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Does your shoe get torn easily? Here are some tips to increase its life span


Do you know that your shoes that be worn will 10 years if you maintain them properly? But several times, it quickly gets torn? Do you know why? This is because your shoes witness many weather and obstacles, decreasing life expectancy. For instance, if you have a scarpe milano shoe, you must know that they are known for their sustainability and versatile nature.

However, if you want to increase the life span of your shoes and protect them from any type of rainy days and dusty and grassy fields, then you use these tips to maintain your shoes and increase their life expectancy. Besides this, also checkout how shoes play an essential part in fashion.

Tips to extend shoe life

  • Commence from a strong foundation

The first tip to make your shoe life longer is to buy a shoe made of high-quality material. It will make sure that your shoe will have a long life. A cheap shoe is made up of synthetic material. That means they can be torn easily. You must know that there is no shortcut to buying a sneaker. You have to check the quality of the shoe, material, and reviews about the shoe to ensure you are selecting the perfect one.

  • Use a shoe spray protector

Whenever you buy new shoes, make sure you use a spray protector to ensure that they can easily tackle any situation like rainy weather or dusty particles. This spray protector will guarantee your shoe is protected from all kinds of damage. Besides this, it becomes easy for you to clean a shoe using a spray protector.

  • Add stick-on rubber soles to your shoe

No doubt, leather hoes like Milano are comfortable and use high-quality soles. But if you witness these shoes become black and beaten up after several usages. If you add a stick-on rubber sole to your shoes, it will protect your sneakers and save you a lot of money in the long run. Besides this, they are quite easy to put on your shoes, and you can replace them after several uses. Moreover, they keep your shoes lookalike new and clean and clear whenever you wear them.

  • Clean them after wearing

If you want to increase your shoe’s life span, you must clean your shoes after every use. It will make sure that your shoe material is not permanently stained. You can use a wet cloth, shoe wipe, or a brush. It depends upon the fabric of your shoe. Make sure that you clean all the spots, dirt, and stains before you keep them back. It will also ensure that your shoe is ready for wearing next time.

  • Dry out your shoe without keeping it back

They will trap sweat when you wear your shoes for an extended period. However, keeping it without drying can spoil the shoe’s sole and make it smelly. Instead, ensure you dry it after every use to keep it in tip-top condition. It will make sure that your shoes last longer than usual.

  • Spray deodorizer on the insole

If you have dried your shoe entirely and it still smells fishy, make sure you use a deodorizing spray. It will ensure that your shoe smells good and that all the germs and bacteria present in your shoes are killed. Besides this, you can also use powders and deodorizing pouches that help kill any kind of bacteria and breeze that makes your shoe smell.

  • Store your shoe properly

You must always keep your shoe in shoe bags or boxes. Make sure you pack your shoe nicely so that it doesn’t attract any kind of germs or dust particles. But before you keep them, ensure they are completely fried. It will not only protect your shoe and increase its life expectancy but will also make your closet organized.

Importance of shoes in fashion

Shoes play an essential part in fashion. It reflects our styling. Understanding the importance of shoes is necessary and convenient. Therefore you must know it.

  • Makes a great impression

Before clothes, shoes are the first thing people will notice about you. Therefore, it is common behavior of people to judge people by their shoe style. That is why your shoe must be up to mark. You must make sure you decide well what kind of shoe you need to wear and how you will style it because your first impression is your last. Therefore if you want to make a great impression on someone, you must style your shoe well.

  • It keeps your feet clean

Your shoes provide an extra cushioning layer and protect your feet from getting dirty. For example, imagine you go hiking wearing crocs; then it is obvious that your feet will be all covered in the dirt. But if you wear shoes, your foot will remain clean and friendly.

Besides this, you can enjoy each moment at ease. Moreover, you may be wondering about how it matters with fashion? Well, if you have ever dressed up nicely and not worn shoes, you will feel incomplete. A pair of shoes adds charm to your attire and makes it look extraordinary.

  • Make you stand out

You will rock at the party if you have a great sense of styling and the know-how to carry your shoes nicely. Nobody will remember what color dress you wore and how you looked. All they will remember is how well you have carried yourself and how your shoes reflect your personality. It is the first-ever thing that people notice, and keeping it up to date and styling it will make a lot of difference. Besides this, you might not know, but your shoes justify your personality and speak for you. That is why choose it wisely.

It is how you can keep your shoe long-lasting and maintain it effectively. So now you know why shoes are important and their role in making you look attractive and nice. That is why you pick your shoes wisely and maintain them from time to time to make them long-lasting.

Source: Plato Data Intelligence: PlatoData.io

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