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Dr Disrespect will play PUBG Mobile later this month

Dr Disrespect will be playing PUBG Mobile on Oct. 29, the final day of the ongoing 13 Days of Halloween event. 

The event will happen on Oct. 29 from 7pm CT on the PUBG Mobile YouTube channel. In it, the Doc will be playing with three teams, namely Team Violence, Momentum, and Speed. Each team will consist of three content creators.

  • Team Violence: Medalcore, Wynnsanity, and Rollexxx.
  • Team Momentum: HotJukes, Her Gaming, and LU Power.
  • Team Speed: Bushka, Bellafox, and Jacob Gaming.

After playing alongside these three teams, the Doc will select three players to compete with him in the grand finale. With these three players, the popular streamer will drop into Erangel to fight for the chicken dinner. 

This won’t be the first time Dr Disrespect will be playing a mobile game, though. Last May, he participated in the Call of Duty: Mobile Battle Kill Race with creator iFerg. The Doc, who once tweeted that “mobile gamers aren’t real gamers” will now descend into PUBG Mobile to fight for the chicken dinner. He had clarified later, however, in a livestream with professional PUBG Mobile player Tamnay “ScoutOP” Singh that the tweet was done in a “spur moment.”

The 13 Days of Halloween event has been organized by Tencent and talent management agency Aftershock Media Group (AMG) from Oct. 17 to 29. For the Dr Disrespect collaboration, a giveaway for 30 Airpod Pros and an iPhone is being conducted. Players can enter this through the official website by selecting who they think will be the three players the Doc picks for the grand finale. 

Players can also enter the Ride to Summer Sweepstakes here which is rewarding a 2021 Ural Sidecar Motorcycle in PUBG Mobile. A lot of daily giveaways are also being conducted for other rewards. 

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