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Cryptocurrency: It Is Your Property


Despite the initial scepticism against cryptocurrencies, given their unregulated nature, they were able to battle against the odds and emerge victoriously . It took several years for Bitcoin to claim its rightful place as an investment unit more than a mere medium of exchange. And now it is good to know that cryptocurrencies as intangible assets are associated with property rights.

Subject to ownership

Cryptocurrencies, like any other property, can be owned. You can obtain crypto coins either by mining or procurement through crypto exchanges such as the bitiq app.  Mining would require reliable software as much as hardware to be able to successfully secure new coins. On the other hand, you can always buy these coins less the hassle and the trouble of figuring out computer puzzles. Whichever way you prefer to gather coins, you can rest assured that these assets are all yours.

As an owner of these digital coins, you can exercise full management and control of your assets. No one has the right of dominion over your property unless you have given authorization for someone else to handle your account. Crypto trading platforms have developed ways to make sure that only you can access your account via the so-called two-factor authentication. Only you could cede the access code to another person by giving away the one-time pin.

Since properties can be subject to theft, you better make sure that yours is tucked away in a safe and secure place. Your crypto coins have to be stored in a cold wallet to ensure utmost security from hackers that may sweep them away. In case of theft, you can always report the incident to authorities. Feel free to notify the crypto exchange representative to take the necessary measures in securing your account.

Object of transfer

Crypto coins, as a property, can be transferred from one account to another. This is made possible by trading platforms that facilitate the real-time conveyance of this form of a digital asset. All it takes is to enter the destination account and the amount before hitting the button to be able to finalize the transaction. And, you will have to pay for the transaction cost, if any.

What is astonishing about cryptocurrencies is the ease of doing financial transactions. Most of them are developed in a way that would be convenient for users, such as those featuring impressive transaction-per-second ratings. Ethereum is among the ones associated with fast transaction processing, although Bitcoin is about to catch up with its latest upgrade. With efficient security functions, investors can expect that there would be no problem in transferring coins.

In the transfer of crypto coins, there is a   notorious error called double- spending. It is an attack carried out by scammers that trick the system into using the same coins multiple times. The reason behind this vulnerability is the fact that crypto coins can be easily replicated. Like money, it can be an object of counterfeiting, although there is always the serial number expected to save the day.

Susceptible of disposal

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Anytime you intend to cash out your investment, you can always opt to sell your coins. The important thing is to observe the prices before doing so. It would help you assess whether it is the right time to withdraw your funds. You can always look at the historical data accessible in crypto exchanges to weigh your options and extend the holdover period for a little while.

There is no pressure in disposing of your property. Remember that the decision is yours to make upon careful evaluation of the situation. Should there be a sense of urgency, you can retrieve your money for a few gains. Besides, you can always wait for another buying season to start another round of investment when you have spare cash on hand.

The thing about using crypto trading platforms is that you need to abide by their rules and regulations. Some are imposing withdrawal limits at a given period, so you might want to know the details to avoid issues regarding this matter in the future. You can readily find the information on the website, or you can simply call a customer service representative for assistance.


Hopefully, you were able to learn about your property rights such as ownership, transfer and disposal when it comes to your cryptocurrencies.

Source: Plato Data Intelligence


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