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Crypto jobs, profits on the rise in the US

Crypto jobs are on the rise in the US. The cryptocurrency market is flourishing and making big profits. As a result, people with low-paying jobs are giving up their jobs and preferring to survive on the profits from their crypto investments.

A survey by an American organisation, called Civic Science, reveals that about four per cent of those who participated in the survey gave up their jobs knowing that they could always bank on their crypto profits.

The maximum number of crypto jobs are said to have come up in Los Angeles, New York and San Francisco, in 2021, with Miami and Chicago following close.

In October, a survey had indicated that the cryptocurrency industry had resulted in a 118 per cent increase in jobs as compared to 2020.

A significant 44 per cent of crypto and blockchain-focused software development jobs are remote. In fact, in October, Coinbase, the crypto-exchange platform, had announced that it would be a ‘remote-first company’.

However, many warn that the volatility of prices of digital assets makes the job scene in the crypto market quite uncertain.

Meanwhile, in India the demand for crypto tech talent has spiked over the last ten months or so. In October, there were over 12,000 active job vacancies. Since there is a dearth of experts in this area, the salaries being offered are rather high too – as high as about Rs 80 lakh a year for those with experience of at least eight years or more.

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