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Facebook Developing VR Wristband That Operates via Brain Signals

Facebook is coming out with a new virtual reality wristband that can obtain brain signals and use them to enhance the level of control in its AR glasses.

Technology brand Facebook is stepping up its efforts in the augmented reality space. It is set to release a new set of AR glasses in the near future. More recently, the company has indicated that the new AR offering can be controlled with a state-of-the-art VR band.


The new wristband technology is being developed by the company CTRL-Labs, and are equipped with electromyography (EMG) for signal interpretation. It will enable the device to analyse signals coming from a user’s spinal cord. These signals are then converted into suitable actions.

Principles of humans thoughts

Facebook has given some insight into how the new technology is set to work in a blog. According to the company, the technology will basically work on the principles of human thoughts and how individuals choose how to respond to certain thoughts. After a thought is processed, a person’s brain relays on information to their body parts. Signals sent to one’s fingers tells them whether to perform actions like swiping, pinching or typing.

According to the company, the technology is centred around reading signals at a person’s wrist and noting what decisions they have decided to perform. It interprets those actions into digital instructions for the user’s device.

EMG Technology

Based on some observations, signals transmitted through the wrist are quite clear and the EMG technology can be used for precise detection of finger motion. It is a capability that can reduce the need for user inputs.

The Verge has come out with more information about the wristbands, hinting that the device will have several other features. It stated that the device could be used for tracking nerve signals sent to fingers by the brain. As a result, users can easily take advantage of something like a virtual keyboard.

Facebook Developing VR Wristband That Operates via Brain Signals

The wristbands are also adaptive to how users type, and they can easily adjust how fingers move during different movements including those leading to typos. It can automatically correct errors and make suggestions regarding the right words to type.

Predict likes and interests

According to Facebook, the new technology can be customised to accommodate the different behaviours of users. This is achieved by the use of machine learning, a technology that can predict the likes and interests of users.

Tanya Jonker, Research Science Manager, Facebook Reality Labs, said that the new system is capable of learning about objects and locations, and can recognise user activities.

The technology can take note of behaviour trends of users in the past, to predict what they would be doing in the future. After analysing trends, and it asks the user whether they want to take certain actions. The objective is to make life more convenient for users.

Neuroethics programma

Facebook currently has its own neuroethics programme for evaluating security and privacy for technologies like the one used in the solution it is about to release. Yet, there is a need for individuals to trust that the data collected by the band will be secure.

Further news is expected on the wristband technology in the future.

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