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Clash Royale Magic Items update: Patch notes and balance changes




Clash Royale’s season 22, called P.E.K.K.A’s Playhouse will begin on April 5. Ahead of it, Supercell has released the Magic Items update which contains a lot of new features.

There will be five Magic Items in Clash Royale. These will help players upgrade their cards and open chests. The items have been added to streamline progression in the mobile game.

With this update, Supercell is also making balance changes to Clash Royale for the first time in three seasons. The developers have begun balancing the game every quarter instead of monthly changes.

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Here are the complete patch notes for Clash Royale’s Magic Items update.

Magic Items

  • Magic Items are consumable items that can be used to upgrade/add progress to cards and open chests.
  • Magic Items and the Magic Item Inventory unlock at King Level 4.

Wild Cards

  • Wild Cards have the ability to take the form of any card, provided they’re of the same rarity.
  • Use Wild Cards to add upgrade progress to any card of the same rarity.
  • It’s available in all rarities.
Image via Supercell

Book of Cards

  • It is a book from the King’s youth filled with Wild Cards.
  • Usable on a card of the same rarity. A Book of Cards fills all remaining cards needed for the next upgrade level of that card.
  • It’s available in all rarities.
Image via Supercell

Book of Books

  • The Book of Books functions the same as a Book of Cards, but can be used with any card rarity.

Magic Coin

  • A Magic Coin instantly upgrades a card without spending your gold, essentially giving you a free card upgrade.
  • It can be used with any rarity.
Image via Supercell

Chest Key

  • The magical Chest Keys will open any locked chest in your Chest Slots instantly.
Image via Supercell

Where to get Magic Items?

  • Chests (Wild Cards only)
  • Pass Royale
  • Trophy Road
  • Special Challenges
  • Global Tournaments
  • The Shop

Magic Items in Chests

  • Wild Cards are the only Magic Item that will appear in chests.
  • Wild Cards start to unlock in chests from Arena 4+.
  • The probability of Wild Cards appearing in a chest is based on the Arena that you get the chest from.

Magic Items in Pass Royale

The following Magic Items are being added as free rewards:

Free rewards (Arena 7+)

  • 100 Common Wild Cards
  • 20 Rare Wild Cards
  • 10 Epic Wild Cards
  • Two Chest Keys
  • One Book of Cards
  • The Legendary card is now a Legendary Wild Card.

Free rewards (Arena 4-6)

  • 50 Common Wild Cards
  • 10 Rare Wild Cards
  • Four Epic Wild Cards
  • One Book of Cards

The following Magic Items are being added to the Pass Royale rewards:

Pass Royale rewards (Arena 7+)

  • One Book of Books (Exclusive to the Pass Royale)
  • One Magic Coin
  • Two Chest Keys
  • The Legendary card on Reward Tier 35 is now a Legendary Wild Card.

Pass Royale rewards (Arena 4-6)

  • One Book of Books (Exclusive to the Pass Royale).
  • The Legendary card on Reward Tier 35 is now a Legendary Wild Card.

Wild Cards have been added to both Pass Royale rewards to replace random card stacks.

Lightning Strikes

  • Pass Royale Lightning Strikes are no more.
  • Supercell has replaced Strikes with Wild Cards. This means instead of a chance to get the card you want, you can just choose exactly which card you want to add progress to.
  • To give more choice over which cards you use, all Pass Royale chests and Lightning Strikes have been replaced with Wild Cards instead. There are also no more Lightning Strikes on Crown Chests.

Magic Items on Trophy Road

  • Wild Cards on Trophy Road are replacing cards of the exact same rarity (or draft choices of the same rarity).
  • There is no change in value or resources on Trophy Road in this update, other than giving players the choice of what card they want to collect (through Wild Cards).

Magic Items in Special Challenges and Global Tournaments

The following are most likely to appear in Challenge rewards:

  • Stacks of Wild Cards
  • Chest Keys

Magic Items in the Shop

The following Magic Items will appear in the Shop:

  • Stacks of Wild Cards
  • Chest Keys
  • Magic Coins
  • Common Books of Cards
  • Rare Books of Cards
  • Epic Books of Cards
  • Legendary Books of Cards
  • Chests purchased in the Shop also have a chance of containing Wild Cards

Magic Item Inventory

  • You will find all of your Magic Items stored alongside your Battle Deck and Personalization options in its own screen.

Inventory Limits

  • Magic Items are rare and powerful. You can only hold a limited number of each.
  • Each Magic Item has an inventory limit which may increase with a player’s King level.
  • If a player purchases a Magic Item in the Shop, they will be allowed to go above their inventory limit.
  • Magic Item inventory limits are based on a player’s King Level.

Hitting the Inventory Limit

Wild Cards

  • If a player is near their inventory limit and collects a stack of Wild Cards that will put them over their inventory limit, they will collect the Wild Cards and go over their inventory limit.
  • If a player has maxed their inventory and collects a stack of Wild Cards, the Wild Cards will automatically be converted to a random card of the same rarity.

Other Magic Items

  • When a player has a full inventory of a certain Magic Item and then attempts to collect an additional Magic Item of that type, they will be given a notification and a chance to use the item in their inventory before collecting the Magic Item.
  • If a player dismisses the notification and collects the item, it will be converted into resources (gold/gems).

Going Above The Inventory Limit

The following scenarios take place after dismissing the notification mentioned in “Hitting The Inventory Limit.”

Wild Cards Overflow

  • When a player has a full inventory of Wild Cards and collects another Wild Card of the same rarity, it will be converted into a random card of the same rarity.
  • If a players has that random card maxed out, then the card will convert to gold.
  • Wild Cards unlock at King Level 4. If a player collects a Wild Card before King Level 4, it will be saved in their Magic Item Inventory until they can use it.

Other Magic Items

  • When a player has hit the inventory limit for a specific Magic Item and then collects another, it will be converted into gold or gems.

Clan Wars two improvements

  • War Deck cooldowns are now in sync with a Clan War starting – there is no longer a delay where some Clans can use an ‘extra set’ of War Deck attacks before the War Decks reset for everyone.
  • Leaders and Co-leaders can now ‘nudge’ players to remind them to do their battles.
  • More in-depth Clan information has been added when tapping Clan members (Boat Attacks, Donations/week, War Decks remaining, Last seen).

Fame changes

Supercell has simplified the way that Fame is awarded. This will help Clans calculate exactly how much Fame they need/which battles to pick before playing.

  • PvP battles (any game mode): 200 Fame per win, 100 Fame per loss
  • Duels and Colosseum Duels: 250 Fame per Duel win (2 battles), 100 Fame per Duel loss
  • Example: 500 Fame for winning two battles and winning the Duel. 200 Fame for losing two battles and losing the Duel.
  • Boat Battles: 125 Fame per win, 75 Fame per loss
  • Boatyard Repairs: 100 Fame
  • Card Levels no longer affect Fame.

Supercell has said that more expansive Clan Wars two changes are planned for future updates.

Balance Changes

The following cards are receiving balance changes this update.

  • Mother Witch
  • Bomber
  • Knight
  • Elite Barbarian
  • Hunter
  • Zappies
  • Three Musketeers
  • Witch
  • Cannon Cart
  • Heal Spirit
  • Balloon
  • Bomb Tower
  • Giant Skeleton

Mother Witch

  • Damage: +14 percent
  • Hit Speed: +8 percent
  • First Hit: Faster (0.1sec)


  • Elixir Cost: 3 > 2
  • Hitpoints: -31 percent
  • Damage: -32 percent


  • Hitpoints: -5 percent

Elite Barbarians

  • Hit Speed: Faster (1.5 to 1.4 seconds)
  • First Hit: Faster (0.5 to 0.4 seconds)


  • First Hit: Slower (0.7 to 1.1 seconds)


  • First Hit: Slower (0.9 to 1.1 seconds)

Three Musketeers

  • Deploy Time: Faster (Two to one seconds)


  • Range: Increased (5 to 5.5)

Cannon Cart

  • Speed: Reduced (Fast to Medium)

Heal Spirit

  • Damage +225 percent (reverting previous Damage nerfs).
  • Heal Radius: Reduced (-28 percent).


  • Death Damage: -27 percent

Bomb Tower

  • Death Damage: -50 percent

Giant Skeleton

  • Damage: +28 percent
  • Death Damage: -54 percent

Other Changes and Bug Fixes

  • The COPY DECK BUG is no more (copying decks did not guarantee that the deck would be copied exactly).
  • Diamond background pattern updated to an even more diamond-y background-y pattern.
  • Fixed issues with overtime effects persisting between individual battles in Duels.
  • Player Support ‘self help portal’ now available in China.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when players are navigating away from an expired challenge screen.
  • One-vs-one and two-vs-two normal modes have a new design for card selection.
  • Removed ‘old’ wooden card selection design in most places.
  • Fixed an issue that could be used to enter battles with duplicate cards.
  • Fixed an issue where Boat Defenses could get into a state where it was no longer possible to attack them.
  • Wild Card information has been added to the following places (some elements have been moved to fit this new info):
    • Shop chest pop-ups
    • Chest slot pop-ups
    • Chest content pop-ups
    • Shop confirm pop-ups
  • Fixed Activity Log entries for Megadeck game modes.
  • Performance improvements
  • Server-side fixes and improvements
  • More behind-the-scenes fun to keep the game optimized for players on all devices.

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Three takeaways from the SWT Europe Ultimate Online Qualifier




The Smash World Tour made its way to Europe this past weekend for one of its most stacked qualifier tournaments yet. Here are some of the major takeaways from the upset-filled bracket at the SWT Europe Ultimate Online Qualifier.

Bloom4Eva excels with rarely used characters

Going into the SWT Europe Ultimate Online Qualifier, Oliver “Bloom4Eva” Alexander was a plausible pick for first place. He is the highest-ranked of only two Europeans who appear on the Wi-Fi Warrior Rank v6. Still, he would have to deal with a plethora of offline threats looking to qualify for the in-person Regional Finals. Additionally, Bloom4Eva would have to wrestle with the inconsistencies of his own character, Bayonetta.

Despite the high-level competition and his not-so-high-level character, Bloom4Eva managed to claim first place. In doing so, he cemented his status as Europe’s current best online player. Bloom4Eva defeated players like James “Lucretio” Ekeocha, Valentin “Tomberry” B., Favro “Freetox_” Quentin, David “Vidad” Álvarez Pérez and Pau “sisqui” Caire.

Interestingly, Bloom4Eva and sisqui both opted to switch to secondary characters for their grand finals set. So, while sisqui tried to fight with Donkey Kong and King K. Rool, Bloom4Eva secured a 3-1 victory with his Corrin, another rarely used character.

Currently, it is unclear whether Bloom4Eva will actually be able to compete in the Europe Ultimate Regional Finals. The Smash World Tour rules state that competitors must be 16 years of age to be eligible for the Europe Regional Finals. However, Bloom4Eva will not turn 16 until November and his Regional Finals are scheduled for July. The Smash World Tour has not responded to a request for clarification on Bloom4Eva’s eligibility as of the publication of this article.

Glutonny makes do with a nerfed Wario

Though he is Europe’s best offline player, qualifying was no easy feat for William “Glutonny” Belaid. His character, Wario, was heavily nerfed in the most recent patch, making it harder for him to combo into his Wario Waft kill move.

Despite this setback, Glutonny was able to make a run to third place at the SWT Europe Ultimate Online Qualifier. He fell into losers early, suffering a 3-0 loss to Vidad. However, he quickly reached top 12 with 3-0 wins of his own against Sem “Supahsemmie” J. and “Noxumbra.”

Before he finally fell to sisqui in losers finals, Glutonny looked dominant in the losers bracket. He swept every opponent in his path without dropping a game. Glutonny still managed to find setups into his Wario Waft; while also attacking with extended combos and mixing aggressive offstage edgeguarding with precise onstage ledgetrapping. As a result, Glutonny eliminated Arsenio “PurpleDebo” J., Tomberry, Vidad and Freetox_.

SuperStriker makes a deep losers run to win the Last Chance Qualifier

As the only WWR-ranked player besides Bloom4Eva, Clement “SuperStriker” Madison was another fairly safe pick to do well at the SWT Europe Ultimate Online Qualifier. However, he suffered an early upset to “Raphy” in phase two of pools. Then, he lost to Supahsemmie, who had been upset in phase one of pools.

In the Last Chance Qualifier, SuperStriker once again found himself in the losers bracket thanks to Tiago “Thank” Gomes. But, SuperStriker took his Sonic to new speeds from there. He won 13 straight sets to claim first place in the Last Chance Qualifier.

In phase three, SuperStriker eliminated several offline threats in a row. These included Khang “Tru4” Tran, Dennis “iStudying” Kwarteng, Hugo Lancelot Hujala and Supahsemmie. Then, in top eight, he overcame Gia “Longo” Long Hoang, James “Peli” H., Noxumbra and Mertcan “Snormanda” Irdem, along with double-eliminating Lucretio.

SuperStriker made use of Sonic’s strengths, patiently waiting for opportunities to quickly approach with Sonic’s Spin Dash or Spin Charge, racking up little bits of damage at a time before resetting the neutral. In addition, he showcased his ability to edgeguard with back-air and the spring from Sonic’s Up-B, while employing forward smash both as a ledgetrapping tool and a raw punish option.

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CadiaN wraps up ESL Pro League with a memorable clutch against Gambit




ESL Pro League Season 13 finally culminates with Heroic coming out as the winners. The Danish in-game leader Casper “⁠cadiaN⁠ Møller capped off the series in a historic clutch that has blown away the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive fans. 

In a seven-hour-long series of five maps, Heroic’s performance remained top-notch. The Danes won their map picks and finally thrashed Gambit on the final map Mirage. Everyone had expected a brutal battle between the Danes and CIS dark horses, and the two teams delivered just that. However, it was CadiaN’s impeccable clutch that added the finishing touch to ESL Pro league’s final game.

Heroic looked good in Mirage performance-wise, but an eco-round on the terrorist side pointed towards another round. The Danish skipper had plans of his own. With his entire team dead and just a sorry p250 on him, CadiaN stepped into the battlefield with a purpose. The IGL snuck into the jungle and held off his primary fire after spotting an AWPer on stairs. His patience earned him a knife kill on Dmitry “sh1ro” Sokolov, who was caught unawares with a Sniper. With sh1ro’s AWP on him, CadiaN became invincible. 

The IGL turned the jungle area into a lion’s den, scouting enemies one by one. CadiaN brought the situtation down to one versus two after punishing Vladislav “nafany” Gorshkov for walking in his crosshair. Next, The AWPer started spamming triple and ultimately got an insane kill through the boxes against Timofey “interz” Yakushin. CadiaN was now weak with 2 HP, which meant that the round was still very much in Gambit’s favour. However, he was eager to win as he pushed in towards Tetris, adding a fourth kill to his scoreboard and another trophy to Heroic’s showcase. 

CadiaN finishes off Gambit in a historic clutch 

CadiaN’s clutch against Gambit definitely goes in CSGO history books as one of the unique clutches. Not only did he secure a major tournament win for Heroic, but he did it with a p250 against fully armed enemies. His incredible play earned him applause from CSGO fans, casters, and viewers from all over the world, making it one of the most memorable plays in CSGO. 

Thanks to CadiaN’s shot-calling, Gambit lost to Heroic in a 2-3 fashion after a tight-knit fight. While the long series was rather exhausting for both teams, CadiaN’s clutch featuring a spicy knife surely adds a nice touch to EPL Season 13 wrap-up. CadiaN finished the series of five maps with a 1.14 rating. 

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Esports venue in Warsaw renamed ‘ESPOT powered by Mercedes-Benz’




The Polish branch of automobile manufacturer Mercedes-Benz has inked a partnership with Polish esports org Illuminar Gaming, and is now the title sponsor of esports and gaming venue ESPOT Gaming Concept in Warsaw, Poland.

Mercedes-Benz Illuminar Gaming ESPOT Partnership
Background image credit: ESPOT

Jarosław Śmietana, CEO & Founder ESPOT Gaming Concept, told Esports Insider that “Mercedes-Benz will have permanent branding in the [ESPOT] venue, and a series of gaming/esports events around League of Legends and digital motorsport content will be produced either live or online, depending on lockdown restrictions.”

The Mercedes-Benz logotype will be featured on Illuminar Gaming’s League of Legends teams’ jerseys, including the Ultraliga and academy teams as well as the org’s LoL streamers.

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Śmietana said to expect a documentary series, entertainment and educational shows, and a special Illuminar custom-made car project to be be announced later this year — revolving around the main Illuminar Gaming League of Legends team. ‘ESPOT powered by Mercedes-Benz’ — the venue’s new name — will serve as the primary production location, where Illuminar Gaming will be frequent guests.

Founded in late 2015, Illuminar Gaming is one of Poland’s oldest esports organisations, currently competing in CS:GO, League of Legends, Rocket League and Hearthstone.

“ESPOT Gaming Concept is the first esports venue in Warsaw, which started its operations in October 2020,” Śmietana said. ESPOT operated as an online B2B studio due to COVID restrictions, after its opening was delayed. 

From the press release, Fryderyk ‘Veggie’ Kozioł, Head of Esports at Illuminar Gaming commented: “The cooperation between Mercedes-Benz Poland and the Illuminar Gaming esports organisation is a signal to the entire market that the Poland industry is mature and ready for premium brands.

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“Through this cooperation, Mercedes-Benz implements its global policy of communication to young generations, being present at the centre of their entertainment world. The brand has been supporting sport in Poland for years — now it’s time for esports.”

Esports Insider says: With Mercedes-Benz’s dedication to League of Legends apparent as the exclusive automotive partner of all global LoL Esports events and as an exclusive partner of the LoL World Championship’s trophy ceremony, partnering with the hybrid B2B/B2C esports arena/production studio and esports team will likely result in well-produced content promoting the brand to the country’s esports fans.

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World of Warcraft teams clash in AWC Shadowlands Circuit




The top World of Warcraft teams clashed in the Arena World Championship (AWC) Shadowlands Circuit for the event’s third week. Only the top four teams will get a place in the Season 1 Finals.

Creed and Skill Capped dominate Shadowlands Circuit

Day 2 of the third week began with Reload Esports versus Ad Hoc Gaming in the Nagrand Arena. The latter team took the first win of the day.

The team bested its opponents on game two as well. However, Reload Esports brought it back in the third match and the proceeding one, tying the score 2-2. When it all came down to Tol’viron Arena, Reload Esports did a reverse sweep and won 3-2.

Arena World Championship Shadowlands Circuit

Reload Esports versus Ad Hoc Gaming. Image via Blizzard Entertainment.

The second series of the day consisted of matches between Cowana Gaming and Creed. The Nagrand Arena went to Creed and it didn’t stop there. Following that victory, the team dominated in Hook Point and Black Rook Hold in the Arena World Championship Shadowlands Circuit. This earned the team a score of 3-0.

Up next, Tegridy Damp went against Skill Capped with the latter team obtaining victory in the first game. Although Tegridy Damp put up a fight in both Empyrean Domain and Tol’viron Arena, Skill Capped closed out the region by going 3-0.

Arena World Championship Shadowlands Circuit North America

Method NA went up against Cloud9 in the first matches of the next region. The team fought in the Nagrand Arena, Hook Point and Black Rook Hold. Cloud9 achieved victory in the first and second arenas.

Method had to do a reverse sweep, starting with Black Rook Hold, but the players of Cloud9 were at the top of their game and took the third game 3-0.

Arena World Championship Shadowlands Circuit

Method NA versus Cloud9 Image via Blizzard Entertainment.

World of Warcraft Arena World Championship Shadowlands Circuit teams, Unitas and the Golden Guardians, were up next. The latter team won the first game in the Nagrand Arena. However, Unitas tied the score 1-1 in Ashamane’s Fall. The team continued to fight in Dalaran Sewers and Hook Point but the Golden Guardians came out on top.

Hamsters & Hares then duked it out against Spacestation Gaming. After claiming victory in the Nagrand Arena, Hamsters & Hares also took Ashamane’s Fall.

However, it was not over for Spacestation Gaming, as the players took out their opponents in Tiger’s Peak and Hook Point. When both teams battled in the decider match in the Ruins of Lordaeron, Hamsters & Hares achieved victory with a score of 3-2.

Hamsters & Hares versus Spacestation Gaming. Image via Blizzard Entertainment.

The final games of the day came down to OTK versus Charlotte Phoenix. OTK took the first arena and Tiger’s Peak, but Charlotte Phoenix put up a fight to win in Ashamane’s Fall. When it all came down to Black Rook Hold, OTK snatched victory and closed out week three of the Arena World Championship Shadowlands Circuit with a score of 3-1.

The remaining weekend of matches are scheduled to occur between April 17 and 18. Fans can catch the action over on YouTube. Once a total of four weekends of matches are finished, each region’s top four World of Warcraft teams will head into the Season 1 Finals.

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