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Chino Replaces Vivid On LA Guerrillas’ Starting Roster

The Guerrillas make a questionable roster move.

Recently, rumors sparked of Reece “Vivid” Drost being dropped from the LA Guerrillas starting roster. Many fans were shocked to hear this, as Vivid had been the Guerrillas’ best player statistically so far this season. However, today the rumors were officially noted, as LAG announced Chino would be replacing Vivid for Stage 3.

Community Confusion

Most of the Call of Duty League community was surprised by this change. Vivid has undoubtedly been one of the best SMGs in the League so far this year and has incredible potential. He currently leads the league in Kills per 10min in Hardpoint, and his engagements are a level above the rest of the roster. Whether this is a pacing issue, or something else, Vivid will, unfortunately, most likely spend the rest of the season on the sidelines.

Chino’s Second Chance

Martin “Chino” Chino made his mark in the Call of Duty Leaguer during the inaugural season where he played under OpTic Gaming Los Angeles. Chino is an AR player with lots of experience, and a few championships under his belt too. He joined the LAG Academy roster earlier this season, and he will need to impress in this opportunity. His addition moves Silly onto an SMG role, as the Guerrillas will look to bounce back in Stage 3.

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