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Cryptocurrency Company to Hold Private Stock Offering

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Candela Coin Inc., also known as Candela Coin, will be issuing stock and holding a private stock offering on October 25th. This is the very first time a cryptocurrency company has ever sold equity in their company. Candela Coin is a cryptocurrency that is decentralizing and democratizing solar energy. Their peer to peer energy system utilizes blockchain technology, microgrids, and IoT devices so people can buy and sell electricity without using the existing electric grid. Their CLA coin is used as the currency within their peer to peer solar energy system. Candela Coin CEO Avi Verdugo said “We have our token and now we will have shares of stock! We are the first to ever do anything of this magnitude. Today marks a big milestone for the crypto industry. We are blurring the lines between mainstream/traditional finance and crypto. This move will only help move crypto forward into the mainstream. A new day is upon us!”

A private stock offering through a trusted brokerage platform will begin on October 25th and will last for 1 month. After this offering they will continue to build microgrids and expand their solar device product offering around the world. As mentioned previously, the private offering on October 25 will be through an online brokerage platform. Candela Coin manufactures and sells solar devices such as solar panels, Iot devices, and various components for use in a solar microgrid.

Candela Coin COO James Hayes said “October 25th will be a day that will go down in crypto history. This is going to change the crypto landscape forever. We will make history by becoming the very first cryptocurrency to also issue stock. Get ready for a paradigm shift.”

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