Wants You to HODL USDC And Earn 5% Rewards Back


  • introduces the USDC HODL & EARN Program which  offers users the chance to earn 5% annually on their USDC holdings.
  • Users can participate by maintaining a minimum balance of 20 USDC in their wallet for at least one week, with rewards credited directly to their wallet on a weekly basis. 
  • The program allows for rewards on a maximum of 100,000 USDC holdings.

The homegrown cryptocurrency exchange has introduced a new program called Hodl and Earn, which offers users the opportunity to earn 5% per annum on their USDC holdings.

USDC HODL & Earn Program

The exchange claims that the program provides a new way for its users to earn rewards on their cryptocurrency holdings. users can now earn rewards “effortlessly” by holding a minimum of 20 USDC in their wallet for a week or more.

As previously stated, users must maintain a minimum balance of 20 USDC in their wallet for one week to be eligible for 5% rewards on their holdings. According to the firm, the rewards will be credited directly to their wallet on a weekly basis.

Moreover, the exchange noted that users can earn rewards on a maximum of 100,000 USDC holdings.

Additionally, noted that if users opt to receive rewards in Philippine Peso (PHP) rather than USDC, they may submit an email request to The currency conversion will be implemented within a period of 7 working days from the moment the request is made. 

Accordingly, Global Marketing Director Kat Gonzalez clarified that the exchange does not use other user funds to finance the rewards for the HODL and Earn program.

“As a licensed and regulated exchange, we only safekeep the virtual assets under our custody and do not put these in investment instruments.”

Kat Gonzalez, Global Marketing Director,

will safeguard the virtual assets under their custody and will not invest them in any instruments.

“The HODL and Earn Program will be a long-standing loyalty and rewards promotion for our users that choose as their trusted VASP to hold and store their virtual assets, and in compliance with regulations, we ensure to responsibly safekeep these.”

Kat Gonzalez, Global Marketing Director,

Latest News CEO Wei Zhou announced on September 21, during the grand opening of the company’s new office, that they are in the process of securing crypto licenses in more jurisdictions in preparation for their global expansion. This includes getting licenses in Australia, Latin America, and Europe.

Why is Securing Licenses in other countries?

Recently, the CEO also revealed the platform’s significant metrics during the Philippine Blockchain Week 2023. Moreover,’s liquidity and coin volume are also accessible on CoinGecko. According to its Country Manager Jen Bilango, the move is meant to “set an example” on other players within the space.  

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