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Evil to rise again in Phantasmagoria 3


After months of working behind the scenes with

‘s gaming department, we’re happy to announce that we’ve secured the rights to Phantasmagoria!

We’ve officially started production on P3!

The survivors will return!



Stay tuned!

I don’t know if I can disclose this yet, but what the hell!

Don Berg will probably reprise his role as well!
He’ll play zombie Bob!

Curtis, Jocilyn, Adrienne and zombie Bob form one of the most intriguing love quadrangles ever seen on screen!

This is no joke!
Check out this actual footage from the game!
Please don’t be an April fools joke. PLEASE
Pray it’s only a nightmare…
🤩 *checks date* …😭
What do you mean?
What’s so special about today’s date?

All I know is that it’s a month and a half from the announcement that

is acquiring


Don’t joke about this.

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