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Clash Royale is getting a huge sale in the Slash Royale event

Supercell is dropping a huge event in Clash Royale from Oct. 18 to 26. The Slash Royale event will give players a chance to earn a lot of gold, upgrade cards for reduced costs, and more.

Supercell said an event like this has never been seen before in the game’s history. The most exciting part about it is that all card upgrades will cost half of the regular gold price. This is a great opportunity for players to max out their cards.

Aside from that, players can earn up to 200,000 gold by getting trophies and towers through games. Based on your arena, you can secure a lot of gold just by playing games.

Daily gifts will also be dropped into the shop and will reward players up to 50,000 gold. Additionally, the Golden Mirror Challenge (Oct. 18 to 21) and the Triple Elixir Global Tournament (Oct. 22 to 26) give players a chance to get 50,000 and 25,000 more gold, respectively.

During the event, players will be able to buy multiple book offers, too. These can be stacked to upgrade more cards.

In the blog post announcing this event, Supercell teased that it’s setting up for something bigger in Clash Royale. Players will likely find out what that is in the weeks to come.

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