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Competition: Win Rezzil Player 22 for Oculus Quest

Rezzil Player 22

There’s a strong selection of virtual reality (VR) titles arriving this week across multiple platforms. Today, Rezzil Player 22 has launched for Oculus Quest and if you’re into your football then it’s worth a look. To celebrate the launch VRFocus has been given a bunch of codes to giveaway, so you could improve your football skills for free!

Rezzil Player 22

Rezzil Player 22‘s core gameplay focuses on coordination and mastering the tricky art of heading balls into the back of the net. In the Training mode, “Control” is all about precision, heading balls back into a selection of rings, the difficulty ramping up as the rings get smaller and when colour matching is introduced. The “Shooting” drill sticks you in front of an actual goal where you have to beat both defends and the keeper whilst aiming for particular areas of the goal.

It isn’t all football though. Rezzil Player 22 offers a selection of more fitness-oriented mini-games like Reaction Wall and Hoops Vision. The former is a wall of lights that you have to hit as quickly as possible, hopefully improving your reaction times. Hoops Vision is a basketball-themed rhythm action experience with five songs to complete.

Rounding out the content lineup is a mini-game called Bloks and some official customisation options. Bloks is a bat and ball game all about destroying as many block towers as possible. And because developer REZZIL creates a pro training app for football clubs you’ll find official Adidas kits available, so you can switch up your gloves, football and even the stadium designs.

Rezzil Player 22

So onto the competition. VRFocus has several Oculus Quest codes for Rezzil Player 22 to giveaway. There are multiple ways to enter the giveaway with the standard prize draw entry rules applying: Follow us (or already be following us) on Twitter (@VRFocus) or alternatively, visit our Facebook page or YouTube channel to get an entry for each. The competition will be open until 11.59 pm BST on Thursday, 12th August 2021. The draw will be made shortly thereafter. Best of luck.

Rezzil Player 22 Competition

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