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Discussing Cannabis Research with Zoe Sigman from Project CBD


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Why Isn’t There More Research About Cannabis?

Everyone says, there’s not enough cannabis research, but here’s what Zoe Sigman has to say about the research surrounding cannabis. Zoe is the Program Director for Project CBD.

Watch as we discuss the state of international cannabis research.

Zoe Sigman, Program Director of Project CBD

Discussing Cannabis Research with Zoe Sigman from Project CBD

Zoe Sigman is responsible for making sure things get done at Project CBD. From writing and editing, to developing workshops and sending out the newsletter. Her duties touch every aspect of the organization.

Sigman has testified about CBD and cannabis regulation to the FDA, and regularly speaks about cannabis and cannabis science to patients, medical professionals, and consumers. She’s an award winning educational content creator and also serves as the Science Editor for Broccoli Magazine.

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