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ENCE sweep Astralis to reach the IEM final; FaZe go to the Major after G2 victory

Marco “⁠Snappi⁠” Pfeiffer‘s squad denied Astralis their chance to claim a Legends spot at the Major after swiftly dispatching the Danes 2-0 and earning a spot in the final of IEM Fall Europe, where ENCE will face NIP on Sunday.

With Astralis set to face Vitality in the third-place decider, the French side have also been guaranteed Legends status at the Major as the Danes can no longer earn enough points to clinch theirs. Meanwhile, G2 winning their match against Fiend in the opening round of the 5th-8th decider bracket confirmed a Legends spot for Nikola “⁠NiKo⁠” Kovač and company while also securing a ticket to Stockholm for FaZe.

There is one European Major slot yet to be decided and the winner of tomorrow’s match between Copenhagen Flames and Fiend will be the one to take it.

ENCE sweep Astralis to reach the IEM final; FaZe go to the Major after G2 victory

Spinx had a field day on Ancient, ending the map with a 1.48 rating

It was an uncharacteristic performance from Astralis as they failed to organize an offense on Nuke. Paweł “⁠dycha⁠” Dycha made yard his kingdom, perfectly containing Emil “⁠Magisk⁠” Reif and leaving the Danes with very few other avenues of attack on their signature map, allowing ENCE to win ten rounds in a row and lead 12-3 at halftime.

The switch to the CT side saw no improvements for Astralis as Snappi and co. maintained the pressure, dropping only one round before closing Nuke 16-4.

It was Groundhog Day on Ancient as ENCE again dominated the first half 12-3 against Astralis. The Danish squad seemed absent on the CT side, failing to hold onto the B bombsite as Lotan “⁠Spinx⁠” Giladi caused Astralis trouble time and time again.

Moving to the offense, Astralis won their first pistol round of the series which allowed them to begin closing the gap, but as ENCE brought out the rifles that hope quickly faded. The European side booked their ticket to the grand final after taking Ancient 16-7 and the series 2-0.


G2 were able to edge out the first half on their map pick on Nuke 8-7 as Fiend‘s CT side held them off on more than one occasion. A solid performance on the CT side meant that Damien “⁠maLeK⁠” Marcel‘s men were able to close out the map 16-12 without too many troubles.

The Bulgarians faired no better on Mirage as an exemplary performance by the Bosnian cousins NiKo and Nemanja “⁠huNter-⁠” Kovač meant they were only able to get on the scoreboard twice.


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