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Cardano Goals for the Next Five Years Include Onboarding 50 Banks and Operation with Fortune 500 Firms


Cardano Goals for the Next Five Years Include Onboarding 50 Banks and Operation with Fortune 500 Firms

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The goals of Cardano by the year 2026 are ambitious and involve the onboarding of 50 banks and working with ten companies listed under Fortune 500. Along with this, the target for the coming years is to have over one billion users employed on the blockchain.

Cardano Reveals Its Ambitions, Onboarding 50 Banks

The CEO of the Foundation, Frederik Gregaard, revealed in an online presentation the short and long-term goals for the Foundation behind Cardano, which is undoubtedly one of the most popular blockchain projects at present. 

In addition to this, he highlighted the importance of large organizations accepting the native digital asset and mentioned one of the most pivotal segments the firm is going to focus on in the next year and a half, which is onboarding 50 banks with ADA

If the foundation manages to reach this goal, then the ADA holders will be allowed to convert their tokens into various fiat currencies using the Cardano blockchain.

However, the short-term goal for the next few years of the foundation is to increase the on-chain activity of the users and the number of operating wallets in order to reduce the requirement for people to rely on third parties to get involved with blockchain projects.

Wants to Work With Fortune 500 Companies

Within the next five years, the Foundation has plans to have the entire blockchain independent and run by its community, which will be concurring with the arrival of the Voltaire era.

The company expects that the number of Fortune 500 companies will grow to ten by the end of the year 2026.

Moreover, it should be noted that for achieving the goals of the company, the Foundation has made a two-tier plan that involves intensifying the demand for the blockchain and the coin along with providing an excellent and decentralized product.

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