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‘Blair Witch VR’ Releases on Oculus Rift Today, Coming to PSVR This Summer


‘Blair Witch VR’ Releases on Oculus Rift Today, Coming to PSVR This Summer

Bloober Team and Lionsgate today announced that it’s launching a special Oculus Rift edition of its Blair Witch VR port, which released exclusively on Quest last year. The Rift version is coming to the Oculus Store today with a few new features that make better use of the PC’s increased compute power.

Called Blair Witch: Oculus Rift Edition, the phycological horror game comes to Rift with a few enhancements. The studios says it includes better models, improved lighting, further draw distance, a backpack, and improved AI for your trusty canine companion, Bullet.

There’s no word on when a SteamVR version is set to launch, although considering Oculus has discontinued the Rift product line, we’re hoping to hear more about it soon. Whether it comes as a free update to the PC game on Steam or launches as its own standalone title remains to be seen. We’ve reached out to Bloober for comment and will update this piece when we have word back.

The studio has said however that a PSVR version is coming “later this summer.”

We generally liked the Oculus Quest edition of the game. In our full review, we gave it a ‘Good’ rating of [6.5/10] on our linear scale for its impressive psychological thrills. It was rough around the edges at the time though, and definitely had some momentary jankiness and lower graphical fidelity that broke immersion. If the new trailer is any indication, it seems the studio has ironed out more than a few of those bits.

In the meantime, you’ll find it on the Oculus Store for Rift for $30 starting today at 10:00 AM ET (local time here).

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