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Deliciously Potent: Here Are the Top 10 Most Incredible Edibles Currently on the Market




Deliciously Potent: Here Are the Top 10 Most Incredible Edibles Currently on the Market

Deliciously Potent: Here Are the Top 10 Most Incredible Edibles Currently on the Market

Smoking weed is so 2019. Edibles are the future! That’s why we curated this list of the best edibles on the market right now. So, save your lungs and munch on these tasty treats instead.

Published on July 31, 2020

2020 has been an ass-kicker. It’s forced change upon every business, person, and the environment. It’s even caused weed lovers to reconsider how they consume cannabis. Smoking flower has always been the dominant method of ingestion. But, since coronavirus impacts the lungs and respiratory system, people have shifted from inhalable products, like vapes, eighths, and pre-rolls, to ingestibles, such as edibles, weed drinks, and tinctures.

In fact, according to a report published by weed data firm Headset, the pandemic has completely altered cannabis consumers’ buying habits. As soon as lockdown measures went into effect, edibles sales surged, while pre-roll joints and concentrates saw a sharp decline. 

In California, the market share for edibles increased by 3.3 percent as soon as quantine was mandated. Washington State saw a similar increase of 2.4 percent, and Colorado saw a more modest increase of 1.3 percent. Edibles currently account for over 17.7 percent of the total market for legal weed products in Colorado; more than 14.9 percent of California’s market; and even more than 11.6 percent of Washington’s market.

At least for us, edibles have been our saving grace this year. They’ve helped curb boredom, kick restlessness, and manage anxiety and depression. As a result, we created a list of the best edibles on the market — because we want you to have access to ingestible, life-altering medicine as well. This year isn’t going to get any easier (hello, election season!), so we might as well treat ourselves to delicious treats that will ensure our mental and emotional health are kept in tip-top shape. 




ALT (Advanced Liquid Technology) fuses nature with science to create the first premium liquid-soluble cannabis product to hit the market. Using their unique pharmaceutical-grade nanoemulsion technology, ALT has created a pioneering pure-THC liquid that is discreet, convenient, fast-acting, and flavor neutral, so it can be added to any beverage of your choice. ALT’s low dose THC formula, coupled with their precision dose technology, ensures a safe and consistent cannabis experience for the consumer every time. 

Intended as a self-improvement supplement to elevate the senses and uplift the mind and body, ALT can be used recreationally or microdosed for a more functional, euphoric high. Through their proprietary process, ALT has created a uniquely versatile, sugar-free cannabis product designed to offer all the benefits of cannabis without the common drawbacks of other delivery methods, such as the delayed onset that occurs with edibles and the health risks of smokable cannabis, like joints and vapes. Unlike other pre-mixed drinkables on the market, ALT makes each experience truly unique and tailored to the individual’s taste preferences by allowing the consumer to choose which drink they’d like to enhance.

An evolution of cannabis, ALT’s liquid delivery method allows for faster onset and offset through the salivary glands instead of the digestive tract. The initial onset time is between 5-15 minutes on average, enabling the user to truly manage their own experience and harness their perfect high.

Consumers can expect a clean, lifted, euphoric body high great for long walks and outdoor adventures; or for tuning in, reflecting, and winding down at the end of the day without the couch-locked haze of higher dose THC products. ALT vials are durable, clear and resealable and have been designed to fit comfortably into your pocket or purse; to live in your refrigerator or on your bar cart, ready to enhance your beverage of choice and inspire new experiences. 

For more info visit:


Punch Edibles and Extracts:

Punch Edibles & Extracts, established in 2013, is a prestigious cannabis company focusing on sensibly sized, high dose edibles. Punch is available throughout licensed dispensaries across Southern and Northern California, and also available on Eaze. They are a California-based manufacturer currently offering six different product lines. Customers now have about 30 different options, including but limited to sugar-free chocolate, gluten-free, and vegan fruit snacks. The Punch bar also made its first on-screen cameo in Jay & Silent Bob Reboot, available now on Amazon Prime.

For more info visit: @punchedibles_us and 


Plus Products:

PLUS gummies, California’s #1 bestselling edible, are designed to enhance your everyday. Founded in 2015 in the Bay Area, PLUS edibles are crafted by a Michelin-star chef in our food-grade facility where we test our products 8-times internally for safety and consistency, so you can be confident you’re getting the same dose every time. 

Find your just right with our carefully dosed gummies, offered in an array of THC : CBD ratios, all with 5mg of THC or less. Whether you’re looking for balance, a little uplift or simply wanting to unwind, we have a gummy to support your every mood. Available in 6 mouth-watering flavors, PLUS gummies make it easy to create your perfect dose every time, whether it’s 1 gummy or 3. 

PLUS gummies are highly concentrated with pure THC distillate so you can enjoy a cleaner high. And by leaning into our body’s natural metabolism of THC, gummies provide a longer-lasting effect than other forms of cannabis consumption. 

We’ve recently expanded the PLUS lineup! New PLUS CBDRelief gummies are the first edibles designed to give you long-lasting relief from everyday stress, aches, and pains. The CBDRelief line comes in three proprietary CBD-rich blends of cannabinoids and powerful functional ingredients to offer anti-inflammatory and calming effects. Available in a 9:1 Tropical Mango, 18:1 Tart Cherry, and 1:1 Pomegranate, each gummy is made with all-natural flavors and contains high CBD and low THC for maximum relief but low psychoactivity. No matter which ratio you pick, you’ll be getting all the benefits of the healing properties of a high dosage of CBD and the enhanced efficacy encouraged by the entourage effect.

For more info visit: 


Woke Orange Gummies by JKJ Processing:

JKJ Processing’s Woke Orange gummies. This Jack Herer strain is, a Sativa. It is infused with an organic energy booster. Paired together, the Jack Herer terpenes and the organic energy booster are the perfect blend to invigorate and uplift your mind and body. In addition, the Woke Orange gummies will jumpstart your physical activity and/or creative projects.

For more info visit:


Deli Nickels by Caliva:

This June Caliva launched its first-ever edible product, DELI Nickels Gummy Rounds. The new line of THC infused gummies falls under its sub-brand DELI, known for providing Delicious, Delightful, and Deliberately Affordable cannabis options. DELI Nickels come in 4 delicious flavors and are packed with a fruity punch that will leave you wanting more. Worth more than their weight in gold, these sugar-dusted gummies blend a burst of flavor with a sweetness that’s just right. Each Nickel includes 5mg of THC, so they’ll have you feeling like a dime piece in no time.

For more info visit:


Just CBD Edibles:

Since 2017, JustCBD has been leading the industry with its colorful CBD edibles. While protein bars are always a favorite among buyers, fun CBD Gummies are the company’s most popular items. People simply love their delicious CBD bears, rings, worms, and vegan-friendly Rainbow Ribbons. There are even sugar-free CBD gummies available for those counting calories.

So, why do folks appreciate Just CBD Gummies so much? For starters, their fruity tastes are scrumptious. The edibles are also easy to consume, as there is no CBD oil to measure, drop under your tongue, inhale from a vape pen or rub into your skin. You merely toss a CBD treat into your mouth and enjoy. In no time, stress fades away, putting both the mind and the body at ease. Stash them in your pocket or purse and enjoy a CBD snack whenever you feel stress coming on. The best CBD Gummies on the market are a convenient and cost-effective answer for daily pressure. 

It is important to note that all of JustCBD’s merchandise is completely organic. Offered in a variety of flavors like Gummy Cherries, Sour Worms, and Blueberry Raspberry Rings, the gummies are made from hemp, rather than THC-rich cannabis. That means you never have to worry about getting “stoned.” Meanwhile, every CBD product for sale by the reputable supplier is non-GMO, and made with 99 percent pure CBD isolate. The edibles are also made in the United States, as well as laboratory tested by a third party.

Keep in mind, even the top CBD Gummies may only work on 60 to 70 percent of people. But for most folks that do experience the marvelous benefits of Just CBD edibles, chilling out is a breeze.

For more info visit:


Kanha Gummies by Sunderstorm:

Kanha gummies are made with all-natural ingredients, coloring, and flavoring. Each gummy is infused with the highest quality cannabis oils to provide the most consistent, safe experience on the market. The newly released 1:1:1 CBD-THC-CBN Blue Raspberry Tranquility gummies are formulated to give consumers a restful night’s sleep, with more sleep-inducing CBN than any other edible, 1mg of melatonin per gummy, and a blend of terpenes and essential oils that provide a relaxing and soothing effect. 

For more info visit:


Heavy Hitters Edibles:

Our ultra-potent premium concentrates evoke the purest, best tasting, hardest-hitting gummy on the market. 5 pieces come in a package. Each piece has 20mg of THC, portioned into two 10mg sections with 100mg of THC per package. You can enjoy them at whatever speed suits your style. 

Strain Type: Hybrid 

Effect: A potent body-high that’s also euphoric and uplifting, our Gummy will keep you relaxed and focused with a smile.

Perfect For: Music Festivals, Game Night, Travelling

All-Natural Ingredients: Organic, gluten-free, dairy-free, nut-free.

For more info visit:



Wyld produces the best tasting edibles and beverages on the market, using real fruit and all-natural flavoring. Consistent quality and stunning packaging make Wyld an ideal choice to take on life’s adventures.

For more info visit:



Pucker up for a refreshing burst of sweet and tart with our new assorted flavor pack.  Grape, lemon, and cherry tarts are now bundled up in one perfectly portable package perfect for those looking for convenient dosing on-the-go. These tasty tarts won’t get squishy or melt like other edibles in the summer heat (or in the depths of your pocket). Our fruit tarts are handmade and fully infused for your ultimate pleasure.

For more info visit:

This was made in partnership with the brands noted on this list.




MERRY JANE is based in Los Angeles, California and is dedicated to elevating the discussion around cannabis culture.

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Jay-Z announces new line of cannabis products dubbed Monogram




Rapper and entrepreneur Jay-Z is launching his own cannabis brand in partnership with Caliva, the California-based weed company that hired the star as its chief brand strategist last year. 

Named Monogram, Jay-Z’s line of marijuana products launched its website and social media accounts on Friday.

“Monogram marks a new chapter in cannabis defined by dignity, care and consistency. It is a collective effort to bring you the best, and a humble pursuit to discover what the best truly means,” Monogram’s website highlights.

No further information on the specific products that will be sold under the Monogram brand has been released yet. 

However, according to the website, the flower used in Monogram’s products is grown in small batches, with a board of “cannabis experts” tasked with grading and hand-selecting each flower that goes into the line. 

The New York rapper joined Caliva in 2019 as a brand strategist, which entailed overseeing the creative direction of the company. Furthermore, Jay was focused on Caliva’s social equity efforts as he aimed to increase economic participation of people disproportionately harmed by marijuana prohibition in the newly legal industry. 

As for when consumers can expect to try Jay-Z new products, a spokesperson told the New York Daily News Monogram still hasn’t set its dispensary release schedule. The line will “definitely be available across all of California,” according to the spokesperson.

In other news, basketball star Shawn Kemp who played for the Seattle SuperSonics is also showing his love of pot. Kemp is set to open Seattle’s first black-owned marijuana dispensary this Friday. The Sonics legend named his dispensary Shawn Kemp’s Cannabis and is hoping to serve as a model for others in the black community who might be interested in foraying into the legal marijuana business in the area. 

“I’m looking forward to welcoming Sonics fans on a regular basis, starting with opening day. I hope that Shawn Kemp’s Cannabis will be an inspiration for people to get involved with the legal cannabis industry, especially people of color,” the Reign Man said in a press release. 


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Analysis: Legal weed in Texas would generate over $500 million in tax revenue per year




Legalizing marijuana in Texas could generate over half a billion dollars in tax revenue per year and create more than 40,000 new jobs, according to the results of a report released by Vicente Sederberg LLP earlier this month. 

Legal cannabis sales in Texas would reach about $2.7 billion annually based on the fact that there are more than 1.5 million residents over the age of 21 that consume pot on a monthly basis, the analysis calculated. 

The estimated tax revenue was calculated under the assumption Texas would tax marijuana sales at the same rate as Colorado at 20.6%. This would amount to $1.1 billion in taxes per biennium, while Texas could collect an additional $10 million per year through the issuing of marijuana business licenses.

The report notes Colorado has raised nearly $13 million on average per year just from license and application fees. Furthermore, the report indicated that current taxpayer dollars that go towards marijuana arrests and prosecutions amount to $311 million per year – money that Texas would save should it legalize pot.  

“States across the country are seeing the benefits of legalizing and regulating cannabis. It is inspiring lawmakers in prohibition states to reexamine the efficacy and costs of their current policies and take a closer look at the alternatives,” said Shawn Hauser, a partner at Vicente Sederberg.

“The goal of this report is to provide a snapshot of the economic benefits Texas would experience if it started treating cannabis more like alcohol for adults 21 years of age and older,” he commented on the new report

Aside from the tax revenue that legal weed in Texas could generate, the report highlighted marijuana’s job creation potential. An estimated 20,000 to 40,000 new jobs would be available in the newly legal industry, with tens of thousands of additional indirect positions, the report estimated.  

Hauser also pointed out the added economic benefits of legalization in Texas given current uncertainties provoked by the coronavirus pandemic.

“Texas is leaving an enormous amount of money on the table by keeping cannabis illegal,” according to him. 

Texas was once known for having the strictest drug laws in the U.S., but the state has softened its stance on cannabis in recent years. A very limited medical marijuana program was established in 2015, while, more recently, cannabis possession arrests in the state have been significantly declining after hemp became legal.   


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Cannabis Businesses Invest in Their Futures with Political Donations




Cannabis companies have been making political donations for years, and in 2020, those donations have continued to grow. In fact, some companies are investing aggressively to shape the future of the cannabis industry either by donating directly to campaigns and politicians or through political action committees (PACs) that support cannabis-friendly candidates and legislation.

So far in 2020, the Center for Responsive Politics reports that the leading cannabis companies, cannabis-related companies, and cannabis trade associations making donations to federal candidates, parties, and outside groups are (in order of 2020 donation amounts to date):

  1. Canty Ventures
  2. National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA)
  3. Have A Heart
  4. Beyond Broadway LLC
  5. Sea Hunter Therapeutics
  6. Cannabis Trade Federation
  7. MedMen
  8. Dan Kopp & Co
  9. Acreage Holdings
  10. Weedmaps
  11. Trulieve

Compare that list to the list of large cannabis company donors in 2019, which included Curaleaf, Parallel Brands (formerly Surterra Wellness), Tweed Inc. (part of Canopy Growth Corporation), Canndescent, and Trulieve. Even ancillary cannabis companies like Dama Financial, WeedMaps, and Acreage Holdings donate large sums of money in 2019 according to data from the Center for Responsive Politics.

State Donations in 2020

There are a number of legalization (adult-use and/or medical use) and decriminalization measures on state ballots in 2020, and cannabis companies, ancillary companies, and professional associations have been actively donating directly to related campaigns and initiatives at the state level.

In Arizona, Harvest is the biggest donor in support of legalization (Prop. 207) followed by Curaleaf, MedMen, Cresco Labs, Copperstate Farms, Arizona Dispensaries Association, Herbal Wellness Center, and Oasis Dispensaries.

Mississippi’s medical marijuana initiative on the November ballot (Initiative 65) has received donations from the CEO of Heritage Properties (George Walker III), Ghost Management Group (which owns Weedmaps), and the owner of ABKO Labs (Robert Lloyde II).

Ghost Management Group and its Weedmaps subsidiary also donated to support Montana’s and New Jersey’s legalization initiatives. In addition, New Jersey’s legalization Question 1 on the November ballot received donations directly from The Scotts Company (the maker of Scotts Miracle Gro), Pashman Stein Walder Hayden (a New Jersey cannabis law firm), and Compassionate Care Research Institute (a New Jersey dispensary).

Keep in mind, these donations don’t include the donations that cannabis companies and ancillary businesses donate to PACs or that they invest in lobbying. The Center for Responsive Politics reports that the biggest investments in lobbying from cannabis companies, ancillary companies, and trade associations in 2020 have come from the Cannabis Trade Federation, National Cannabis Roundtable, Canopy Growth Corp, Curaleaf, Global Alliance for Cannabis Commerce, Parallel Brands, Cronos Group, Charlotte’s Web, NCIA, Acreage Holdings, Dama Financial, Trulieve, California Cannabis Association, and Oregon Cannabis Association.

Political Donations from Cannabis Interests Are Not New

One of the biggest political donation stories happened in California when cannabis businesses donated aggressively to former Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom’s campaign to become the state’s governor in the 2018 election. According to the Los Angeles Times, he secured hundreds of thousands of dollars in donations from cannabis cultivators, processors, and retailers.

By May 2018, Newsom had raised nearly $500,000 from cannabis companies, but he wasn’t the only politician in California to receive money from cannabis interests. At the time, the state’s Treasurer, John Chiang, and Attorney General, Xavier Becerra, also secured donations from the cannabis industry

And of course, these donation numbers don’t even include the many donations from PACs that businesses and individuals working in the cannabis industry donate to. Many of these funds go directly to specific candidate’s fundraising efforts. For example, the Coastal Pacific Political Action Committee held a fundraiser in June 2017, and six days later, the PAC donated $50,000 to Newsom’s campaign.

Another noteworthy political donation happened in Florida over the course of multiple years. The Miami Herald reported that Surterra donated $1.1 million to Florida political candidates and committees between the summer of 2016 and March 2018. Trulieve donated $564,000 during the same period, and Curaleaf donated $469,000.

In Illinois, the doors for cannabis companies to make political donations opened in March 2017 when a federal judge ruled an Illinois provision that did not allow marijuana companies to make campaign contributions in the state was unconstitutional.

According to the Chicago Tribune, the provision prevented contributions to political committees that were established for the purpose of promoting candidates for public office. Since that decision was made, cannabis companies like PharmaCann and Cresco Labs have donated significant amounts to the state’s political candidates and committees.

Business and individual donations to marijuana-friendly political candidates have also become standard in Nevada and Colorado. During the 2016 elections, dozens of marijuana cultivators, processors, and dispensaries donated $75,000 to Nevada legislators according to the Nevada Independent.

Looking back further in history, Florida Senator Rob Bradley received his first donation from a cannabis company in 2015 when Costa Farms donated $10,000 to his political committee.

Similarly, cannabis businesses have actively contributed to Colorado political campaigns for years, and many of those businesses have been holding political fundraisers to support their preferred candidates. PBS reported back in 2014 that Colorado’s congressional delegation had received $20,000 during the first nine months of 2014 from marijuana businesses. Also in 2014, a fundraiser to support political candidates that was held by Tripp Keber of Denver, Colorado’s Dixie Elixirs & Edibles generated $40,000 in donations.

What’s Next for Political Campaign Donations from Cannabis Businesses?

As the cannabis industry continues to grow and more states legalize medical and/or recreational cannabis, laws will continue to evolve. Cannabis businesses and ancillary businesses should absolutely be concerned about which politicians are making those laws.

With that said, it’s safe to assume that political donations from the cannabis industry will get larger and more frequent in the coming years. Let’s put the donations from cannabis companies to political campaigns into perspective. During the first half of 2019, the cannabis industry gave more than $200,000 to members of Congress, which was up from $248,504 donated throughout all of 2018. Compare that to the $42 million that pharmaceutical companies donated to political campaigns across the United States in 2018.

With those numbers in mind, it’s guaranteed that political donations from cannabis and cannabis-related companies will continue to grow. Savvy businesses are paying attention and getting involved in an attempt to influence the regulations that could make or break their companies’ futures.

Originally published 8/24/17. Updated 10/23/20.


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