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Do mosquitoes carry coronavirus?




do mosquitoes carry coronavirus

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Study explores whether mosquitoes carry coronavirus – that is, could mosquitoes be a vector for spreading the disease?

The race to accumulate knowledge about the SARS-CoV-2 virus spans a number of dimensions. Some researchers are focused on potential treatments, others on how the virus impacts the body, and of course, there are more than 165 research teams across the world working to develop a vaccine for the coronavirus. However, another hugely significant area of research is how the virus transmits, specifically routes of transmission that are possible or likely, and those that are not. For example, do mosquitoes carry coronavirus?

The focus on COVID-19 transmission has also included an examination of how other diseases are spread. While the global death toll from SARS-CoV-2 has surged above 650,000, there is another infectious disease that kills approximately 400,000 people every year. Malaria, by some estimates, has killed half of the people who have ever lived on the planet. This most successful of infectious diseases is spread by mosquitoes. Amidst the concerns around the spread of SARS-CoV-2, the prospect of transmission through an insect vector such as a mosquito has been raised. A study recently published in Nature seeks to address those concerns (1). 

The WHO, from an early stage in the pandemic, eased concerns of insect vectors by asserting that there was no evidence that SARS-CoV-2 could be spread by insects. However, absence of evidence is not necessarily evidence of absence. That is, just because there is no evidence to support the possibility of insect transmission, does not mean we can rule it out. Therefore, a research team from Kansas State University sought to provide a more definitive answer to whether mosquitoes carry SARS-CoV-2. 

To do this, they tested the conditions necessary for the virus to be spread by mosquitoes. When mosquitoes spread malaria or viral diseases such as the Zika virus, they must ingest sufficient quantities of virus from an infected host to allow the virus to infect cells in their midgut. The virus must then be capable of replicating within these midgut cells and spreading to other parts of the mosquito, most crucially, the salivary glands.

To test whether this could happen with the SARS-CoV-2 virus, mosquitoes were directly inoculated and then tested at various time points to see if infectious virus could be recovered. Immediately after inoculation, infectious virus was present. However, when the mosquitoes were tested at 24 hours, only one of 48 mosquitos produced infectious virus. 

At time points beyond 24 hours, none of the 277 mosquitoes tested produced infectious virus. Notably, the research team tested for infectious virus rather than the presence of viral RNA. It is possible that viral RNA could be present in these mosquitoes. But detection of RNA does not necessarily mean that the virus is present in a form that remains infectious. Therefore, RNA detection could lead to an incorrect conclusion and does not necessarily indicate the virus has been able to replicate. However, the absence of any infectious virus at time points beyond 24 hours demonstrates that the virus is incapable of replicating within mosquitoes. Without this vital link in the chain, transmission of SARS-CoV-2 through mosquitoes cannot occur.

This study was largely confirmatory in nature. It was widely accepted that the virus could not spread through mosquitoes for a number of reasons. However, it is important to confirm this theory-based assumption experimentally. Although research continues on the exact details of how the virus does transmit, mosquitoes can be crossed off the list of concerns for now.

Written by Michael McCarthy

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1.  Huang Y-JS, Vanlandingham DL, Bilyeu AN, Sharp HM, Hettenbach SM, Higgs S. SARS-CoV-2 failure to infect or replicate in mosquitoes: an extreme challenge. Sci Rep. 2020;10(1):11915.

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How Telemedicine Can Help Keep Your Health on Track




Keeping yourself healthy and in tip-top shape isn’t all about eating that kale and keeping up with your exercise routines, it’s about knowing when to have those pesky health issues looked at too.

Taking care of yourself means that you address even the smallest lingering health issue, whether that means that you have a therapist visit when you have been feeling a little anxious lately, or if you just have a toenail that has been looking kinda funky recently.

Getting things checked out as soon as they are noticed seems easy enough, but in this day and age of fast-paced lifestyles, it is way too easy to just push a non-urgent doctor’s appointment to the back burner. Luckily, for many non-urgent health concerns, telemedicine is the developing facet of healthcare that can help you get medical attention quickly and easily.

Read on to learn 5 ways that telemedicine visits can help you keep yourself in great health without having to always fit in that in-person doctor’s visit.

1. No More Avoiding That Doctor’s Visit

The most important thing about the healthcare route that you choose, is to make sure it is one that you will be able to fit in as soon as possible. In-person doctor’s visits are vital for some conditions, like things that are serious, painful, acute, or could develop rapidly. And, for these things, there is no avoiding being seen immediately in an office setting.

But, for those more minor (but annoying) things in life like acne, scars, hair loss, or erectile dysfunction, it is not uncommon for people to delay getting care. The most common reasons why people choose not to be immediately seen for conditions like these can be because they are busy and have trouble fitting in a non-urgent visit, or they are just a little bit embarrassed or uncomfortable talking about delicate issues like sexual health or skin conditions.

With telemedicine, there is an ease and increased comfort of getting health conditions checked out by a professional. Because, even when a condition seems minor, or negligible, if something is bothering you, mentally, physically, or both — you owe it to yourself to get it taken care of.

2. If You Have 15 Minutes, You Have Enough Time

Too busy to address if it is rosacea causing your to flush when you drink a hot beverage or see if a prescription retinoid can help with those fine lines creeping up on your forehead?

If you have 15 minutes to spare, you have enough time to have a quick online telemedicine visit for many of these lingering concerns. Telemedicine helps boil down doctor’s visits to their essentials — the time spent interacting with a doctor. This means that online visits can be as short as 10-15 minutes, once the commute and waiting room time is stripped away.

3. Prescriptions Shipped ASAP

Once you have a visit with a doctor, they may prescribe a medication to help you with the issue. With in-person doctor’s appointments, this normally means that you now have to trek over to your local pharmacy and wait for an indeterminate amount of time to get the treatment filled.

For those of us who are already on tight schedules, a pharmacy trip plus the visit can seem like the whole day has been used up. With telemedicine, it is all about ease combined with quality healthcare, so the prescription is often taken care of for you. The telemedicine service will go ahead and work with a pharmacy to schedule your prescription fill and shipment, often getting your medication to your front door in as little as 1-2 days.

4. 24/7 Support for Questions and Concerns

If you have ever wanted to put a quick call into your doctor about a question that popped up with a new treatment or condition, you have likely discovered that there is nothing quick about getting answers from a doctor busy working at a clinic.

This may have led you to avoid raising questions or concerns about your treatment, or you just wait until your next visit. With telemedicine clinics, it is all about availability. If you have a question or concern about your treatment or diagnosis, many telemedicine platforms offer 24/7 online or phone support to get you answers quickly.

5. No Worries About Being Around Potentially Contagious Environments

When various contagious conditions are going around, or if you are someone who has a compromised immune system, going to a doctor’s office can be anxiety-inducing. Healthcare environments are there for those with health issues, so it is possible that even if you are heading in to be seen for a non-contagious issue, you may be sitting right next to someone with something contagious in the waiting room.

Telemedicine offers high-quality health care visits that get your condition addressed, from the comfort of your own home (without you having to think twice about a person coughing and sneezing in the clinic).


Optimal health is about taking care of healthcare issues quickly and efficiently, no matter how minor you think they are.

Telemedicine offers a quick and easy route to take care of those little issues in life, ranging from dermatology, to nail care, or even your hair looking a little thinner than usual.

Along with prescriptions shipped easily, 24/7 physician support, and not having to worry about being in contact with others who are not feeling well, telemedicine is truly a way to improve your health and self-care skills with technology.

Source: Franco Columba. Franco is a Medical Content Writer for StrutHealth by day and an eCommerce guru by night. As a HubSpot Certified Content Marketer, he enjoys creating content that helps illustrate words in a unique way to readers.


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How followers on Instagram can help to navigate your brand during a pandemic




People around the globe are indeed trying to accept the new norms of social distancing. Even a small business owner and Instagram marketing managers are undertaking pivotal campaigns to make changes on content calendars to launch products or services. They are working on new ideas to ensure the engagement of the audience. It is indispensable to stay connected on Instagram more than ever, as most businesses presently rely on social media.

It is through the proper marketing channels of Instagram that you will be able to connect to the world. You can even use Instagram for entertainment, but you must understand that businesses rely on Instagram’s marketing channels due to a pandemic outbreak. Now the most obvious question that pops up is how to use Instagram in the era of COVID-19?

 Is it necessary to buy followers on Instagram to push your brand?

Just because there is an outbreak of pandemic does not mean you have to stop marketing or selling your brand. You have to continue posting on Instagram to entice the audience consistently. Since your audience is spending more time on Instagram than ever, it is an excellent opportunity for you to grab their attention and convert them into loyal customers. Pandemic brought with itself a unique opportunity for marketers to strengthen the relationship with the audience and increase affinity towards their brand. However, you cannot run the business through the usual channels.

There is a lot of anxiety and sensitivities among the masses. As such, you have to change methods of brand promotion to go with the flow. Change is something that has become constant in the world presently. Brand managers have to devise ways to embrace the uncertainty of present times by consistently dealing with unique challenges. Small business owners are finding it very difficult to juggle between selling and marketing to stay in business. Now the question arises what kind of content to post on Instagram presently?


The present scenario exposes a brand new market or territory for all social media managers today in a competent manner. You need to understand that the situation that is confronting the world is something very new and unique. The marketing managers do not have an idea about how to market their products or Instagram during a global pandemic. As such, you cannot find tried and tested strategies for selling your products and services during such a challenging time. However, particular suggestions can help you sustain in the market during a period of crisis.

Guiding principles to market your brand or Instagram during a pandemic.

Learn to accept the new normal

It is not a good idea for marketers to ignore the norms of the new normal. It would help if you inform your followers about the latest social distancing norms and encourage them to abide by it.

It is effortless for you to convey to your audience that you know what is happening around and are concerned about the present situation. Many celebrities have smartly put up that it is very awkward to promote your products and services during such a crisis, but they had plans to do so because they have to provide for their employees.

Many marketers have mentioned that it is an effort to sustain the jobs of their employees. Thus they have to boost their sales on Instagram. Therefore it was a smart move to market products while showing concern for the employees. All you do is acknowledge the current crisis to humanize your brand effectively.

Be consistent with your content

You need to understand that your followers are devoting more time to social media than ever before. Thus it has become much easier for you to connect to your followers and market your products and services. Try to upload content that aligns with the values of your brand to engage consumer prospects. The caption that you upload is also essential because it gives a context to your content that would remain forever. Try to use captions that would acknowledge the crisis while proactively giving solutions to sanitization concerns. However, it would be best to encourage your followers regarding social distancing and isolation to abide by the new normal.

Express empathy

As you know, the pandemic is affecting everybody around the globe in various matters. Thus it would help if you extended your sympathy beyond your situation. It would help if you expressed empathy; add compassion for your followers to make a bond. Do not just post engaging memes without showing concern for your followers. You do not need to speak about COVID-19 in all your captions and post, but the tone should express concern about people worldwide.

It would help if you acknowledged that some of your followers might have become jobless, some must have lost their loved ones, some might be struggling to work from home, etc. As such, your content should acknowledge your followers’ struggles and appreciate their efforts.

Some social media managers believe you must buy followers on Instagram to expand your clientele base during the crisis.


Source:  Andrew Thompson is a content developer and online marketing guru. Having worked at an SEO expert company for the last three years, He also advises helping on Instagram to expand your clientele base and share effective SEO tips, strategies, and the latest developments and sure-shot strategies people can take to climb SERP rankings.

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Europe Imposes New Restrictions As COVID-19 Cases Soar




A waiter cleans a table after closing in Saint Germain-en-Laye, west of Paris on Oct. 16, to comply with new COVID-19 restrictions forcing restaurants, cinemas and theaters in the French capital to close. France imposed a nighttime curfew in Paris and other major cities to curb the spread of the coronavirus. Michel Euler/AP hide caption

toggle caption

Michel Euler/AP

New regulations and social-distancing rules are being introduced across multiple European countries in an attempt to stop the spread of the coronavirus as a second wave of the pandemic accelerates across the continent. Europe reported more than 1.3 million new cases this past week, its highest single week count yet, according to the World Health Organization.

Spain and France each surpassed 1 million cumulative confirmed cases last week, becoming the sixth and seventh countries to do so globally. Italy, Germany, Belgium, the Czech Republic and the United Kingdom are also experiencing record numbers — threatening to overwhelm countries’ abilities to test, trace and contain the virus. Polish President Andrzej Duda tested positive for the virus over the weekend, as cases have doubled there in recent weeks.

Europe’s infection rate has been rising for over 90 days, according to European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control. As authorities and experts worry that the situation in Europe may soon spin out of control, governments are imposing curfews and social restrictions in an attempt to avoid full-scale lockdowns that could hurt the economy and dim the upcoming holiday season.

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez declared a national state of emergency on Sunday, which included a nighttime curfew and possible travel restrictions between regions. Italy also announced new measures to curb the virus, the harshest since its lockdown in the spring, when the country was the global epicenter of the pandemic.

U.K. Health Secretary Matt Hancock announced a move to a “high” alert level for London and other cities as of Oct. 17, banning residents from mixing with people from other households indoors and restricting outdoor gatherings to six people or fewer.

Last week, Ireland became the first country in Europe to reimpose a lockdown in the face of soaring cases.

Wales began a 17-day lockdown this weekend, shuttering all nonessential businesses and requiring people to remain home, with few exceptions. “If we do this now and if we then have a consistent set of national rules, to keep the transmission and the intensity of the virus at a lower level, then we can have a much more normal Christmas season for businesses,” Vaughan Gething, the Welsh health minister, told BBC Radio Wales.

France has become the worst-hit country in Europe’s second wave, with over 40,000 new cases every day the past few days. Nightly curfews have been in place in several cities since mid-October, and this weekend, multiple new curfews were enacted, bringing the total number of people affected to around 46 million, or about two-thirds of France’s population.

“The second wave is here,” said Prime Minister Jean Castex at a press conference when the new restrictions were announced. “The situation is grave.”


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