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Crypto Scam Watchdog Group Wants To Get Back At Vitalik Buterin



A crypto scam watchdog group wants to get back at Ethereum’s creator after he got rid of all of his SHIB token holdings. Now, the group created a token that dumps ETH for rival BNB as we can see more in our latest Ethereum news today.

The market for SHIB collapsed after Buterin got rid of all of his tokens and now one crypto scam watchdog group wants revenge. The Telegram group War on Rugs hates rug pulls but now they are trying to rug pull Ethereum. The group says it’s composed of developers and auditors that created the Rug Ethereum token in retaliation for the ETH co-founder Vitalik Buterin’s decisions o transfer millions of his SHIB tokens to charity while at the same time he crashed the market for the token:

“Vitalik rug pulled Shiba, innocent investors have been hurt. He should never be shown as a hero for this.”

Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao agreed to list the token on Binance’s Innovation Zone and called SHIB high risk. War on Rugs which looked at the smart contract said that this year Buterin had a huge stake in the token which meant it could be vulnerable. A rug pull is a type of scam where developers leave a project and take investors’ money with them. They are most common in the DeFi space where people can go to get crypto loans, earn interest, and trade assets without getting the help of a financial intermediary or insurance that intermediaries provide.


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Buterin didn’t develop the token so now the creators of the meme token sent trillions of the asset to Buterin who is reversed among ETH acolytes for his intellectual capacity and lack of concern for the things money can buy. Sending the funds to Buterin’s wallet lent the project a veneer of legitimacy while also decreasing the supply because he wouldn’t touch the funds. DeFi researcher Chris Blec said:

“If you consider a ‘rug pull’ to be quickly, without notice, removing a damaging amount of liquidity from a pool, then I guess that’s what Vitalik did. The fact that he never asked for the liquidity in the first place definitely changes things though.The SHIB token project was originally deployed with a specific set of risks and a whole lot of inherent problems. Vitalik didn’t change any of that. He simply exposed the token for what it was.”

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