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Elon Musk’s Tesla Looking to Accept Energy-Efficient Cryptocurrencies

Tesla will no longer accept Bitcoin for car purchases with CEO Elon Musk saying that the firm is now looking towards more energy-efficient cryptocurrencies.



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Electric car manufacturing company Tesla will no longer accept Bitcoin for car purchases. CEO Elon Musk said that Tesla is looking to accept only more energy-efficient cryptocurrencies. Tesla would still retain its Bitcoin holdings with the plan to use the cryptocurrency as soon as mining transitions to more sustainable energy sources.

Tesla Will No Longer Accept Bitcoin as Payments

In February, Tesla made headlines that it had bought $1.5 billion of Bitcoin, before accepting it as payment for cars in March, driving a roughly 20% surge in the cryptocurrency.

At the time Tesla announced on purchasing Bitcoin, debates have been circulating around the way how Bitcoin is “mined” using vast amounts of electricity generated with fossil fuels.

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Adding to the point, Musk said on May 13 that the use of “coal, which has the worst emissions of any fuel.”

He did say that he remained a strong believer in cryptocurrencies, but not at the cost to the environment while announcing that Tesla will no longer accept Bitcoin as payments due to environmental concerns and will be looking to accept energy-efficient cryptocurrencies:

“Cryptocurrency is a good idea on many levels, and we believe it has a promising future, but this cannot come at great cost to the environment. We are also looking at other cryptocurrencies that use <1% of bitcoin’s energy/transaction.”

XRP Makes the Best Case for Sustainable Cryptocurrencies

Musk’s announcement sent much of the crypto community into a frenzy of speculation as to which cryptocurrencies Tesla might be looking to accept, with some speculating that it could either be ETH or XRP.

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In response to Musk’s tweet, Ripple attorney, John Deaton said that the Tesla CEO has just handed “the best ad campaign” to the XRP cryptocurrency.

In the past Ripple CEO, Brad Garlinghouse has repeatedly claimed that XRP is more energy-intensive than other cryptocurrencies. In a recent interview, Garlinghouse claimed that the token was 10,000 times more energy-efficient than Bitcoin.

While Ripple co-founder Chris Larsen suggested that Bitcoin should ditch its power-intensive proof-of-work consensus mechanism if it wants to remain the leading cryptocurrency.

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While Stellar, Algorand, Cardano, IOTA, and Nano are all sustainable cryptocurrencies, Elon Musk’s favorite Dogecoin is also more energy-efficient than Bitcoin due to its Scrypt mining algorithm.

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Investors back Panther Protocol – what they say (part 1)




Panther Protocol closed its private sale in June which raised $8 million for an interoperable privacy solution for Defi. The funds were raised from more than 140 investors demonstrating the breadth and interest in the project. The private sale was oversubscribed.

CEO and co-founder Oliver Gales says: “Raising these funds will allow us to deliver on our roadmap and vision to restore the right to privacy and to protect against a surveillance economy.

“The response from the community has been powerful, demonstrating both the demand for this service and at the same time the trust that investors show to our team.”

The mission of Panther Protocol is to provide users with transactional privacy when interacting with all of Defi while preserving competitive advantages and individual freedoms.

What some of the investors say:

Pancho Vanhees, CEO of Skynet Trading says: “Bringing privacy to decentralized finance is critical for mass adoption and Skynet Trading believes that Panther Protocol is well-positioned to become an industry leader in this sector.

“We’re proud and excited to be backing Panther Protocol as a leading liquidity provider in the digital assets space where we see the interest of cryptocurrency users in recapturing financial privacy and freedom.”

Radi Sejad – Managing Partner of Insignis Capital says: “Panther Protocol is tackling an important problem. Until now, there has been no privacy on-chain and malicious actors are capitalizing on the lack of privacy. We are proud to support Panther Protocol in the journey to enable privacy in Defi.

“We are strongly confident in the abilities of the team and will be working closely with them to ensure a successful launch of the Protocol. “

UK-based property investor, Mazhar Dogar, has made a significant investment in Crypto, backing privacy champion Panther Protocol. “I invested in Panther for the reasons of the immense team involved, the expertise, knowledge, and respect they attain from their peers. The professional partnerships enjoyed by the company in this sector is also of interest to me. “

Lunarstation says: “The reason we invested in Panther is that we consider privacy to be a critical component in modern cryptocurrency transactions. Panther Protocol’s pursuit of a regulatory compliant approach to privacy in DeFi excited us greatly.

“The use of zAssets and the autonomous Panther Vaults will pave the way for private Web3 and mass adoption of Defi that can revolutionize the way we think about online transactions.”

Co-founder and GP, Ryan Li of DeepVentures says: “Privacy is a fundamental human right – we invested in Panther because they’re working to protect that right on the blockchain, which will be critical for crypto to fully realize its vision for a decentralized, anonymous, and privacy-protected world.

“Oliver, Anish, and the rest of the Panther Protocol team are relentless in their pursuit of this goal, and we’re proud to be their backers.”

DutchCryptoInvestors says; “The reason we decided to invest in Panther Protocol is that we value privacy as a key component to the Defi space we are trying to help build. We believe that Panther Protocol is a great addition to our portfolio of diverse projects. We are excited to see them succeed in this market and are confident that their product will be of great value to our industry as a whole.”


Kyle Chasse, Founder & CEO of Master Ventures states, “As a supporter of Blockchain & Cryptocurrency since 2012, we’ve evaluated over 1000 projects and invested in 100s of others. Panther Protocol was a natural fit for our portfolio of transformative blockchain companies.”

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Andreessen Horowitz triples down on blockchain startups with massive $2.2 billion Crypto Fund III



While the cryptocurrency market’s most recent hype wave seems to be dying down after a spectacular rise, Andreessen Horowitz’s crypto arm is reaffirming its commitment to startups building blockchain projects with a hulking new $2.2 billion crypto fund.

It’s the firm’s largest vertical-specific fund ever — by quite a bit.

Andreessen Horowitz’s 2018 crypto fund ushered in $300 million of LP commitments and its second fund, which it closed in April of last year, clocked in at $515 million. The new multi-billion dollar fund not only showcases how institutional backers are growing more comfortable with cryptocurrencies, but also how Andreessen Horowitz’s assets under management have been quickly swelling to compete with other deep-pocketed firms including the ever-prolific Tiger Global.

With this announcement, Andreessen now has some $18.8 billion assets under management.

LPs are likely far less wary to take a chance on crypto after Andreessen Horowitz’s stake in Coinbase equated to some $11.2 billion at the time of the direct listing’s first trades, though the stock has slid back some 30% in recent months as the crypto market has shrunk.

Some of the firm’s other major crypto bets include NBA Top Shot maker Dapper Labs which hit a $7.5 billion valuation this spring. Blockchain infrastructure startup Dfinity raised at a $9.5 billion valuation this past September. Last year, the firm led the Series A of Uniswap, which is poised to be a major player in the Ethereum ecosystem. In addition to equity investments, a16z has also made major bets on the currencies themselves.

An earlier report from Newcomer last month reported a16z was targeting a $2 billion crypto fund and that they had already unloaded some of their crypto holdings before most cryptocurrencies took a major dive in recent weeks.

Crypto Fund III will continue to be managed by GPs Chris Dixon and Katie Haun, but the firm has also begun spinning out a more robust management team around the crypto vertical.

Anthony Albanese, who joined the firm last year from the NYSE, has been appointed COO of the division. Tomicah Tillemann, who previously served as a senior advisor to now-President Joe Biden and as chairman of the Global Blockchain Business Council, will be a16z Crypto’s Global Head of Policy. Rachael Horwitz is also coming aboard as an Operating Partner leading marketing and communications for a16z crypto; leaving Google after a stint as Coinbase’s first VP of Communications as well.

A couple other folks are also coming on in advisory capacity, including entrepreneur Alex Price and a couple others who will likely be a tad helpful in regulatory maneuverings including Bill Hinman, formerly of the SEC, and Brent McIntosh, who recently served as Under Secretary of the Treasury for International Affairs.

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Kryptovaluuttojen verotus – perusasiat haltuun




Kryptovaluutat tarjoavat tänä päivänä loistavia sijoitusmahdollisuuksia niin pien- kuin ammattisijoittajillekin. Sijoitusten toivottu lopputulos on tietysti tuotto – ja sitä seuraa väistämättä verotuksen muotoinen varjo. Niin kuin mistä tahansa muustakin voitosta, on kryptovaluutalla tienatuista voitoista maksettava veroja Suomen Verohallinnon säädösten mukaisesti.

Onko veroilta mahdollista välttyä?</H2>

Käydään ensin läpi päivän polttava kysymys, eli onko kryptovaluuttakauppaa mitenkään mahdollista käydä verovapaasti.

Suomessa vakituisesti asuvat virtuaalivaluuttasijoittajat eivät voi paeta verottajan kouraa millään tavalla, vaan voitoista on maksettava mukisematta osuus yhteiseen kassaan. Euroopasta löytyy kuitenkin muutamia maita, joissa kryptovaluuttakaupasta ei tarvitse maksaa veroja – ainakaan toistaiseksi.

Näitä ovat esimerkiksi Saksa, Slovenia, Valko-Venäjä, Portugali, Sveitsi ja Malta. Viimeisimmässä näistä on jo paljon suomalaisperusteista liiketoimintaa. Esimerkiksi moni suomalainen nettikasino, kuten, toimii tällä aurinkoisella saarella, ja peliala tarjoaakin runsaasti työpaikkoja maisemanvaihdosta kaipaaville.

Ennen kuin alat suunnittelemaan muuttoa kryptovaluutan verottomuuden perässä, muista kuitenkin, että tilanteet elävät samaa tahtia kryptovaluuttamarkkinan kehityksen kanssa.

Kuinka kryptovaluutan verotus toimii Suomessa?</H2>

Suomessa kryptovaluuttojen verotuksen kiemuroiden kanssa on painittu useamman vuoden ajan, ja se hakee vieläkin lopullista muotoaan. Käytännöt ovat kuitenkin selkiytyneet jo huomattavasti ensiaskelista, ja kryptovaluuttojen verotus Suomessa on yhdenvertaistunut muun verotuksen rinnalla.

Verottaja määrittelee kryptovaluutat nykyään omaisuudeksi, johon sovelletaan tuloverolakia. Niitä ei kuitenkaan määritellä maksuvälineiksi, ja verotusperuste syntyy, kun niitä vaihdetaan johonkin muuhun viralliseen kryptovaluuttaan tai FIAT-valuuttoihin. Samoin veroa maksetaan, kun kryptovaluutalla tehdään hankintoja.

Kryptovaluutan rakenteesta johtuen kauppatapahtumia ja hankintahintoja voi olla hankala selvittää, jos niistä ei ole pidetty tarkkaa kirjanpitoa. Tämä kannattaakin ottaa huomioon heti ensi hetkistä alkaen.

Paljonko kryptovaluutasta maksetaan veroja?</H2>

Kryptovaluutan verotus on käytännössä melko yksinkertaista. Verokantana käytetään pääomatuloverotuksen mukaista 30 % aina 30 000 euroon saakka, minkä jälkeen veroprosentiksi tulee 34 %. Verottajalla on käytössä menetelmä, jonka mukaan ensimmäisenä ostetut erät myydään myös ensimmäisenä. Tätä kutsutaan niin sanotuksi fifo-menetelmäksi (first in–first out).

Tässä käytännön esimerkki kryptovaluutan verotuksesta:

Henkilö on ostanut virtuaalivaluuttaa joitain vuosia sitten 2 000 eurolla ja myy sen nyt pois yhteensä 12 000 euron hintaan. Hänellä ei ole myynnin toteutumisvuonna muita pääomatuloja verotettavaksi. Myyntivoittoja kertyy 12 000 euroa – 2 000 euroa = 10 000 euroa. Veron määrä on näin ollen 30 %, eli henkilö maksaa veroja 12 000 euroa x 30 % = 3 600 euroa.

Voiko verosta tehdä vähennyksiä?</H2>

Kryptovaluutalla operoivat sijoittajat ovat voineet vähentää vuodesta 2019 alkaen kaupankäynnissä syntyneet tappiot verotuksesta. Tappiot ja voitot ilmoitetaan OmaVerossa samalla kertaa, kun ilmoitetaan muutkin tulot tai muutokset. Kryptovaluuttojen modernista luonteesta huolimatta myös paperinen A9-lomakkeen käyttö on mahdollista, jos verkkoilmoituksen tekeminen ei syystä tai toisesta luonnistu.

Kryptovaluutan verovähennyksissä huomioidaan myös mahdolliset hankintamenot. Niitä voi aiheutua esimerkiksi kryptovaluutan louhimisesta, mikä kuluttaa suuria määriä sähköä. Kustannukset on kuitenkin pystyttävä todistamaan: esimerkiksi edellä mainitussa tilanteessa olisi eriteltävä selkeästi louhintaan kuluvan sähkön osuus.

Milloin kryptovaluutan verotus tapahtuu?

Ilmoitus voitoista tai tappioista tulee tehdä verovuoden mukaisesti. Esimerkiksi vuoden 2021 kryptovaluutan realisoituneet kaupat ilmoitetaan vuonna 2022. Ilmoittaminen on helppo tehdä jo mainitsemassamme OmaVero-palvelussa. Verot maksetaan sitten muun pääoma- tai palkkatuloverotuksen mukaisesti lopullisen verotuksen yhteydessä.

Jos haluat, voit hakea myös ennakkoveroa virtuaalivaluutan verotukseen. Lisäksi kryptovaluuttakauppaan sovelletaan niin sanottua ”tonnin sääntöä”. Sen vapauttamana saat tehdä pääomatuloa 1 000 euron verran yhden kalenterivuoden aikana verovapaasti. Huomaa kuitenkin, että tähän sisällytetään kaikki vuoden pääomatulot – ei vain kryptovaluutasta muodostuneita tuloja.


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ANKR Technical Analysis: Slight Fall, May Further Touch Pivot Point of $0.0763

ANKR price has tested and broken out of the 23.6% FIB retracement level of $0.0740. However, it may soon retest this level and fall below it. We anticipate the MACD signals to work out and give a push towards the positive direction where it can next cross the pivot levels of $0.079.



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The Ankr Network was founded in 2017  as a distributed computing platform that takes advantage of blockchain technologies. It is created to provide a new blockchain solution that leverages idle computing power from devices and data centers as a whole. The purpose is to enable the sharing economy, where any customer can access resources at a more affordable rate, while also providing enterprises with the ability to monetize on their spare computing power that is not being utilized. ANKR is unique in the way that it is the first one to use trusted hardware, and as such this ensures a high level of security. Let us look at the technical analysis for the same.

Past Performance

On Jun 23, 2021, ANKR opened at $0.627. It moved and closed at $0.0718. The last 24 hours have seen a fall by 3.02% when it has traded between $0.0788 and $0.0744.  ANKR saw a weekly gain of 4.67%.

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Day-Ahead and Tomorrow

Currently, ANKR is trading at $0.742. The price has decreased slightly from the day’s earlier trade of $0.817. Thus, the market is a little down.

The MACD line is negative while the signal line is positive.  Moreover, a bearish crossover by the MACD line over the signal line has occurred. Thus, the overall market momentum is bearish. Hence, we can expect the price to start falling.

Currently, the RSI indicator is at 44%. It faced rejection at 52% and fell to the current level. Hence, selling pressures are high. High selling activity will exert downward pressure on the ANKR price.

However, the OBV indicator is upward sloping. Thus, buying volumes are higher than selling volumes. Thus, a balancing view is forming which will slow down the fall.

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In short, the RSI and MACD oscillators have given bearish signals, while the OBV oscillator has given bullish signals. Thus, we can say that currently, the overall market momentum is negative. But, we have to wait and watch, if the intermittent price rises are price corrections or indicative of a bearish trend reversal.

ANKR Technical Analysis

Currently, the price is hovering near the first Fibonacci pivot resistance level of $0.748. It may soon move over around it and look further to touch the Fibonacci pivot point of $0.0763. Thereafter, we have to wait and watch if the price starts rising or continues to fall.

The price has tested and broken out of the 23.6% FIB retracement level of $0.0740. However, it may soon retest this level and fall below it. We anticipate the MACD signals to work out and give a push towards the positive direction, where it can next cross the pivot levels of $0.079.

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#ANKR #Ankr Network

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