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Does Dead by Daylight Have Crossplay?


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Does Dead by Daylight Have Crossplay?

Photo courtesy of Behaviour Interactive

Does Dead by Daylight have crossplay? The 4v1 game that pits four survivors versus a single killer is on multiple platforms including consoles and PC. But can it be played with multiple platforms? Dead by Daylight is an online game that cannot be played offline, but it can be played while on other platforms.

That means players on PC can play with friends on Xbox or PlayStation.

The real question is around the cross progression which the game does not have. Even if you are playing on Xbox and use the Game Pass edition on the pC, you’ll still have to create a separate account. That means you’ll need to unlock survivors, killers, and cosmetics separately. This feature is massively needed, and would be a welcome addition to the community.

Behaviour Interactive, however, seems to be working on other things. That includes plenty of changes to killers, perks, addons, and survivors. For Behaviour Interactive, they’re constantly trying to keep the meta fair and viable which is not an easy thing to do. Take Spirit for example.

Spirit has basically been an S-Tier killer since her launch so Behaviour is attempting to create some counter-play for survivors. Others will complain she already has some counter-play, but it looks like the developer didn’t agree. The infamous killer has seen a major nerf and we’ll see if the killer community will accept the change or let their voices be heard.

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