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Extroverts, the real victims of remote working: how are they coping?



If humans are social animals, extroverts are the torchbearers. In any organisation, the extroverts are the ones who draw from the energy around them and are stimulated to work. For such social people, going out and meeting different people is an integral part of their personality. Several surveys confirm that such outgoing people thrive at workplaces and go on to hold key leadership positions.

“Remote working has had a negative impact on extroverts, with many even slipping into depression.” 

Prasad Kulkarni, SVP – human resources, Citco Group

And then 2020 happened! A pandemic confined everyone to their homes. Did this take a toll on these extroverts who prefer working with people in a physical surrounding? Did the change in work format impact their productivity? What are the challenges that they faced during the new normal?

Prasad Kulkarni, SVP – human resources, Citco Group, reveals that it has had a negative impact on extroverts, with many even slipping into depression.

The effect of the pandemic has been different on different people, depending on their nature. Extroverts are more impacted because there is no social ecosystem anymore. They feel anxious and concerned. Whether that is really impacting their productivity, is not certain, but it definitely does it impact their morale, to some extent. That is because, conversation points have reduced.

“Inability to pursue their interests and lack of forum to meet people has led to stress, and thereby, distraction among extroverts.”

Balachandar NV, executive director, Ashok Leyland

Agrees Balachandar NV, executive director, Ashok Leyland. “Inability to pursue their interests and lack of forum to meet people has led to stress, and thereby, distraction among extroverts.”

“Although they understand that the threat is bigger, however no social outings for months have impacted their morale. People worked online earlier too, but there were enough opportunities to take breaks. The travel time has also been taken away. The blurring divide between work and personal life is only adding to the woes,” he adds.

The question is, how are they coping and how are organisations helping them? While HR experts cannot be sure whether any of these changes influenced their productivity, they did throw light on how such people are being looked after.

“Our leaders have been holding their teams together and have been creative in coming up with virtual activities. However, the problem still remains. Extroverts still want to meet people and socialise, because they tend to draw energy from around them and multiply the same. Getting that energy in the virtual mode doesn’t work.”

Aniruddha Khekale, group human resources director, Emerson Automation Solutions

Aniruddha Khekale, group human resources director, Emerson Automation Solutions, reveals that they haven’t done anything different from other organisation per se. “Our leaders have been holding their teams together and have been creative in coming up with virtual activities, such as BYOB, Catch-Up and others. However, the problem still remains. Extroverts still want to meet people and socialise, because they tend to draw energy from around them and multiply the same. Getting that energy in the virtual mode doesn’t work,” says Khekale. He also adds, however, that such extroverts have figured out alternative means to be social or outgoing. In fact, they have become more adaptive. Social media came in handy for these people, and helped them lead a life beyond work.

Kulkarni, who is a social person himself, recounts how being with family helped him during the first lockdown. “Personally, I also like to talk and interact with people a lot. I call my friends and colleagues frequently. There are ways and means to engage oneself. Initially, it was a challenge but the best part was that I came to Pune. Being with family helped and absence of socialising didn’t bother me much. In the first lockdown, I attended seven to eight online seminars,” recounts Kulkarni.

“We built cross-functional teams. In India, we tried Virtual Time-outs — no official discussions, but just connecting over pizza. That has limitations too as people aren’t at the same place.”

Anurag Verma, VP-HR

As for his organisation, many counselling sessions and exercises were conducted where people could talk to others, especially through the EAP services for physical and mental health. They were conducted not just for the employees but for their family members as well. Many seminars or trainings witnessed regular participation from extroverts, which gave them an opportunity to talk to different people. They became active on social media, sharing their experiences there.

At Uniphore, the first Friday of the month is a Mental Day Off. On Friday, Saturday and Sunday, there are no meetings, e-mails or conversations about work. That gives the employees time to rejuvenate. Recently, at the US office, since most of them are vaccinated and the government there has relaxed norms, small teams of five to six people, with all social distancing measures in place, organised a few hikes. Anurag Verma, VP-HR, reveals, ‘We built cross-functional teams. In India, we tried Virtual Time-outs — no official discussions, but just connecting over pizza. That has limitations too as people aren’t at the same place.”

“We have a few R&R initiatives which are completely digital, such as the Masterstroke, which is a video recognition series. Then there’s Inquisitive, a virtual quiz contest. We also do something called expert Talks — virtual learning sessions by our internal experts — to keep employees engaged.”

Paramjit Singh Nayyar, CHRO, Bharti AXA General Insurance

Recollecting an incident about an employee, Verma shared that a couple of people did approach him as they were finding it difficult to handle the monotony. To them he recommended looking at their interests and passions that they couldn’t pursue because of time crunch. One of them revealed that during his school days, he used to pursue music and jam often. “I said ‘brilliant, order something online and it can be delivered.’ He took my advice and rekindled his passion. This helped refuel his interest both at the personal and professional front,” Verma recalls.

Verma is also thinking of creating passion clubs inside the organisation to let people come together to pursue common passions, such as cycling and others. After all, “it is more about suggesting individual solutions to work on,” says Verma.

Bharti AXA General Insurance, on the other hand, has come up with a series of virtual activities to keep the employees engaged. Paramjit Singh Nayyar, CHRO, shares, “We have a few R&R initiatives which are completely digital, such as the Masterstroke, which is a video recognition series. Then there’s Inquisitive, a virtual quiz contest. We also do something called expert Talks — virtual learning sessions by our internal experts — to keep employees engaged.”

Ashok Leyland too provided outlet through 43 virtual clubs covering varied interests. Balachandar asserts that they have been a resounding success.

Organisations may not be looking at the well-being of extroverts in an isolated manner, but they are coming up with activities that can keep them interested. However, now that several companies have announced perpetual work from home, will these people reach a breaking point?

While Kulkarni agrees that if continued longer, it WFH may start impacting their productivity, Verma is certain the challenges are only going to multiply. “When people say it will be the new normal, I tend to disagree. It cannot replace the normal. These are constraints and we aren’t built to work under such constraints. It’s been a year and half in India. If it continues for another 7-8 months, it will become a challenge. Unlike in other developed countries, where people go to the countryside on weekends, in India people live in confined spaces. It will definitely have a huge impact,” says Verma.

He hopes with faster vaccination and hybrid work culture such a situation can be averted.

While there’s no data to link lack of socialising to lessening of productivity in extroverts, this class of people do seem to have been hit the most due to remote working. This has led organisations to intervene.

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How To Get Hired In An Esports Team?



As the esports industry is continuously rising, it has opened tons of job opportunities to various professionals. And, even if you’re not a pro player, there are still vacancies that you can occupy in this field. You just have to start preparing that resume and send it out to companies focused on esports.  

Types of Careers In Esports

From the stigmatized concept of esports as merely an entertainment and pastime, its popularity and offered opportunities proved esports fans right. esports is a real industry with amazing professional prospects. Esports offer different managerial, sales, operational, marketing, and many more jobs.


Of course, this industry revolves around professional e-games players. Thus, it is needless to say why they need such individuals. These players are mostly the ones who help esports generate deliverables. Pro gamers signed up for a certain team and competed in various tournaments to win large cash prizes. 

As esports become more widespread, these players also have to fulfill the influencer jobs. They have to fairly market the sports while working hand-in-hand with other people in the team. 


Just like any other sports, esports also need someone to strategize game plans and train players effectively. Thus, a presence of a pool of coaches is a must. These professionals are the ones responsible for the overall performance of the team. Coaches are the greatest motivators and critique at the same time. This duality is to ensure the constant growth of the players. 


Though esports is known to be a mind game, someone must still monitor their overall health at all times. This fact is why esports players need a preparator, or specifically, fitness, mental, and nutritional coach. One can’t play effectively if he or she is not fit to do so. And, unhealthy habits have a high chance of compromising the performance of the players. 


Members of the executive mostly decide and manage the direction of the esports team and the company. You don’t need to be a gamer to work for an esports team, and the industry is very inclusive. Managers, CEO, and the likes are part of this core team in the industry. They are the ones funding the team in the preparation and decide which tournaments they will join.

In addition, executives also handle the overall operations, like hiring staff, branding, and partnerships. People in these positions are mostly concerned with the business aspect as well as generating income. 


Journalists, content creators, and bloggers played a huge part in the popularity of esports in the world. Their job is to produce content related to esports while still making it interesting for the general public. 

Meanwhile, unlike other creators, journalists strike a balance to report even the negative side of esports. These accounts are mostly about overboard competition, rift against players, and the likes. 


Most sports have a betting platform as it adds to the thrill of the competition for the viewers. Thus, working in this side of the industry is also relevant. It is a big help in promoting and selling the tournaments to the public. There is also not much qualification needed, so that it can be your full-time or part-time job. Working for an esports gambling site means you can be a statistician, data analyst, software developer, UX designer, custom support agent, or creative marketing genius.

Qualities Required To Work In The Esports Industry

According to Venture Beat, there are 2,497 jobs available in the esports industry in the first six months of 2018. But all these vacancies have unique qualifications for you to be able to get. Generally speaking, you can surely land a job in the industry with the following qualities:  

Authentic Interest In Esports

For you to be able to get into the esports scene, you must have a genuine interest in the sport. Just like any other job in the world, you have to be passionate about it. However, if your line is not really into esports, you must be passionate about two fields. Your interest is a requirement because you will understand the audience, players, and what is at stake through it.  So make sure that you are knowledgeable before applying for a job related to esports. 

Whilst being a player is the front window of the gaming industry, you really do not have to play to enter the esports world. In an interview with VentureBeat, an industry insider mentioned “We’ve seen it all from internal travel agents for esports tournament organizers, to managing a gaming house for a team on a full-time basis, to even being a freelance meme specialist earning $17 an hour!”.

Expertise in the Assigned Field

Since there are various opportunities in esports, having a complete mastery in a single field can be your edge. Sometimes, your genuine interest in sports is not enough. You need to have expertise in the field you are assigned. 

Relentless Hardwork

Being determined about your job is something all employers are looking for. Esports is a booming industry, so it’s not always the usual working hours. You have to attend and answer queries and emails during your time off. Working extra hours can also be your norm. But the good thing is, hard work always pays off. So, you just have to be patient. 

How To Apply To Esports Jobs

Twitter is a great starter when you want a job in line with esports. And we mean it! Every person in this industry is active on Twitter, so it can notify you immediately if there are vacancies. You just have to be proactive and know how to make your way in this modern industry. Interact with key decision makers in the teams you want to join and be ready to jump on any opportunity. Going for internships can also be an amazing exposure to be hired after your internship ends.

Another thing you can do is always check career pages and job openings online. Good luck!

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Morphisec Appoints Ajit Pillai as Regional Director for APAC region



Morphisec, a leader in cloud-delivered endpoint and server security solutions, today announced it has appointed Ajit Pillai as Regional Director for APAC. In this role, Pillai will oversee strategic direction in the region and ensure Morphisec can meet increasing local demand for its suite of solutions for endpoints, servers, and cloud workloads, which uses patented zero trust runtime security powered by moving target defense technology to block threats.

Morphisec is deployed on over 7 million endpoints worldwide and offers enterprises cutting-edge cyber prevention that automatically stops the most dangerous attacks in an automated and easy-to-manage manner. The approach minimizes the impact on users, performance, or IT teams, while conserving costs and achieving best-in-class efficacy. Morphisec has significantly strengthened its presence across India and Southeast Asia in recent years with triple-digit, year-over-year growth. The company has added local customers including Neogrowth, RBL Bank, Writer Corporation and Cipla. Furthermore, it has expanded its partner base in the region with MSSPs such as New Era, while adding distributors such as iValue Infosolutions.

“We’re thrilled to add Ajit to our team to further Morphisec’s momentum in India and across Asia Pacific,” said Ronen Yehoshua, Morphisec’s CEO. “He brings tremendous experience across the region to our sales operation and has a track record of driving local growth. “This background makes him ideally suited to lead both direct sales and the Morphisec MSSP business within the market, which is poised to grow significantly in the years to come.”

Pillai is a versatile IT business leader with over two decades of experience driving sales and marketing initiatives across the IT and cybersecurity sectors. Prior to joining Morphisec, he served as Vice President Sales, India/SAARC, for Silicon Valley headquartered Seclore Technologies. Within that position, he quickly doubled revenue growth for its digital rights and data protection solution. Pillai also previously held senior sales roles in SAARC region with McAfee, Trend Micro, and Checkpoint.

“Like their counterparts across the globe, mid-sized enterprises in India have been historically underserved by the cybersecurity market and left behind by cost-prohibitive tools and staff constraints,” said Pillai. “Increasingly these organizations are turning to Morphisec to bring them simple yet effective protection that thwarts the most damaging attacks prior to a breach and still fits into their existing budget.”

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Flipkart’s West Bengal warehouse to create 3,500 direct jobs



Flipkart, the Indian e-commerce marketplace, is all set to open a new fulfilment centre (FC) in West Bengal. This would be the Company’s second-largest warehouse in the state, spread over 2.2 lakh square feet and capable of creating 3,500 direct jobs. Flipkart has seven FCs in West Bengal, covering a total area of 10L sq. ft. and 152 delivery hubs

The new facility, situated in Dankuni, will cater to the needs of both Flipkart and Myntra customers in the region. Thousands of sellers in the region will be able to offer a wider selection and facilitate faster deliveries to customers, not just within West Bengal, but also the neighbouring states.

The new fulfilment centre (FC) will enhance Flipkart’s capabilities to cater to more consumers, including millions of first-time online buyers users in the eastern India.

With this new facility, Flipkart has more than 10 lakh square feet of warehousing space in West Bengal alone, providing employment to more than 50,000 people. This is over and above the lakhs of square feet of warehousing assets from partner brands that create lakhs of direct and indirect job opportunities, while also working with more than 9,300 Kirana delivery partners and 10,000 sellers from the region.

Member of Parliament- Lok Sabha, Kalyan Banerjee, applauded the launch of the facility centre saying “Flipkart has shown deep commitment in bringing a world-class technology-enabled supply chain to the state and complementing the Government’s efforts in meeting the needs of customers and safely delivering essentials.” He pointed out that the warehouse will create jobs and also help MSMEs in the state grow and expand their businesses.

Vandana Yadav, secretary – industry commerce & enterprises, West Bengal thanked Flipkart for “bringing the goodness of e-commerce to the state.”

Hemant Badri, senior VP- supply chain, Flipkart, is confident that “this expansion will help support small and medium businesses from the state while creating thousands of employment opportunities.”

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