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Build a virtual insurance assistant to help process claims





This code pattern explains how to create a platform to help insurance agents process claims. We use IBM® Watson™ natural language processing capabilities to understand, classify, and retrieve information to reduce repetitive tasks. In turn, this allows the agent to tackle more creative and complex problems, and most customers receive answers to their questions faster with the help of a Watson-based virtual assistant.


We create the virtual insurance assistant using Node.js and Watson Assistant. The assistant uses Watson Discovery to answer policy questions. For claims processing, the assistant uses Watson Natural Language Understanding to recognize what type of repair is needed when recommending a mechanic.

The mechanic recommendations are built by using Watson Knowledge Studio to create custom entities for mechanic reviews and Watson Natural Language Understanding to process the reviews and to provide the best recommendations based on repair type. A separate tutorial walks you through the steps to build a custom model and deploy it to Watson Natural Language Understanding. By combining our custom entities with built-in recognition of the sentiment (for example, positive or negative) of each review, we are able to rank mechanics by sentiment for each repair type. When the customer describes a claim to the virtual assistant, the deployed model determines what type of repair is needed to narrow down the choice of mechanics.

We made answering policy questions part of our Watson Assistant dialog. In this case, when Watson Assistant detects that your intent is a policy inquiry, it forwards your question to Watson Discovery. To allow Watson Discovery to understand insurance policy documents, follow the separate tutorial, which uses Smart Document Understanding to train Watson Discovery to read the sections of an insurance policy document. Then, the documents are put in a collection for Watson Discovery. Watson Assistant queries Watson Discovery directly and returns the answer to your policy question.

For a fully functional virtual insurance assistant, complete the following tutorials first:

The resulting trained Discovery collection is used for policy inquiries. The deployed model from Watson Knowledge Studio and the Watson Natural Language Understanding service is used to understand claim descriptions.

When you have completed this code pattern, you understand how to:

  • Process complex insurance documents with Watson Discovery to efficiently answer customer policy questions
  • Use Watson Knowledge Studio to create custom models and entities to understand and classify mechanic reviews more accurately
  • Create a web-based application that features a virtual assistant that can answer policy questions and make recommendations based on which mechanics are highly reviewed and covered by the policy.


Virtual insurance agent flow diagram

  1. Insurance policy documents are uploaded to Watson Discovery and then annotated using the Smart Document Understanding tool.
  2. Mechanic review documents are uploaded to Watson Knowledge Studio and then annotated to create custom entities and relationships.
  3. The user chats through a web application to talk to Watson Assistant.
  4. Watson Assistant answers policy questions by using Watson Discovery querying capabilities.
  5. The assistant recommends a mechanic based on the type of damage that is done to the vehicle and on the sentiment of the customer reviews.


Find the detailed steps for this pattern in the readme file. The steps show you how to:

  1. Clone the repository.
  2. Gather the credentials for the mechanic recommender.
  3. Gather the credentials for policy inquiries.
  4. Create the Watson Assistant skill.
  5. Deploy the application.
  6. Use the app.

This code pattern explained how to create a platform to help insurance agents process claims. It’s part of the Build a customer care solution to help your customers manage their insurance claims and get automobile service information.



5 Tips to Protect Your Online Store from Cybercriminals




In this digital world, the e-commerce industry is one of the most lucrative platforms for cyber intruders. Thus, online retailers need to be aware of the potential risks and take adequate steps to secure e-commerce platforms.

“Here, we have come up with a list of five crucial safety practices, which can help you safeguard your e-commerce site, protect it from any fraud, and maintain all the customer data confidentiality.” 

Tips to safeguard your online business

Let us take a look at a list of things you should do to keep your online business secure. 

Pick a Safe E-Commerce Platform

Let us start with the fundamentals first. If you get the basics right, everything else will fall into place. The first and foremost thing you need to do to maintain a secure online website is to use a safe platform. There are several proprietary and open-source platforms available for you to pick from. 

Given the wide choice, picking one platform can be quite overwhelming. Regardless of the platform, you select, it is essential to ensure that it practices the right measures. A safe online platform adheres to PCI compliance, says Robert, a web developer for TFTH, a platform where you can pay to do homework.  

To check this, you can run PCI scans on the server. It will help you validate whether or not your platform is PCI compliant or not. Also, ensure that you are running the latest version of every software. Whenever there is a new update available, you need to install it right away.   

Implement the SSL certificates

For secure online transactions, the only de facto standard is the SSL, says Jame, an IT head with TAE. With the SSL certificate, there is authentication on the user identity. It encrypts the data in transit and in the store. SSL is vital to ensure secure connectivity between the e-commerce website and the end-user.

For those buyers who are more tech-savvy, the HTTPs and the padlock icons present in the address bar are a prerequisite for entering the credit card information and personal details. Only when the consumer is assured that the vendor is doing everything to protect the interests of the vendors will they want to do business with them.  

Opt For Two-Factor Authentication

One of the most common web safety breaches that are seen on online platforms is compromised or stolen user credentials. There are more than a few phishing ways that cybercriminals use to guess or steal valid user credentials and compromise the safety and the security of an online platform.

It is where there is a strict need for a user authentication mechanism. This is the foundational aspect of securing the online store from various hacking attempts. 

A lot of e-commerce platforms incorporate dual-factor authentication as a measure to add another layer of security. It is a key security process by which the user has to provide two types of identification.

“The first one is the classic combination of the username and password and the second one is an auto-generated code sent to the user’s verified phone number.” 

Two-factor authentication is necessary because even though the cybercriminals can hack or steal the password, they can never steal the code as it expires after a stipulated time, says Mathew, who offers do my paper online services

Employ a VPN or Virtual Private Network

As an online business, you are dealing with a lot of customer-centric information. You have their personal details, and there are financial transactions involved.

Thus, you have to be very careful on public networks. When the data is transferred over a public network, it is usually susceptible to interception by malicious users. In this case, a VPN service comes handy. With a VPN, you get an encrypted connection to some secure offsite service.

Hence, this prevents a third-party from getting between the server and you.  Diana, who offers the online fashion designing course with certificate, says that as the traditional VPN service is relatively costly, she uses the SSL-based VPN, which has more reasonable pricing. You can also opt for OpenVPN. It presents to you an open-source and a community-based edition, which is free for you.  

Educate Your Employees and Customers

Everyone who interacts with your website needs to be educated on the policies and the laws, which negatively affect the customer data. Thus, you have to inform your clients and your employees about the prevalent safety practices. Make them aware of the steps you are taking to protect the customers’ credit card information.

You can also educate them on a few things that they can do to keep all the financial information safe. Briefly highlight the best practices of data security followed by the organization, and aware them of the sensitive information they should not disclose via chat, text, or email.  

Simultaneously, the employees must also be made aware of the actions needed to keep all the data safe. Instruct them on the mandated security policies and protocols to keep the business protected from all potential legalities. 

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9 Business Applications for Seamless Internal Communications




As a business, there is a need to use a few mobile applications that facilitate better internal communication. These not only help keep everyone in loop but also ensure a free flow of communication between all the members of the team.

“Seriously, nobody wants to be yelling from one office to the other or run emails back and forth. It is just not worth it. So, what should you do?” 

Here, we have come up with nine of the best mobile applications that can help businesses. Of course, you can download any one or combination from the list, but it would not hurt to try all of them at least once because we have tried them, and they are the best we have tried. 


Hipchat is our most recommended mobile application. Hipchat offers you more than just standard one-to-one messaging. It allows you to make rooms around the operational teams and seamlessly bring together everyone for smooth ad-hoc communication.

We use Hipchat because of its API, which will enable one to build amazing things and effortlessly automate the tasks, says Jerry, who offers the fashion designing course with certificates online.

You can also have a bot integrated into the app. It will let you set GIFs in an instant. It is a must-have application for every startup, which takes their GIFs seriously. 

Microsoft Lync

If you are looking for a platform that lets you have genuinely unified communications, then Microsoft Lync can be your go-to platform.

The app has indeed made it possible for users to send instant messages, make phone calls or video calls, and collaborate in a single space. If you seek an application that can elevate your firm’s productivity, this is a great pick. 


Slack is an incredible application and something that all businesses will love. The good thing about Slack is that it is straightforward to learn and incredibly effortless to integrate.

All the uploads and the links show up inline, and the conversations are easily searchable for future reference, says Diana, who works with a platform where you can pay to do homework online.

“One of the coolest things that you will love about Slack is that you can create a Google hangout from within the chat room. It is indeed a nice and useful feature.” 


It is one of the best and the most powerful applications for smooth internal team communication. It has video chat and group chat features. Further, the application has a cloud service.

Document management, sending emails, and calendar planning are also effortless with the application. The application is also famous for its human resource capabilities and the CRM system. One of the app’s coolest features is that you can pick and select the parts to use. 


Daisy, who works with TAE, says that we regularly use Campfire at our office, and it is an incredible application for seamless business correspondence. It is ideal to have password-protected group chats, as it is network agnostic.

So, your team members can use the application, regardless of the chat network they are on. The campfire has an excellent suite of add-on tools and extras. Most of the features that you get with the application are free.

It is easy for businesses to customize what they get out of the app for better customer service, design, and development. 


Redbooth is an application where you can track different tasks. The app comes with great built-in software for seamless chatting. It allows free communication flow and makes it easy for you to assign the tasks all on the same window.

Moreover, it is easy for the team members to keep the entire chat business-oriented with the app. As a result, the productivity of the business improves. 


Of course, you can use the Google Docs and Skype for correspondence, but at the same time, it is vital to involve discussions in every project or task. For this, an application like Wrike will come handy.

It is an important project and task management application. On the application, you can quickly @ the team message through the activity stream and the tasks. With Wrike, you can message internally without losing in the context of the conversation.  


At EduworldUSA that offers do my paper online service; we use Basecamp every day to bridge the gap between the clientele and the team members and for accessible team communication at internal levels.

With Basecamp, it is easier for the people in different levels of the hierarchy to share files and stay in the loop on the client information and the ongoing projects. The application is effortless to use. It is the perfect go-to application for team communication and running.

Another excellent application for seamless internal communication is It has a free-flowing integration with GitHub and the other services, which allow you to input context and the data of the transmission that is going on. 

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Are You Prepared for the Tech Professions of Tomorrow?




As the technology landscape continues to evolve, bringing along new innovations and opportunities, the careers available in the industry transform with it.

“The introduction of things like Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence, and Blockchain have created dozens of new job titles for people who have an eye for all-things technical. ” 

For highly developed countries that have access to some of the world’s latest tech innovations, the future looks bright. However, if you want to take advantage of one of the most lucrative industries in the world, then you’ll need to start by getting properly prepared. 

Expanding Your Tech Education

The first step in making sure that you’re ready for IT’s future careers is to get an education in the right areas. Start by thinking about which disruptive environment you’re most interested in.

For instance, if you like the idea of working with augmented reality, then you might explore mixed reality courses and look into app creation when working on your technology degree.

These days, with the right idea and a private student loan in order to invest in your future, you can get an excellent education in everything from web development to machine learning. Usually, the best option will be to start with a broad topic, like computing or development, and branch off with specialization subjects later on. This will ensure that you can always add to your portfolio in the future. 

Stay on the Cutting Edge

With the right education to reinforce your resume, you’re well on your way to mastering the next generation of tech careers. However, it’s also worth making sure that you’re always up-to-date with what’s happening in your landscape.

Keep a close eye on things like industry publications, podcasts, and news reports, so you know where the biggest developments are coming from. If possible, it might be worth signing up for trade publications and newsletters, so you can learn more about your niche on a regular basis.

You could even join groups on social media and read up on curated content that other members share. The truly dedicated will also take the time to visit events and conferences that occur throughout the year. 

Always Be Ready Network

Although what you know will always be important in the technology industry, it’s important not to underestimate the value of who you know too.

Remember, the connections you make online and in-person could be the key to opening the door to new career opportunities in the future. Groups on LinkedIn will ensure that you’re always aware of the latest trends in your industry.

Communicating with people in-person will also help you to develop some of the most crucial soft skills that IT pros need to thrive in the future too. Remember to develop as many friendships as you can on the road to success – they’ll pay off in the long-term. 

Stay Ahead of the Curve

Technology is in a state of constant flux, with new opportunities and ideas emerging all of the time. It’d be impossible to predict everything that might come in the years ahead. But if you can stay on the cutting edge, and update your education as you go, then you could be first in line for some of the most disruptive new careers the world has ever seen.

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