FaZe Clan’s Kalei has been banned on Twitch


FaZe Clan’s only female content creator, Kalei, has been banned on Twitch. The news comes as a big surprise to many, including Kalei herself. The unaffiliated Twitch ban bot, Streamer Bans, tweeted out that Kalei was banned earlier today.

Before her ban, Kalei was streaming on Twitch every day and typically playing Call of Duty: Warzone. She’s been streaming for seven years and joined FaZe Clan in June.

Kalei was banned on Twitch for three days for “sexually suggestive content,” according to a screengrab she posted on her Twitter. The violation occurred “in public or private chat messages.”

In response to the ban news, Kalei tweeted in all-caps to Twitch, “Are you guys smoking crack? All I wear is oversized hoodies and t-shirts. The only time I don’t is because I got a tattoo on my collarbone and that’s somehow sexual? Are you guys high?”

Some fans have suggested that Kalei might have been banned because of some “copypastas” that viewers had been purportedly spamming in her chat. Copypastas on Twitch are copy-and-pasted blocks of text that often present a humorous, sarcastic, or trolling message. They’re often pasted without context and spammed in larger streamer’s chats with the hopes that the streamer will see the block of text and respond.

This isn’t the first time one of Kalei’s social media accounts has been banned. In June, fans mass-reported her on TikTok, which led to her account being taken down from the platform. She’s been accused of cheating in Warzone because of her impressive kills but she’s clearly skilled at the game. While Kalei tweeted that her TikTok was perma-banned, her account appears to have been reactivated.

Some fans have speculated that Kalei might have been mass-reported on Twitch in a similar manner to what happened with her TikTok back in June. “I feel like this was 100% targeted,” Kalei said in response to the ban. “You can’t even type ‘babe’ or ‘baby’ in my chat without getting timed out for 300 seconds. That shit doesn’t fly in my chat.”

As for what she’ll be doing for the next three days, Kalei isn’t sure. “I have no life outside of Twitch,” she said. “WTF am I supposed to do for 3 days. I might go hang out at my mom’s work or some shit idk. I don’t have IRL friends man lmao.”

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