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Bitcoin in Your 401K: Coinbase and ForUsAll Offer New Retirement Option

Coinbase and a startup just opened the door to employees putting 401K retirement funds—which consist of trillions of dollars—into crypto.



In brief

  • 401K participants will be able to allocate up to 5% of their retirement funds to crypto.
  • Coinbase Institutional is providing the back-end of the investment platform.

Crypto is entering the financial mainstream, but you still can’t find it in the US employee retirement funds known as 401K plans. The plans are a workplace benefit used by tens of millions of Americans and help workers invest in stocks and bonds—but not Bitcoin.

That’s beginning to change, however, as 401K provider ForUsAll announced on Monday it will let employees add crypto to their portfolios. The offering, which ForUsAll says is the first of its kind, includes Bitcoin and more than 50 other digital tokens, including more exotic ones from the world of decentralized finance (DeFi) such as Algorand and Uniswap.

The crypto assets purchased by employees will be secured and managed by Coinbase Institutional.

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In an interview with Decrypt, ForUsAll CEO Jeff Schulte says his firm provides the 401K plan for around 70,000 employees across hundreds of companies. Those include medium size firms as well as mom-and-pop operations with under 10 workers.

If the offering proves popular, it’s likely other 401K providers in the U.S.—which include industry giants like Fidelity and Schwab as well as startups like ForUsAll—will follow suit. The ForUsAll offering also reflects how professional crypto products are beginning to become available to a broader segment of Americans.

“When we created our institutional platform our initial focus was making cryptocurrency accessible to institutional investors and high net worth individuals. The next evolution is to broaden our reach, “said Brett Tejpaul, head of Institutional Coverage at Coinbase, in a statement.

As shown below, the ForUsAll website lets plan participants toggle between screens that offer assets like stocks and real estate, as well as the new crypto offering:

Notably, the offering includes a major guardrail: participating employees can’t allocate more than 5% of their retirement funds into crypto. Schulte says this is not a regulatory requirement but instead reflects ForUsAll’s advice concerning investments for retirement—advice that recommends allocating the majority of funds to stocks and bonds, and smaller portions to more exotic investments.

Schulte adds that, if an employee’s portfolio exceeds 5% crypto as a result of market conditions, they will receive a notification suggesting they rebalance, but will not be obliged by the plan to do so. And significantly, those who do sell to rebalance their portfolio will not incur a tax liability provided they keep their money within the 401K plan.

As for fees, employees who elect to buy crypto will pay a 0.5% charge at time of purchase as well as an annual fee of under 1%.

More broadly, the new 401K crypto offering reflects a recent trend that has seen investors of all stripes seeking out higher yields in the form of so-called “alt-investments.” These include crypto but also shares in things like art private companies, which were once available only to very wealthy investors but have since become more accessible thanks in part to new tech-driven financial platforms.

The announcement from ForUsAll and Coinbase also has implications for the larger crypto market. If other 401K providers—which collectively oversee trillions of dollars in assets—come to offer similar products, it could dramatically expand the amount of investment money pouring into crypto and likely drive up prices.

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Yearn Finance (YFI) and Synthetix (SNX) Technical Analysis: What to Expect?

Synthetix and Yearn Finance are sinking. If $7 falls, SNX/USDT may halve to $4—or worse. Meanwhile, YFI/USDT is on the cusp of falling further to $26k.



Table of Contents

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Synthetix and Yearn Finance are sinking. If $7 falls, SNX/USDT may halve to $4—or worse. Meanwhile, YFI/USDT is on the cusp of falling further to $26k.

Yearn Finance (YFI)

The automated aggregator allows DeFi investors to draw maximum yields from various protocols. YFI is central to the platform.

Past Performance of YFI

The YFI/USDT is still under the shadow of sellers who dominated in the second half of May 2021.

Bears are in control, and liquidation across the board may flatten out attempts to revive bulls.

Presently, YFI is down nine percent against the USD and ETH on the last trading day.

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Day-Ahead and what to Expect

The path of least resistance is southwards.

Although Ethereum’s fundamentals might rejuvenate YFI/USDT price action, candlestick arrangement, and BTC weakness combine to deflate optimistic bulls.

YFI bear bars are banding along with the lower BB, signaling selling pressure below $40k and the middle BB.

YFI/USDT Technical Analysis

YFI Price Daily Chart for June 22

Losses of June 21 were perpendicular, pointing to sellers’ convictions.

Accordingly, every high may present a selling opportunity for YFI/USDT bears, targeting $26k or May 2021 lows.

Unexpected gains from spot levels, preferably with high trading volumes, reversing June 21 losses may trigger a revival with targets at $40k for YFI.

Conversely, further dumps firmly place YFI/USDT price action to sellers.

Synthetix (SNX)

The decentralized derivatives trading DeFi protocol uses SNX as its token. In addition, the platform plans to adopt Optimism as its Layer-2 scaling option.

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Past Performance of SNX

SNX sellers have reversed over 80 percent of gains made during the steep increase from November 2020 to 2021 peaks of February 2021.

Losses may continue considering the state of price action, favoring sellers.

SNX is down double-digits as of writing, falling 11 percent against the USD on the last trading day.

Meanwhile, trading volumes rose to $78 million, suggesting possible offloading.

Day-Ahead and what to Expect

SNX sellers, based on price action in the daily chart, are motoring ahead.

At spot rates, dips below $7 confirming June 21 draw-down may see another dump down towards $4—visible reaction points of November and December 2021.

SNX/USDT Technical Analysis

SNX Price Daily Chart for June 22

Confirmation of SNX/USDT bear bar of June 21 below $7 could cement sellers’ conviction.

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In that case, SNX prices may halve to $4.

Conversely, suppose prices find support at spot rates, reversing June 21 losses despite the intense selling pressure. In that case, SNX could lift off above $8 to $14 in the medium term.

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Dollar Remains Steady as Cryptocurrencies Continue to Decline

The dollar recorded a slight dip, while cryptocurrencies continued their downward slide as traders anticipated more hints from Fed chair Jerome Powell.



Table of Contents

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The dollar recorded a slight dip and remained largely stable, while cryptocurrencies continued their downward slide as traders anticipated more hints from Fed chair Jerome Powell. Last week, investors across the world were left scrambling after a change in the central bank’s outlook for interest rate hikes.

Dollar Continues Its Steady Run As Cryptocurrencies Stumble After Fed Announcement

The greenback rose sharply in value after the Federal Reserve announced sooner-than-expected twin rate hikes in 2023. However, on Monday, it returned some of those gains when it lost 0.4% against Euro and 0.5% against Yen. 

On Friday, the index which tracks the dollar against six major currencies also fell by 0.2% to reach 92.074 from a peak of 92.405, a level that was last observed on April 13.

According to Imre Speizer, a currency analyst at Westpac, the drop in the greenback could be a temporary repositioning, before the currency is once again headed to the top. He said, “We’ve had a bit of a positioning cleanout – the whole world was mega short the U.S. dollar, and that’s in good part probably been cleaned out already – and now we take a wee breath before the next move up.”

Bitcoin and Ether Record Double-Digit Losses

Meanwhile, cryptocurrencies continued their downward trajectory as Fed expressed concerns over inflation. This development coupled with ominous reports from China relating to crypto mining caused the flagship digital asset to drop by 11%. 

Bitcoin’s rival Ether also fell by 15% and recorded its highest sell-off in a month. While both the digital currencies maintained prices above their May lows, the overall sentiment around them was sluggish.

Many experts were upbeat about a Bitcoin comeback earlier this month when the currency briefly soared above $40,000 — a level considered vital for the asset to stabilize. But BTC prices soon found themselves in the red and the currency has been on a downward trend since June 15.

The Fed announcement had taken both stock and crypto markets by surprise and triggered a wide sell-off that impacted even traditional assets like gold.

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Chainlink (LINK) and AAVE Technical Analysis: What to Expect?

AAVE and Chainlink prices are bleeding. By taking the lead from the June 21 bear bar, AAVE/USDT and LINK/USDT risk crashing to $150 and $10, respectively.



Table of Contents

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AAVE and Chainlink prices are bleeding as sellers double down. By taking the lead from the June 21 bear bar, AAVE/USDT and LINK/USDT risk crashing to $150 and $10, respectively.

Chainlink (LINK)

LINK is the token behind the world’s most adopted oracle service provider in crypto.

Past Performance of LINK

The crypto market brutality continues, and LINK is no exception.

June 21 bear candlestick defines price action this week.

As we advance, how prices react at spot levels would either see LINK/USDT dump or reverse sharp losses.

Presently, LINK is down 30 percent week-to-date and losing roughly six percent on the last trading day alone.

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Day-Ahead and what to Expect

Reading from the daily chart, the middle BB is the primary liquidation line.

LINK/USDT prices are down below $20 as sellers double down, unwinding gains of May 24—canceling bullish prospects.

Confirmation of June 21 losses would see LINK chart in a new trajectory, placing sellers firmly in the driving seat.

LINK/USDT Technical Analysis

LINK Price Daily Chart for June 22

LINK prices are trending below the middle BB as bears press lower.

There might have been gains on the tail end of June 21. Still, confirmation of yesterday’s bar is enough to shock the market, forcing more sellers into action.

In that case, LINK/USDT prices may dump to the Q1 2021 lows of around $10.


The CertiK-certified borrowing and lending DeFi protocol uses AAVE as its primary token.

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Past Performance of AAVE

From the daily chart, AAVE is under immense pressure, trading within a bear breakout pattern. The immediate resistance and buy trigger line lie at $300.

At the time of writing, AAVE is down 12 percent against the USD.

Day-Ahead and what to Expect

In a bear breakout pattern, AAVE/USDT is free-falling.

Sellers are stepping up as fear grips the market.

Notably, AAVE bear bars—like June 21, for example—are banding along the lower BB. It, therefore, means the underlying sell momentum is stronger.

As such, every pullback could present a selling opportunity for aggressive traders.

AAVE/USDT Technical Analysis

AAVE Price Daily Chart for June 22

AAVE is free-falling in a sell breakout pattern to confirm the double-bar bear pattern of May 18 and 19.

Following June 21 high-volume sell bar, traders may unload on pullback targeting $150 in the immediate term.

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Sharp gains unwinding June 21 losses may shift fortunes in favor of bulls. However, risk-averse traders should wait for conclusive gains above $300.


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Canadian Securities Regulator Takes Aim at Bybit Crypto Exchange

The Ontario Securities Commission (OSC) published a Statement of Allegations against Bybit for failing to comply with the Ontario securities law.



Table of Contents

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The Ontario Securities Commission (OSC) published a Statement of Allegations against Bybit Fintech Limited (Bybit), a company incorporated in the British Virgin Islands for failing to comply with the Ontario securities law.

OSC Publishes a Statement of Allegations Against Bybit

Futures trading platform, Bybit was accused of operating an unregistered cryptocurrency trading platform in Ontario, according to a Statement of Allegations by the Ontario Securities Commission.

Bybit Fintech Ltd. is a company incorporated in the British Virgin Islands which operates a cryptocurrency platform.

On June 21, the Canadian securities regulator began proceedings against Bybit Fintech Limited for operating an unregistered crypto asset trading platform and encouraging Canadians to use the platform, and trade crypto asset products that are securities and derivatives.

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Earlier this month, the regulator took similar enforcement action against another exchange, KuCoin, and also Poloniex during last month.

Both actions come after the OSC issued a notification on March 29 warning crypto-asset trading platforms that offer to trade in derivatives or securities in Ontario that they must contact OSC into compliance by April 19 or face potential regulatory action with the Ontario securities law.

Bybit Failed to Contact the OSC for Compliance

The commission alleges that Bybit failed to contact the OSC despite the public statement to begin compliance talks with regulators and has now added the platform to its investor warning list and set a hearing date of July 15.

At that hearing, the commission will consider Bybit to cease securities trading and be prohibited from acquiring securities “permanently or for such period as is specified by the Commission.”

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This includes an administrative penalty of up to $1 million for breaching Ontario securities law and cover the costs of the commission’s investigation.

Alongside these enforcements, the commission has added 12 crypto trading platforms to its investor alert list since September.

The OSC took similar action in recent months against Polo Digital Assets, Ltd., operating as Poloniex, and Mek Global Limited, and PhoenixFin Pte Ltd., which are associated with KuCoin.

#Bybit #Canadian securities regulator #Crypto Exchange #Ontario Securities Commission #OSC

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