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Can Deino Be Shiny In Pokemon Go June Community Day?


Pokemon Go’s Community Day for the month of June has Deino as the featured Pokemon, and there are tons of rewards and bonuses up for grabs.

There have been a number of changes to Community Days lately in Pokemon Go, and fans have not been too fond of the revamped event. The duration of the event has been reduced significantly and it now lasts for only four hours. With such little time available for players, most of them are not able to complete the tasks and make the most of the event.

This month, Niantic has brought Deino to the Community Day, and the tasks have been simpler so that players are able to complete them on time. As part of the event, players will get a chance to catch a Hydreigon, a pseudo-legendary Pokemon, with a special moveset. Players can get a Hydreigon by just evolving a Deino or getting the Special Research ticket and getting a guaranteed encounter.


One of the questions players usually have during this event is whether the featured Pokemon can be shiny or not. Well, the good news is that there is a shiny variant of Deino present in the game. If you have seen the regular Deino, you might be well aware of its color scheme, which is blue and black in color. When it comes to the shiny Deino, has a green color instead of blue, which makes it quite distinct from its non-shiny counterpart.

The bad news is that the shiny rates remain the same, so you are not going to get a better shot at catching the sought Pokemon. However, it is still worth a shot to go on a shiny hunt considering that the spawn rate of the Pokemon increases quite considerably.

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