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Crypto Swap: Platforms with Easy Crypto-to-Crypto Exchange


Most people are used to buying and selling crypto for fiat money such as USD or GBP. But it is interesting to know that popular exchanges offer crypto-to-crypto exchange, which is commonly known as a crypto swap. The exchange makes it easy for investors who want to move from one digital coin to another, say from BTC to USDC.

While advanced platforms may have customized tools in the form of dedicated mobile apps or desktop software to facilitate crypto swap, others simply do it on their websites. As soon as you register for an account, you will access the crypto calculator to help with the conversion prior to the transaction.

You should have a crypto wallet that will hold the new digital coins on standby before trading as well. That said, let us look at the best exchange platforms with a working crypto swap.

Coinbase Crypto Swap

Undoubtedly, Coinbase is one of the best crypto exchanges in the world. Apart from affordable fees, it is fast and secure. Buying crypto with crypto on this platform is as easy as 1, 2, 3. It has a fantastic user interface that is easy to use, and you can take advantage of the platform’s trading calculator to know what you will be getting.

Once you register with Coinbase, you can swap cryptocurrency a little faster and enjoy other benefits as well. Enjoy this crypto swap opportunity by visiting the website.

NakitCoins Crypto Swap

Do you want to swap Bitcoin for Monero, Ethereum, USDC, or any other cryptocurrency with ease and for a low fee? The NakitCoins exchange is an excellent option for you. With modern sync technology, this platform has become extremely fast in doing a crypto swap.

According to the website, you do not need an account or to fill out the KYC form to do a crypto-to-crypto exchange. The fee is just 1% of the transacted coins, which makes it very affordable. Before you initiate the trading process, use the crypto calculator on the website to understand the rates and the coins you will get.

Binance Crypto Swap

Just like any other popular crypto exchange, Binance has a Bitcoin swap and other crypto swap opportunities. It is popular for dynamic crypto services, security, and affordable fees. But to enjoy crypto-to-crypto services on Binance, you will need an account.

With a Binance account, you need to deposit the crypto you will be using to pay with before doing the exchange. After the exchange, be sure to withdraw the digital coins to your secure wallet.

eToro Crypto Swap

This exchange is growing at a fast rate and becoming popular all over the world. Apart from buying and selling crypto for fiat money, this is also a swap crypto exchange. But to swap crypto easily and fast, you should register with the platform. Other benefits will be awaiting you too.

If you check the website, the fees are very affordable. And the good thing is that you can make use of the trading calculator on their website before you swap crypto.

Final Words

Many other crypto exchanges are also perfecting their crypto swap services. Not everyone will buy or sell crypto for fiat money after all. So, if you are looking forward to trading your digital coins with others, you are likely to have a good exchange with these services. To start, you have four reliable ones to try. 

 Source: Plato Data Intelligence

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