-3-1, but that doesn’t always mean those formations will fit your particular style of play.

Here are the three formations to start the new FIFA season off right:

4-3-2-1 gives you a very standard and simplistic look at an effective formation. Having three center midfielders with an attacking three up front, gives you many attacking chances, while also defending well.

This classic formation has been a staple in the FIFA community as a go-to for years. In this formation, you have an extremely strong mid field with a nice versatile striker pairing up top.

The year has finally come where playing a CF up top is dominant. The hold up play a CF gives you works wonders in FIFA 22. It allows you to play beautiful one touch soccer with your wingers and create runs like no other formation in more effective areas on the pitch.

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