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Far Cry 6 Will Be Releasing Before September


Far Cry 6 Will Be Releasing Before September

Ubisoft is bringing out another thrilling installment to their much-beloved Far Cry franchise. If you recall, Far Cry 5 put players into the United States meanwhile Far Cry 6 is taking players to the Caribbean island of Yara and it’s going to be quite the island to explore. According to Ubisoft, this is the largest Far Cry map to date where the once tropical paradise has turned sour. After a harsh regime being controlled through a fascist dictator, players step into the resistance and attempt to overthrow the control of El Presidente Anton Costillo and reclaim a peaceful state of Yara once again.

Unfortunately, the game hasn’t been showcased too heavily so far and as a result, we’re left waiting to see just what the developers opt to bring into this next installment. Fans were a bit lukewarm with the launch of Far Cry 5 so we’re sure that Ubisoft worked to bring out a compelling storyline and action game with Far Cry 6

With that said, there are plans to bring out Far Cry 6 before September of this year. This is something we’ve known before but recently Ubisoft held an earnings call where the subject of Far Cry 6 came up again. According to the development studio, this is a game we’re still expecting before September so nothing has changed in terms of its official release window.

Next month we’re slated to have some streams for different video games through E3 2021. Perhaps we’ll get some more information about Far Cry 6 during this event. In the meantime, we’ll have to wait and see if anything pops up regarding Far Cry 6 in the next few weeks. 

Source: Comicbook 

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