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Comodo SiteInspector: Free Malware Scan & Blacklist Monitor



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Another day, another innovative product from the security experts from Comodo. This time, it is free tool for protecting web sites from malware and blacklists.

Comodo, today released SiteInspector, a free malware scanning and blacklist monitoring for websites. The free service allows website owners to set up recurring, daily checks on any 3 pages of a domain. If malware is discovered or if the website is found on any one of a range of website blacklisting services, then the account owner is immediately notified via email. Comodo believe this early warning system will save thousands of innocent website owners per year from the potentially catastrophic effects of seeing their website blacklisted.

Traditionally, viruses and malware were activated only after proactive user interaction (for example, double clicking on an infected mail attachment). Unfortunately, hackers today are far more adept at distributing their malicious code and a ‘drive-by-download’ malware attack can be triggered simply because a user visits a web page. Perhaps more alarming is that the owner of the website can often be unaware that their site is hosting this malware.

Hackers use a wide variety of cross-site scripting (XSS) techniques to invisibly insert malicious code on target websites and in some cases, even use served ads as a delivery mechanism. Whatever the technique used, once a service like Google Safe Browsing, PhishTank or Malwaredomainlist discovers malware on a site, they will place it on their official blacklist. In the case of the massively influential Google, this can be a devasting reputation and traffic killer for the website in question as all visitors will be shown a warning message stating ‘Visiting this site may harm your computer’.

The free service includes:

  • Automatically recurring, daily malware scans on 3 pages of a domain
  • Daily checks that a website is not present on major Internet blacklists
  • Immediate notification via email if a problem of any type is detected
  • In-application reporting and threat mitigation advice if malware is found
  • Fast sign up and easy to use online interface so users can be up and running in minutes

SiteInspector tests webpages for malware from a ‘customer’s point of view’. To do this, it downloads all specified pages and runs them in a sandboxed browser environment. If the browser attempts to execute a malicious activity; crashes; downloads a suspicious file; changes registry entries or exhibits behavior consistent with malware, then its flagged as malicious. A notification email will also be sent to the account holder.

SiteInspector dramatically reduces the time between problem identification to problem resolution for business websites.” Said Melih Abduhayoglu, Comodo CEO and Chief Architect. “No longer will businesses have to wait for angry customers to complain that their website contains malicious content. To take advantage of this essential service, webmasters just need to take a few minutes to sign up and configure the service. SiteInspector will do the rest.

SiteInspector technology is also built into Comodo’s secure Internet Browser, Comodo Dragon. User’s can quickly run a malware scan on the page they are visiting by clicking the Site Inspector icon at the top right of the Dragon interface.

Website owners interested in enrolling their website for the service can sign up free at

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How To Download Vimeo Private Videos?



Table of Contents

6 Steps to Download Vimeo Videos That Aren’t Public

Are you looking for a way to download personal Vimeo videos?

Downloading personal Vimeo videos can be difficult because there isn’t a download option.

On the other hand, if you want to download a public video from Vimeo, you can do so by clicking the “Download” button.

If you want to buy a movie set for yourself, you’ll need to take a few more steps.

This guide will walk you through six simple steps to upload a.MP4 file to your personal Vimeo account.

You can follow the exact steps outlined at the end of the handbook to download personal videos from Vimeo at a later time.

How To Download Vimeo Private Videos?

Examine the page, play with the movie, go to the community, type “participant,” refresh the page, and then click on the file.
Finally, save the file as a.txt file, duplicate the.mp4 connection, and tap on the video to save it.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you get started.

  1. Examine the page and watch the video.
  2. Go to network and type “player” in the search box.
  3. Reload the page and select the first file from the drop-down menu.
  4. Save the file as a text file (.txt).
  5. Copy the.mp4 link to your clipboard.
  6. Save the video by right-clicking on it.


How Do Isps Track Torrenting? | When you torrent, what does your ISP see?

Step 1: Look over the page and watch the video.

  1. Go to your own Vimeo video > right-click anywhere on the page > select “Inspect”> perform for a few seconds with the movie (this can load up extra HTML and CSS files that are needed later on).
  2. To begin, open a Chrome browser and navigate to your personal Vimeo video.
  3. After that, right-click anywhere on the page.
  4. There are various options available, including “Back,” “Reload,” and “Inspect.”
  5. You’ll want to use “Inspect” as an alternative.
  6. This feature allows you to examine a webpage’s HTML and CSS, which you will need in the future.
  7. Play with the movie for a few seconds once you’ve selected “Inspect.”

This may result in the loading of more HTML and CSS resources, which will be required later.

Step 2: Go to network and search for “player.”

Choose “Network” from the Inspect section’s upper navigation bar, then search for “Player.”
Second, you’ll notice a number of tabs on the upper navigation bar of this Inspect section–Components, Console, Resources, Network, and so on.

  1. Select the “Network” tab (the one tab in the left of the best navigation bar).
  2. Kindly type “participant” into the search field as soon as you arrive.
  3. There are a lot of HTML and CSS documents here. As a result, this will be used to filter the document you wish to use.
  4. Multiple participant HTML and CSS documents will show as soon as you input “participant.”


Cybersecurity Degrees in New Hampshire

Step 3: Reload the website and select the first file.

Important: You must refresh the webpage after searching for “participant” in the Network tab (this may load up the necessary HTML documents ).
This step is required for the job to be completed.

  1. After you’ve completed the previous step’s search for “participant,” you’ll want to refresh the page.
  2. The HTML document that you’ll need to use later will not load.
  3. Added HTML files will appear after you have refreshed your webpage.
  4. Because of their names, these records have numbers (e.g., 393999309, 394000471, 394000590).
  5. To see the first record that appears, click it.

Step 4: Save the file as a text file (.txt)

  1. Place.txt in the document title’s back to save the document as a.txt file (e.g., 393999309.txt).
  2. You’ll want to save the first document after you’ve clicked it.
  3. Right-click on the HTML code on the document’s ideal side and select “Save as…”
  4. After that, you’ll need to save the document as a.txt file.
  5. To accomplish this, add.txt to the end of the document title (e.g., 393999309.txt), and the document will be converted to a.txt file.
  6. When you’ve finished storing it. You’ll be able to see the HTML code for a Txt file.

In Notepad, press CTRL + F to get the video’s quality (e.g., 720p) and then copy the.MP4 URL.


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(Check the video’s quality before downloading it)

  1. Open the—Txt file in your folder that you just saved.
  2. As soon as you open it, you will notice a large piece of text, which is the HTML code for this article.
  3. The quality of the film is the specific text you should be looking for (e.g., 480p, 720p, 1080p).
  4. Let’s imagine you want to save the video at 720p resolution.
  5. There are several tabs on the upper navigation bar of this Notepad: File, Edit, Format, View, and Help.
  6. After that, select “Edit” and then “Locate.”
  7. Alternatively, you can use the CTRL + F keyboard shortcut.
  8. Fill in the video’s quality and where you’d want to save it (e.g., 720p).
  9. Find the text that includes the movie’s quality (e.g., 720p) and the.MP4 URL.

An example of a URL to look for:


Make a note of the.MP4 URL, copy it, and proceed on to the next step.

Step #6: Save the video by right-clicking on it.

  1. Glue the.MP4 link you copied in the last step to the movie, then save it as an.MP4 file.
  2. Finally, paste the.MP4 URL you copied into your browser.
  3. After you’ve completed this, the movie will play in the quality you specified.
  4. Right-click the movie and select “Save as…” to save it as an MP4 file.
  5. You’ve successfully saved your own Vimeo video as an.MP4 file!

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Soundcloud Pro Unlimited Worth It?



The advantages of Soundcloud Pro Unlimited are well worth it.

Table of Contents

What is SoundCloud?

SoundCloud is the largest open audio platform in the world. It has over 190 million music from 20 million creators that users in 190 countries have listened to.

Users can record and upload sounds to share with the public or choose others on the network confidentially. In the comments section of your post, you’ll evaluate your track’s performance and communicate with listeners.

If you want to discover new voices, you’ll follow artists to keep track of their uploads on your feed. You’ll also be able to bookmark your favourite music and playlists to listen to later.

Is Soundcloud pro with unlimited storage worth it?

SoundCloud Pro Unlimited is a premium version of the site that costs $12 per month if paid annually and $16 per month if paid monthly. Creators have unlimited audio upload time and storage with this capability. They will arrange the release of their music and collect more detailed statistics, such as the location of their top listeners, so that the gadgets will want to play their sounds. Creators also have more personalization options, such as whether or not they want to appear in comments and which five tracks, playlists, or albums they want to highlight at the top of their profiles.


Cybersecurity Degrees in South Dakota


You’ll be able to use a wide range of metrics once your Soundcloud Pro Unlimited is worth it. Pro users will have access to considerably more information than just the fundamental numbers. This means you’ll be able to observe which users and pages are most interested in your music, as well as which influencers, labels, and artists are paying attention to it. Furthermore, you’ll be aware of your listeners’ circumstances, making it easier to organize your next tour, for example. You’ll also be able to see how many times a music has been played on each app and website, giving you even more insight into the success of each of your releases.

Controlling the content

SoundCloud gives Pro users the option of turning on or off public analytics and comments to allow them more creative flexibility. You can also pin one or more tracks to the top of your profile, increasing the number of clicks and downloads to your most recent release. In this approach, your visitors will be able to express their gratitude to you more quickly.

Verification of Profiles

Your profile is given a verification mark when you become a professional user, making your face appear more credible. While the verification sign just indicates that you are a paying member, it prompts listeners to view your persona and profile, resulting in additional clicks, streams, and downloads.


How to Become a Security Consultant

Restrictions on Download

You’ll be limited to 100 downloads per track if you’re a free SoundCloud user. This restriction is increased to 1000 by upgrading to SoundCloud Pro, while SoundCloud Pro Unlimited customers have unlimited downloads. This method is beneficial since the more downloads a music receives, the greater the benefit to your brand and, as a result, the more visibility you’ll receive.

Soundcloud pro unlimited worth it

Because of the enormous influence of SoundCloud’s services, it’s critical to devote time and effort to your SoundCloud profile. The most crucial thing is that you have a complete Soundcloud profile with relevant content. It’s up to you from there. If you’re not interested in analytics, don’t mind the verification button, and don’t want to share downloaded tunes, the free profile is for you. If you want to get the most out of Soundcloud, a subscription plan will provide you access to some useful extra features that will help you build your account faster.

Soundcloud: How to Use It?

You can either produce your own sounds or listen to other people’s audio on SoundCloud. You may either create a free account or sign up for one of the subscription plans. Once you’ve created an account, go to the upload tab in the upper right corner of your page to upload your first recording. You’ll give the audio a title, a description, and a genre, as well as choose whether it should be public or private.


Cyber Security Jobs – Guide to Cybersecurity Jobs

To hear what other people are saying, go to the top screen and search for a specific name or phrase, or browse the categories on your home page, such as Top Playlists and New Arrivals. Once you begin to enjoy certain songs and albums, your music library will be replenished. You’ll also follow creators so that you can see their latest uploads in your feed.

What is SoundCloud’s role in the music industry?

SoundCloud Pro Unlimited caters to musicians, whilst SoundCloud Go caters to listeners. Artists may plan their releases, modify their sites, and obtain information into how listeners interact with their sounds using Pro Unlimited.

Another useful tool for artists is SoundCloud Pulse. It’s a SoundCloud companion app that lets you respond to comments on your tracks from your phone, get real-time information on how well your posts are performing, effortlessly share your sounds, follow other users, and update track details even after they’ve been posted.

Is there any advertising on SoundCloud?

Ads are included in both SoundCloud Basic and SoundCloud Pro. Checking in for SoundCloud Go or Go+ is the only way to listen to music without ads.

Is there a listening restriction on SoundCloud?

There is no listening limit on SoundCloud. Users of SoundCloud Basic and Go get access to approximately 120 million tracks, with additional 30 million previews available. Users of SoundCloud Go+ can listen to any of the platform’s 150 million+ channels without having to wait for previews.

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How to Check If Linkedin Insight Tag is Working?



How to Check If Linkedin Insight Tag Is Working is demonstrated here.

The LinkedIn Insight label is often known by its aliases, such as the Linkedin monitoring pixel or the LinkedIn conversion pixel.

LinkedIn is more than just a place to show off your confectionery expert headshot (nice scissors, by the way!). And try to land a project with all the best munchies in a start-up.

Furthermore, with the help of the LinkedIn Insight label, it is a place where 675 million people log in every month, implying that you have a ready-to-target audience.

The Linkedin monitoring pixel or even the LinkedIn conversion pixel are aliases for the Insight label. Is it possible to refer to a LinkedIn label as candy, um, monitor? It most certainly will, as long as you’ve included it in a site’s code.

Continue reading to learn about the benefits of the LinkedIn Insight label, how to set up the code, and how to use it to create retargeting lists for your ads.

Table of Contents

What is the LinkedIn pixel, and how does it work?

The LinkedIn pixel is a small piece of Javascript code that you place on each of your websites.

Some traffic may be left with a cookie from the browser. This way, if a visitor to your site has a LinkedIn account, you can target them on LinkedIn afterwards.

You could even use the Pixel to track conversions as potential customers click through LinkedIn ads to your website. What can’t this problem solve?! (Sadly, it turns out that I need genuine cookies.)

The Facebook pixel performs the same thing, but to a Facebook audience. (You presumably already knew that.) I can tell you’re intelligent.) Please see our Facebook Pixel installation guide for more information. See How to Check If Linkedin Insight Tag Is Working for more information.

What is the LinkedIn pixel and why do you need it?

Information is like electricity… However, if you don’t have a monitoring system in place, you won’t be able to collect data.


Defining Residential Proxies

Including a LinkedIn Insight label on your website’s pages (including subdomains and site divisions!) It will allow you to keep track of who has visited your website.

The LinkedIn Pixel tracks events and conversions, allowing you to see what’s working and what’s not, as well as gather important insight into your ad campaigns.

You’ll be able to track website interactions as soon as they happen, allowing you to retarget lost sales and prospects. You’ll also get far higher-quality optimization and superior analytics.

After that, you can utilize that information to retarget those folks using LinkedIn advertising specifically.

You are the Wizard of Oz, but also for the world’s largest business networking website. All-knowing, all-powerful–you are essentially the Wizard of Oz, but also for the world’s largest business networking website.

How to add a LinkedIn pixel to your website and how to make it work

You’ll need to include that Javascript code to your Site’s code in order to use the LinkedIn Pixel. Wear fingerless gloves and a pocket chain to look like you’re from the movie Hackers. It only adds to the hilarity. see Trust me, I know how to check if Linkedin Insight Tag is working.

  • Log in to the LinkedIn Campaign Manager and think about it.
  • Select Insight Label from the dropdown option under Account Assets.
  • Install My Insight Tag by clicking the blue Install My Insight Tag icon.
  • Select View Tag from the dropdown menu after clicking on the Manage Insight Tag.
  • To view the Insight Tag code, choose the “I will install the label myself” checked.
  • Copy the Insight Tag code and paste it into the clipboard.
  • Paste this Insight Tag code before the label’s conclusion in the global footer on each page of your website, including subdomains, on the back of your site.

After that, we’ll check to see if your LinkedIn Pixel is working.

  • Navigate to Account Assets on your LinkedIn Campaign Manager.
  • In the dropdown menu, choose Insight Tag.
  • Under Tagged Domains, you must grasp your site’s name.
  • Your domain will be proclaimed “Active” after a LinkedIn member has seen it.


What Is Cyber Security?

Keep in mind that it could take up to 24 hours for it to show. If this happens after you’ve practised for a while, you might want to look into the LinkedIn service for help.

How to construct website retargeting lists with the LinkedIn pixel

So you’ve gotten your hands on a LinkedIn Pixel in your lifetime… So, what’s next?

It’s a fantastic tool that can tell you if your website has been seen by LinkedIn members. Not only that, but you may target demographics inside the LinkedIn membership for a more targeted advertising and marketing and advertising effort.

  • Go to the Campaign Manager page.
  • Select Matched Audiences from the dropdown option under Account Assets.
  • Choose site Audience from the selection menu when you click the blue Generate Exceptions button at the top of the page.
  • Give your readers a title and the URL of the site you’d want to retarget (a.k.a: the domain name in which you put your LinkedIn Tag.)
  • Then press the Generate button.

You’ll be able to arrange attempts to distribute adverts directly to a certain targeted audience after your sections have 300 associates.

The amount of time it takes will be determined by the number of visitors to your website. Visit the official LinkedIn Tracking page for a detailed analysis.

When things become hectic, you’ll be able to use filters to tailor your customers’ subsets and target individuals who have visited specific pages on your site. Choose from “Pages That Begin with This URL,” “Pages That Have This Specific URL,” or “Pages That Have URLs That Include The Specified Text.”

Check out Hootsuite’s guide on enhancing your LinkedIn page if you want to start using LinkedIn Ads after you’ve created your retargeting list. (Keep in mind that you’ll only be able to retarget users who have visited your website in the last 180 days.)

How to use LinkedInPixel to measure conversions on LinkedIn

Another thing you can do with this useful little Pixel (basically your new BFF) is track conversions from LinkedIn advertising.

  • Return to the Campaign Manager’s simple interface.
  • Select Conversions from the dropdown menu under Account Assets.
  • Simply click the Generate a Conversion button (top right).
  • Give your conversion a name (this may be visible to you).
  • Now, fill in the blanks with your preferences:
    • Conversion type: This specifies the behaviours you’ll monitor. Perhaps you’d like to know how many men and women are watching your music video, downloading a PDF, or filling out a direct form.
    • Conversion value: This field is optional; however, if the actions have a monetary value, it may be useful to include it here to track the ROI of your advertising investment in complex numbers.
  • Window for navigation
  • If it’s a day, a week, a month, or even three weeks, this is when your conversions will be measured.
  • Version of attribution: This is where you designate how each advertisement discussion will be held accountable for a conversion.
  • Then select which campaigns will be tracked for conversions using the checkboxes.
  • If you don’t select any, your conversions will be associated with all campaigns in your account.
  • Choose your chosen conversion process–the Insight Tag–and then enter the URL of the website where you’ll be tracking conversions.
    • Suggestion: After a guest has done the requested steps, this may be a Thank You or Verification page (by Way, of instance, signing up for the newsletter).
    • Optional: Use Boolean principles to be more specific about which URLs count as ranks – it may be “Consume this specific URL,” “Start for this URL,” or other criteria.
  • Create a new document!


Cybersecurity Resource Center

Return to the Campaign Manager once your campaign has been running for a while to check out the numbers and see how effective your complete marketing plan has been. You can also get entire or specific campaign effort reports for the accounts.

I am confident that you will outperform the results of my spoof illustration commercial. Thank you very much:

So there you have it: the inside scoop on the LinkedIn Pixel’s comprehensive monitoring capability.

However, there is always something new to learn about the platform’s ever-changing world.

Please see our guide to LinkedIn ads for more information, or read on for some expert advice on how to make your LinkedIn Business webpage the best it can be.

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Microsoft WPBT Flaw Allows Hackers Install Rootkits on Windows



Researchers discovered a hole in the Microsoft Windows Platform Binary Table (WPBT) that could be used to install rootkits on all Windows devices manufactured after 2012.

Rootkits are malicious tools created by threat actors to elude discovery by burrowing deep inside the operating system and being utilised to completely take over vulnerable systems while avoiding detection.

Starting with Windows 8, Microsoft introduced WPBT, a fixed firmware ACPI (Advanced Configuration and Power Interface) table that allows suppliers to run programmes every time a device starts.

However, this approach can allow attackers to deploy malicious programmes, as Microsoft cautions in its own literature, in addition to allowing OEMs to force install important software that can’t be supplied with Windows installation media.

“Because this feature provides the ability to persistently execute system software in the context of Windows, it becomes critical that WPBT-based solutions are as secure as possible and do not expose Windows users to exploitable conditions,” Microsoft explains.

“In particular, WPBT solutions must not include malware (i.e., malicious software or unwanted software installed without adequate user consent).”

All machines running Windows 8 or later are affected.

Eclypsium researchers discovered a flaw in Windows machines that has existed since 2012, when the feature was initially introduced with Windows 8.


Adobe Warning for a Security Vulnerabilities Affecting its Popular Photoshop

These attacks can make use of a malicious bootloader or various approaches that allow writing to memory where ACPI tables (including WPBT) are stored.

This can be accomplished by exploiting the BootHole vulnerability, which bypasses Secure Boot, or by launching DMA attacks on weak peripherals or components.

“The Eclypsium research team has identified a weakness in Microsoft’s WPBT capability that can allow an attacker to run malicious code with kernel privileges when a device boots up,” Eclypsium researchers said.

“This weakness can be potentially exploited via multiple vectors (e.g. physical access, remote, and supply chain) and by multiple techniques (e.g. malicious bootloader, DMA, etc).”

WDAC policies are one type of mitigation measure.

Following Eclypsium’s notification of the flaw, Microsoft advised adopting a Windows Defender Application Control policy to control which binaries can execute on a Windows device.

According to Microsoft’s support article, “WDAC policy is also enforced for binaries included in the WPBT and should mitigate this issue,”

WDAC policies can only be created on Windows 10 1903 and later client editions, as well as Windows 11 and Windows Server 2016 and above.

You can use AppLocker policies to control which programmes are allowed to execute on a Windows client on systems running older Windows versions.


Colonial Pipeline Initiated a Restart of Pipeline Operations at Approximately 5 PM ET

“These motherboard-level flaws can obviate initiatives like Secured-core because of the ubiquitous usage of ACPI and WPBT,” Eclypsium researchers added.

“Security professionals need to identify, verify and fortify the firmware used in their Windows systems. Organizations will need to consider these vectors, and employ a layered approach to security to ensure that all available fixes are applied and identify any potential compromises to devices.”

In the BIOSConnect function of Dell SupportAssist, a software that comes preloaded on most Dell Windows computers, Eclypsium discovered another vector of attack that allows threat actors to take control of a targeted device’s boot process and violate OS-level security protections.

The problem “affects 129 Dell types of consumer and business laptops, desktops, and tablets, including devices protected by Secure Boot and Dell Secured-core PCs,” according to the researchers, exposing around 30 million devices to attacks.

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