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Destiny 2 Resonant Splinter Heroic Guide: How To Trigger The Public Event’s Harder Difficulty


Destiny 2‘s latest expansion has a new public event to take part in on Savathun’s Throne World, called Resonant Destruction. It’s a fairly easy activity to hop into and finishing a run will earn you Glimmer, loot, and some valuable planetary reputation with Fynch. In Resonant Destruction, the goal is to escort a slice of Pyramid technology as it travels along a set path.

You’ll have to take out several gangs of Scorn enemies along the way though, as well as crystals that spawn near them to keep the mystical bobsled moving. Like every public event though, there’s a way to increase the challenge by activating its Heroic mode.

Doing so may make the event harder, but it’s well worth it as the loot you’ll earn is far better.

How to activate the Resonant Destruction Heroic mode

Grab a Resonant Splinter as soon as you see one.
Grab a Resonant Splinter as soon as you see one.

Fortunately, there aren’t too many hoops to hop through for this public event. While you’re battling Scorn enemies, keep an eye open for orange enemy orbs that will drop on the ground, which are called Resonant Charges. Pick them up, move to the Resonant Splinter, and then throw it at the payload. If the Resonant Splinter flashes orange, then you’ve done it correctly.

Throw it at the Darkness bobsled, not the Scorn.
Throw it at the Darkness bobsled, not the Scorn.

Once you’ve thrown several Resonant Charges at the Splinter–around five or six times from our testing–you’ll trigger the Heroic mode of this event.

More Scorn and additional high-ranking bosses will enter the battlefield, but as long as you’re prepared and have a few other Guardians with you, it’s a reasonably easy fight with some rewarding loot waiting for you at the end.

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