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Best VALORANT agents to use on Fracture

Fracture is VALORANT’s newest map and offers a unique experience. It features an H-shaped layout where the defenders spawn in the center, which is a stark difference from other maps in rotation. Attackers can also push both sites from two directions by default, requiring defenders to always prepare for a push from two directions. 

The new layout might mean your favorite agent isn’t the best choice on Fracture or you need to adjust your playstyle. The good news is most agents can at least hold their own on Fracture, although some are better choices.

Here are the best agents to use on Fracture to get you started. 


Best VALORANT agents to use on Fracture
Image via Riot Games

Sova is one of the best initiators in VALORANT who can gather significant intel for his team and deal damage when necessary. But using him effectively requires players to learn line-ups for his abilities, allowing them to fire his abilities from a safe distance and gather vital intel before pushing into an area. 

Fracture, for the most part, has an open skybox that’s perfect for Sova players. They can launch an arrow into a site to gather information on the enemy team or deliver damage to tagged players. This is also effective for post plants since Sova can protect the Spike with his abilities. 

His Recon Drone can also be sent into the narrow passages around the map to hunt for hiding enemies and help his team control the map. Sova’s ultimate ability is deadly in the right hands and is just as good on Fracture. 

If you’re a Sova main, you should feel right at home on Fracture. If you keep running into issues with your preferred agent on Fracture, it might be time to give Sova a try. 


Best VALORANT agents to use on Fracture
Image via Riot Games

Killjoy is an excellent sentinel who can cover multiple entrances with ease. This makes her an ideal choice on Fracture, especially on defense. Killjoy’s turret can alert you to enemy movement and deal a small amount of damage, softening the enemy before they push into a site. 

Her alarm bot can also cover an entrance while you watch the other, giving you time to retreat or reposition before a team pinches. Fracture’s layout makes it easy for enemies to rotate around the map, but Killjoy’s abilities are excellent for covering the flank. 

The Lockdown ultimate ability is a great way to push enemies out of an area and buy time for your team. This is just as effective on Fracture and can help protect a site from all directions simultaneously.

Just remember that a full push can overwhelm a single player, even Killjoy. Work together with your team to protect sites and avoid relying solely on your abilities to save the day. 


Best VALORANT agents to use on Fracture
Screengrab via Riot Games

Jett is the best duelist in VALORANT and is just as good on Fracture. This agent can take advantage of the short distance between spawns and sites, closing the gap and almost immediately engaging on the enemy team. 

Mobility is important on any map and Jett is one of the best agents for moving quickly. She can dash into action and entry for her team and cover their advancement with smokes. She can also reach higher areas with her Updraft ability, providing another way to escape danger. 

On defense, Jett can engage an enemy at one entrance and quickly escape danger or rotate to another entry as needed. She can isolate enemies with ease, making it easy to deal with multiple players simultaneously. 

If used correctly, Jett’s ultimate ability can also eliminate an entire team, making her an unstoppable killing machine. Even her recent nerfs did little at lowering her effectiveness. Jett’s ability kit alone is enough to justify her selection on Fracture. She’s easily one of the best agents in VALORANT and can dominate in any situation. 


Best VALORANT agents to use on Fracture
Image via Riot Games

Every team needs a good controller and Astra is one of the best options around. This agent can use her stars to shape the tempo of a round and create the perfect situation for her team. 

Astra can smoke entrances to impede an enemy push or provide cover for her team. She can use this to prevent enemies from pushing in simultaneously or at the very least make it harder for them. She can also stun enemies with her Nova Pulse, making them easy targets.

Another excellent way to cover entries is with the Gravity Well. This is perfect for defense and offense since it can pull enemies out of hiding and into an open area. 

The multiple possibilities for Astra’s kit are what make her one of the best controllers in VALORANT. The only downside is her Astral Form, which leaves her vulnerable while she places stars around the map. But finding a cozy hiding spot while your teammates cover you should negate this issue. 

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