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Big Data Wins coveted Innovation Index Awards from Deep Analysis

News Image’s AI-based NLU approach wins Innovation Index Award from Deep Analysis has developed an innovative AI technology based on a natural language understanding (NLU) approach to interpret and process human language text. today announced that they have won the prestigious Innovation Index Award from technology analyst firm Deep Analysis.

Deep Analysis noted that, “ has developed an innovative AI technology based on a natural language understanding (NLU) approach to interpret and process human language text. In recent years deep learning has been used successfully to improve the quality of natural language processing (NLP) such as Amazon Comprehend and Microsoft Azure cognitive services. But these rely on the massive computational power of those industry giants. With its lower computing requirements, is potentially accessible to more markets and applications.”

Last year, Deep Analysis created the Innovation Index Awards to celebrate the innovative approaches in the enterprise software market. The goal of these awards is to honor and highlight those technology organizations that have stood out in the past year, based on four specific criteria:

  • the ability of the product to provide a solution to difficult, costly or complex issues.
  • the ingenuity of the solution, in other words is it an effective application of a novel solution that meets existing requirements, unarticulated needs, or new needs.
  • the added value of the product for one or more groups (employees, customers, partners, etc.)
  • the flexibility of the solution: can the product change according to need or environment.

The award is fully independent, made up of both clients and non-clients, is open to large and emerging vendors, but overall represents those organizations that provided a ‘wow’ moment.

“Research is core to our work, and in 2021 the team at Deep Analysis took more than 150 briefings with companies ranging from multi-billion-dollar vendors to tiny, early-stage startups. Every so often, both in our vendor briefings and in our client work and desk research, we had a “shut the front door!” moment where we were dazzled by something innovative and exciting,” said Alan Pelz-Sharpe, Founder & Principal Analyst at Deep Analysis. “It takes something special to get an Innovation Index Award, and we think deserves an extra shout-out and time in the spotlight. Each of our 10 winners do something different, something innovative that moves the needle, something that has the potential to improve, educate, and stimulate the information and process automation management industry as a whole. At the core of their inclusion is their ability to reframe, rethink, and reinvent.”

“It’s exciting that is continuing to gain recognition for our ability to reinvent the methods used for contract and message intelligence and more generally accurately classify, extract and search information within unstructured documents,” said Thomas Reinemer, COO at “We continue to prove this technology to be a major enhancement to help solve complex problems for industry leaders in insurance, finance, pharmaceuticals, automotive, marketing and other verticals.”

About delivers AI-based solutions that help businesses search, extract and analyze information from unstructured text more effectively. These meaning-based solutions, including Contract Intelligence and Message Intelligence, cover a wide spectrum of use cases with proven implementations in Fortune 500 companies. They leverage the company’s patented Natural Language Understanding technology to solve business problems with complex NLU challenges without the need for in-house AI experience.

The company is working to enable semantic supercomputing, the ability to process streams of natural language content at massive scale in real time through the use of hardware acceleration.

Advertisement. Scroll to continue reading. Wins coveted Innovation Index Awards from Deep Analysis has offices in the U.S. (New York and San Francisco) and Europe (Vienna).

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