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Can you change factions in New World?

Factions are one of the most important mechanics in New World. They allow players from all over Aeternum to connect with each other through meaningful in-game experiences such as faction missions and wars over the game’s territories.

If you have a friend group or specific company you want to join that’s a part of a particular faction, you’ll want to make sure you’re part of that faction’s ranks to get the most out of New World’s social experience. 

While New World’s three factions don’t come with as many restrictions as factions in other MMORPGs, there’s still a reasonable number of parameters in place to keep players dedicated to their specific faction. Still, you’ll find it relatively easy to change your faction when eligible to do so, provided you have enough resources.

How to change your faction in New World

Can you change factions in New World?
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To change your faction in New World, open up your character’s “Bio” page by opening the character menu with the “K” button and scrolling over to the far left, where the “Bio” menu is located. 

On the left-hand side of the “Bio” menu, you’ll see your faction’s banner, with an option to change your faction at the bottom of the banner. Click on that button and select which of the other two factions you’d like to transfer over to. 

It costs 100 Azoth to change your faction. Swapping factions resets your faction rank and wipes any tokens you’ve earned with your previous faction. Once your faction has been changed, your character will be locked from swapping to another one for 120 days. 

New World is available to play and purchase now via the Steam store.

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