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Crypto‌ ‌Coins‌ ‌in‌ ‌Cybersecurity‌ ‌- Top 3 Coins to Consider


Cryptocurrencies in Cybersecurity

Cryptocurrencies are strongly connected with cybersecurity. Nowadays there are a lot of cryptocurrencies that make it possible to ensure the security of your funds and keep the wallet protected. With fiat money, this could be a problem but modern technological solutions tell otherwise. 

How cryptocurrencies are gaining a foothold in cybersecurity? What are the platforms that a lot of companies use to ensure the safety of their customers? 2022 will definitely be a year that will provide a lot of insight into this subject. Let’s have a look at some coins that are used in cybersecurity and will definitely prevail in the future.


HAPI is a token, networking protocol that creates trustless oracles. It is a set of interconnected smart contracts that are built into DeFi products and therefore provide new high levels of security. The coin was launched by Hacken Foundation and the company tries its best to constantly improve the token, testing it thoroughly throughout the time. In addition, HAPI token is gradually becoming popular among companies.


Cryptocurrency Utrust (UTK) is a blockchain-based platform that combines elements of traditional payment systems with the benefits offered by cryptocurrencies. The platform allows users to buy goods digitally or in physical form with its encryption or favorite tokens, while providing a consumer protection system in which coins are stored until the transaction is completed. In the event of a conflict, the decision is made by Utrust.


CertiK is a formal verification framework that allows you to mathematically prove that smart contracts and blockchain ecosystems are bug-free and safe from hacker attacks. CertiK platform has developed a new approach for DApp-s / systems specification using tags or shortcuts. These labels can formally set the required properties and are compatible with existing programming languages (eg Solidity). Using deep learning techniques and a handcrafted label codebase, the CertiK platform plans to develop a framework called smart labeling to understand decentralized programs not only at the syntax level but also at the semantics level and add the correct labels to the source code automatically.

Why is Security Necessary and How Cryptos Can Help?

In a world where everything is strongly interconnected with each other, we are in a global era of computers. Right now it is impossible to think of anything without digitalization and automatization. The appearance of different cryptocurrencies fastened the process even more and the possibilities of your accounts being hacked or compromised reached immense levels.

Cryptocurrencies can be really helpful to tackle these threats and issues. They are built on a networking protocol that can preserve the security of customers. In addition, we need to mention that the blockchain system can be instrumental in this success.

A lot of companies are coming up with tokens that can raise awareness about cybersecurity and help people protect their assets. The coins that we have mentioned above are only a few examples that can increase in numbers. 2022 will be crucial and there are no thoughts about the fact that cryptocurrencies are only entering the decisive phase.

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