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ClearAngel Supports Future of Fashion with $10,000 Investment in CM…

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“We’re proud to fund CM Studios in its mission to provide affordable, high-quality and one-of-a-kind designs to a style-conscious female demographic.” – Andrew D’Souza, CEO and co-founder, Clearco

Clearco, the world’s largest e-commerce investor and the company revolutionizing the way founders grow their businesses, today announced that its ClearAngel program is funding CM Studios, (pronounced “se-am”) a curated e-commerce platform providing top-quality women’s garments that are not otherwise found in stores or online. ClearAngel gives early-stage founders access to revenue share capital, data-driven advice, and Clearco’s extensive network of apps, agencies, and investors.

Founded in 2020, CM Studios prides itself on its ability to provide designs and fabric choices of unparalleled quality. Founder Ceerra Mintz has been designing apparel since the young age of 16 and has spent the last 13 years learning the intricacies of fashion manufacturing and product development. While CM Studios has had success generating a loyal fan base, ClearAngel’s resources and funding will allow the e-commerce merchandiser to optimize operations and expand growth channels for market penetration.

ClearAngel is one of a few equity-free, flexible capital options for early-stage founders who don’t have the network to raise an angel round or join exclusive accelerators. The program has already funded over 350 companies since its February 2021 launch.

“We’re proud to fund CM Studios in its mission to provide affordable, high-quality and one-of-a-kind designs to a style-conscious female demographic,” said Andrew D’Souza, CEO and co-founder, Clearco. “We see a lot of traction with CM Studios, and ClearAngel is poised to help this e-commerce platform capitalize on its promise.”

In addition to $10,000 of flexible capital, CM Studios will also get access to a network of more than 500 investors, growth teams, agencies, apps, lawyers, and buyers; and data-driven advice designed to help scale and hit new revenue milestones. CM Studios plans to use the aforementioned funding and resources to switch current productions to an optimized manufacturing facility to lower product price points and increase profit. They also plan to invest more heavily in marketing efforts and new collections for the fall season and Black Friday promotional weekend.

“I have unlimited ideas for designs, and Clearco provides the budget and resources to bring them to fruition and share my art with the world,” said Ceerra Mintz, Founder, CM Studios. “As a Black designer, I’m thrilled to showcase the creations and talents of my demographic, which is often overlooked and plagiarized by the fashion industry.”

To learn more about CM Studios and view their catalog of garments for yourself, visit

ClearAngel is currently onboarding E-commerce and product companies, and has limited spots available for SaaS, Apps, marketplace and stealth companies. To learn more about applying, visit

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About Clearco:
Co-founded as Clearbanc in 2015 by Michele Romanow from Canada’s Shark Tank (Dragons’ Den), Andrew D’Souza, Ivan Gritsiniak, Charlie Feng, and Tanay Delima, Clearco offers the most founder-friendly capital solutions for e-commerce, mobile apps, and SaaS founders as well as a full suite of products and access to a powerful global network, insights and data, and recommendations. Clearco has invested over $2 Billion in over 4,500 companies to date, including Leesa Sleep, fashion-rental service Le Tote, home goods company Public Goods, shirtmaker UNTUCKit, online speech therapy practice Expressable, and digital real estate marketplace SetSchedule. For more information visit and @getClearco.

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