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MEME Book (BOME) Market Movements | TradingView

The illustrated chart demonstrates the astonishing ascent of BOME’s valuation, which escalated a massive 2,542% from an initial $0.0008 at its inception on March 14 to a peak of $0.019 by April 2. As of July 10, BOME’s trading price has settled at $0.008, bestowing a substantial profit of over 1,000% upon early investors, even amidst the recent three-month downturn experienced across the cryptocurrency markets.

The provided graph exemplifies the potential success of adopting an early-entry investment approach within the realm of cryptocurrency trading.

While historically, the strategy of getting in ahead of the curve has been dominated by big-time investors armed with advanced analytical resources and pivotal insider knowledge—actions which have garnered them criticism for capitalizing on smaller traders—the landscape is evolving.

Legitimate platforms such as BasedVC are leveling the playing field by enabling trading communities to invest prematurely in unison with heavyweight institutional entities, including the likes of a16z, Coinbase Ventures, Animoca Brands, and others.

The team at BasedVC has actively funneled in excess of $65 million since 2023 into ventures such as Heroes of Mavia, Shrapnel, Gunzilla Games, Portal, Tatsumeeko, Chrono Forge, among others. These investments have consequently produced a spectrum of financial returns.

Offering an array of services from venture capital initiatives to a launching pad for new projects, BasedVC’s infrastructure has enticed a user base of more than 20,000 daily participants—a number that’s potentially set to increase as savvy investors incorporate early investment strategies to traverse the prevailing bearish cycle.

The practice of whale tracking—a long-standing methodology—continues to prove its merit by yielding advantageous results for informed cryptocurrency investors. This tactic entails the utilization of on-chain analytics to observe the accumulation trends of large-scale assets preferred by whales amidst a bearish market phase.

In the cryptocurrency context, ‘whales’ refer to considerable institutional investors with intricate market insight, holding the capability to sway asset valuation with their considerable capital.

Key on-chain analytics that serve to expose the purchasing patterns of whales consist of metrics such as the count of Large Transactions, the balances in Whale Wallets, and real-time whale transaction notifications.

The chart from IntoTheBlock showcased next reveals the correlation between Toncoin’s recent pricing fluctuations and the day-to-day count of Large Transactions—defined as individual transactions valued above $100,000—with TON.

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