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British Airways adds flights to holiday destinations



British Airways made this announcement:

Following the announcement that Britons are likely to be able to get a summer holiday this year after all, British Airways has added new services to holiday destinations for June and July onwards, saying the new services are in response to overwhelming interest from its customers.

The 26 additional weekly frequencies will include destinations across Greece, the Canary Islands and Turkey to popular holiday hot spots including Corfu, Kos, Paphos, Rhodes, Lanzarote, Tenerife and Bodrum.

Photo: Rhodes, Greece. British Airways.

The newly established flights to Greece and the Canary Islands will be available to book from Tuesday, May 11, 2021 for travel between June 21, 2021 and September 5, 2021 over the peak summer period. Bodrum in Turkey will also be available to fly to from July 18, 2021.

British Airways is currently flying to 27 short-haul destinations, including 112 holiday hotspots for the peak of the summer period.

Additional Summer 2021 Frequencies added:

  • Heathrow – Lanzarote (ACE) +1pw, frequency growth from 5pw to 6pw
  • Heathrow – Bodrum (BJV) +2pw, frequency growth from 1pw to 3pw
  • Heathrow – Corfu (CFU) +3pw, frequency growth from 14pw to 17pw
  • Heathrow – Chania (CHQ) +3pw, frequency growth from 6pw to 9pw
  • Heathrow – Kefalonia (EFL) +2pw, frequency growth from 3pw to 5pw
  • Heathrow – Heraklion (HER) +1pw, frequency growth from 9pw to 10pw
  • Heathrow – Kos (KGS) + 2pw, frequency growth from 4pw to 6pw
  • Heathrow – Kalamata (KLX) +2pw, frequency growth from 3pw to 5pw
  • Heathrow – Paphos (PFO) +1pw, frequency growth from 7pw to 8pw
  • Heathrow – Preveza (PVK) +2pw, frequency growth from 4pw to 6pw
  • Heathrow – Rhodes (RHO) +2pw, frequency growth from 5pw to 7pw
  • Heathrow – Thessaloniki (SKG) +3pw, frequency growth from 9pw to 12pw
  • Heathrow – Tenerife (TFS) + 2pw, frequency growth from 13pw to 15pw

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Ryanair expands in Finland



Ryanair on June 23 announced its expansion in Finland which sees its return to Helsinki where it will operate 29 departing flights per week across eight destinations to a host of international hotspots including London, Paris, Brussels and many more this winter.

Ryanair also adds one new route to London Stansted from Tampere, operating 2 flights per week. Already operating from Lappeenranta, the launch of these nine new routes demonstrates Ryanair’s commitment to the happiest country in the world and will play a key role in the recovery of jobs and the local economy.



London Stansted 7
Milan Bergamo 4
Riga 4
Warsaw Modlin 4
Brussels Charleroi 3
Kaunas 3
Paris Beauvais 2
Poznan 2
Tampere London Stansted 2

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Six predictions for USAF’s sixth generation fighter jet – experts at Raytheon explain



Prototypes of the US Air Force’s sixth generation fighter jet, which is meant to be deployed in 2030, have already flown in secret.

Forming the centre piece of the service’s Next Generation Air Dominance (NGAD) programme, the fighter sometimes referred to as F-X, will replace the F-22 Raptor. Read all our articles on NGAD here.

Now technologists and engineers at Raytheon Intelligence & Space (RI&S) are working on the very same kinds of systems they believe will bring the kind of technical superiority USAF wants its new plane to deliver.

They are designing systems, including sensors, communications, electronic warfare, that will one day provide the technical superiority that a sixth generation fighter is meant to give.

Raytheon’s experts have six predictions for these advanced aircraft.

One system for everything

Sixth generation fighters could have a piece of gear that does multiple jobs, replacing different systems typically seen on today’s aircraft. This hardware would include adaptable software that changes between tasks in mere nanoseconds.

“You no longer have a radar, no longer have electronic warfare, no longer have a radio,” said Jason Clark, director for Advanced Mission Systems at RI&S. “Instead, you have multifunction hardware that does it all and can be repurposed very quickly – switching between functions so quickly it seems instantaneous.”

Northrop Grumman concept for a sixth generation fighter

Flying data centres

The computer processing power for sixth generation fighters will reach staggering levels, taking the sophisticated mission computers aboard today’s aircraft and essentially turning the planes into flying data centres.

“Next generation multifunction systems will produce orders of magnitude more data than previous systems,” said Tomek Rys, business development director for communications & airspace management systems at RI&S. “On-board compute clusters composed of high-performance, ruggedised processors will effectively put a data centre in the sky. These systems will leverage artificial intelligence to turn data into information in real time. The result will be faster decision making.”

Related: US Air Force reveals first look at its new fighter jet

AI will be the wingman of the future

Pilots for sixth generation fighters could have help from nearby planes flown autonomously through a concept known as manned-unmanned teaming (MUM-T) or ‘loyal wingman’ drones.

“We’re realising underlying artificial intelligence and machine learning can support the idea of a manned aircraft commanding an unmanned team,” Clark said. “Today, a flight lead can command four or eight other manned aircraft and expect them to go out and complete the mission on their own. Autonomous behaviours could allow for similar mission-level tasking for aircraft that are not necessarily controlled by a human.”

Future fighters will land on their own

Future aircraft may use new hardware and software to land autonomously on aircraft carriers. This type of technology is already advancing with the US Navy and Marine Corps.

“We are developing algorithms that can use future encrypted signals to safely guide aircraft to a precise landing zone in all-weather and terrain conditions,” said Marcelo Cavalcanti, director for international business development at RI&S. “The goal is to have aircraft land autonomously, but it can also serve as guidance to the pilot. I see this technology supporting VTOL (vertical takeoff and landing) aircraft, including future urban air mobility vehicles.”

Lockheed Martin concept art for a sixth generation fighter jet

Digital engineering will make costs clear up front

An endeavour as big as building a next generation fighter aircraft is hard to predict. Small glitches and design choices can affect costs and schedules years into the future. A digital thread that connects all data available could help the military predict costs and performance more accurately.

“The next level of digital engineering will be interconnectivity throughout the supply chain,” said Conn Doherty, senior director for future aircraft systems and technology at RI&S. “We’re working with aircraft makers and our suppliers to develop interconnectivity and two-way digital interfaces. This will dramatically reduce our turnaround times and reduce errors through automation, resulting in better solutions. Connecting in cost models will give us a more precise and accurate understanding of production, operations and maintenance costs for decades to come.”

Sensors will be swappable

Sensors on aircraft today use common interfaces that allow them to talk to computers on aircraft. This standardisation makes sense, considering the range of different and new hardware that may need to be plugged in one day.

“It’s almost plug-and-play for sensors,” said Jennifer Benson, chief engineer for advanced electro optical at RI&S. “Do I pick an electro-optical sensor to do a job? Or do I pick an infrared sensor? Future sensors may be modular enough to swap right on the flight line. We are designing today for that level of commonality and modularity in our sensors.”


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Air France tests IATA travel pass app on its flights between Montreal-Trudeau and Paris



Biron Health Group issued this statement:

First pilot program digitizing negative COVID-19 test results for travellers in Quebec

MontrealJune 23, 2021 /CNW Telbec/ – By adding Montreal-Paris to its flights trialing the IATA Travel Pass app, Air France becomes the first airline to introduce a pilot program for outbound flights at the Montréal-Trudeau airport digitizing negative COVID-19 test results. It is carrying out the program jointly with the Biron Health Group.

The pilot program will focus strictly on outbound Air France flights from Montréal-Trudeau to Paris-Charles de Gaulle, as of June 24 until July 15, 2021. Its purpose is to test the International Air Transport Association’s IATA Travel Pass mobile application which will enable travelers to:

  • Check up on the latest COVID-19 related entry requirements for their country of destination
  • Have the results of their COVID-19 test performed at partner laboratories sent directly into the app
  • Securely store these documents in the app so they can demonstrate to airlines and authorities that they meet the relevant entry requirements, without having to divulge further information about their personal health

This trial is free of charge for customers and offered on a voluntary basis. It is open to customers travelling on Air France-operated flights with Paris as a final destination.

Testing will be carried out at the Biron Health Group’s onsite facilities at the Montréal-Trudeau International Airport. Eligible passengers will receive a notification a few days before departing for Paris. Testing is possible on the day of departure for travellers ages 11 and up who have not been vaccinated or have only received their first dose, as they are required to present proof of a negative PCR or antigen test result issued within 72 hours of their departure to enter France.

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Ethiopian starts operating flights with fully-vaccinated crew



Ethiopian Airlines Group, Africa’s largest carrier, has started operating flights with fully vaccinated crew against COVID-19 to keep travelers safe in light of the pandemic.

Ethiopian has been rigorously implementing COVID-19 precautionary measures including the launch of its own testing and isolation center and digitization of its operation among others. It has been at the forefront in the fight against the pandemic carrying essential medical supplies and vaccines across the globe as well as repatriating stranded people back to their home.

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