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Best Tips To Bet In Sporting Events In 2021




Now that the year has almost ended its first quarter, it is also the time for events to come up soon. There are special sporting events that are yet to happen in 2021 that may be drawing a lot of attention. 

The national and international events are about to start full-throttle. Casinos are also bustling up to let you bet from there. Live sports betting is fascinating, and you may want to bet while watching your favorite gamers on the action. 

Here we discuss the best tips to ensure you bet well. 

Select the Game Wisely 

For the first-timers, betting is exceptionally attractive. You may want to bet, and it may be too exciting. But this is where you need to know your strengths and weaknesses. If you are sure of earning big in the league football or simply a specific tournament like Wimbledon, go for it. People often select many games or contests without prior experience. They will lose a lot of money if they assume that they have a fair understanding of the game. Narrow down your choices to a minor point. 

Set aside a Maximum Bet 

Self-restriction or limitation will be a wise move. You will need to be cautious about the money you want to invest. If you do not set a maximum limit, you will overspend and even go losing more than you can afford. Many people claim that before they realize they spend a lot. If you have bills to pay, make sure to do that first. Do not ignore any emergency expenses too. Many people might even consider taking a loan, which is a risk you should not take if you do not have any extra income source. 

Keep Emotions Under Control 

People make the mistake of going for teams because of the emotional aspect attached to it. They may be die-hard supporters. But they may not realize that their opponent team is stronger with time, or this year’s new team has real game-changers too. This kind of awareness should direct you to bet wisely. You should keep your emotions aside and listen to the gut instincts more. Do not blindly support your team and accept the real talent while betting. 

Remain Stress-Free 

You may not have an understanding of the bets and the game overall. You may lose more at the beginning but do not stress yourself the first game you bet in. Check out sites like Netbet, where you can come across the latest events and markets. The site offers the best odds, so you will be able to take a more significant share of the winnings aside from the house edge. If you take stress, you will not enjoy betting for a long time. People who worry about the results or bet their life’s savings will never be able to enjoy the game. You will find that the entire game is by itself quite enjoyable. So, relax as you bet. 

List out the Betting 

If you bet across various events or markets, remember to note the wins you make. Even the smallest amount would still contribute to the winning. So take a note and make a list. It will help you while opting for cashback. It helps in keeping track of the banking or cash out that the sites will do to you. 

What has changed in 2021 is the way you will bet and the caution you should exercise now. This year, we have realized the significance of saving money and managing it too. So, make sure to bet with care and from reliable sites only at all times.

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Position 5 Faceless Void is making waves in North American Dota 2 pubs after patch 7.29




Dota 2 Siddharth “Gopya” Gopujkar

Faceless Void is typically played as the carry and has been seen in the offlane role too. But patch 7.29 has made him a candidate for the position 5 support.

Image: JimESC

Over the years, Dota 2 has seen some insane exchanges in roles. Support Invoker, core Io, support Gyrocopter, support Luna, core Shadow Demon, and the list goes on. Add to that list – support Faceless Void!

If a million guesses had to be made, support Void would be in them because we have only 120 heroes, but it would be one of the last guesses. Dota 2 patch 7.29 has added the potential to turn one of the hardest carries in the game, who terrorized patch 7.27 along with Sven, into a support. The artist to introduce this new concept into Dota 2? The 11k support, Kim “DuBu” Doo-young, who plays for Undying.

What makes Faceless Void a good support in the new evolving meta? Let’s take a look at his changelog from patch Dota 2 patch 7.29.

Position 5 Faceless Void Skill Build

The key skill that makes him viable as a support is Time Dilation. The skill, which lasts for 11 seconds, does 13 DPS per cooldown. So any hero that uses four spells in a team fight and gets hit with Time Dilation will 572 magic damage, besides having their cooldown timers tick 60% slower. And there is also a 10% slow per extended cooldown, which can make heroes with a lot of spells crawl. Think about it – one press of a button in a team fight and enemy heroes are slowed, take damage and have their cooldowns extended. Does not sound bad!

A thought that might occur is that this can be done on a core Void as well. But that isn’t the case, because the support Void maxes out Time Dilation at level 7, something a core Void cannot afford to do. And the effect of the max Time Dilation will be felt early on in the game, when teams do not have a dispel against it. If the skill isn’t maxed out early (like on a position 1 Faceless Void, who maxes it out the last), by the time it gets to level 4, the opposition team is bound to have BKBs, Eul’s Scepters or another dispels. After Time Dilation is maxed out, DuBu gets all points into Time Walk, which gives the hero the ability to get in and out of fights more easily with the low cooldown.

It isn’t just Time Dilation that makes Faceless Void a good support. There is, of course, his signature spell – Chronosphere. Void’s ultimate is one of the best lockdowns in the game and as long as your team has a few heroes that can dish out damage in the Chrono, it is a spell that can have game changing effects, even on a support Faceless Void.

Position 5 Faceless Void Itemization and Talents

DuBu tends to prioritize Meteor Hammer as the first major item on the Faceless Void support. Depending on the game, an Urn of Shadows is also an option, which can later be turned into a Spirit Vessel. The Meteor Hammer is a guaranteed stun after if timed correctly with the end of the Chronosphere. It also gives him the ability to push out waves and cheekily go in and out of vision with Time Walk while pushing towers. After Meteor Hammer, the invent choices are quite open ended depending on what the team needs – Spirit Vessel, Pipe, Solar Crest or any other team fight item that might help.

The ideal support talents for Void are 1-1-1-1. Damage is not to be prioritized and all possible resources should be invested in staying alive and getting off good Time Dilations and Chronospheres. It might sound weird that getting off a good Time Dilation isn’t the easiest thing, but when you are building your hero around it, you can’t just Time Walk in and use it at the start of the fight. It will be completely useless. A support Void will have to wait in the Shadows to see which skills are being used before jumping in and using Time Dilation for it to be put to maximum use. It can be a pretty handy tool against heroes like Queen of Pain and Anti-Mage, when they jump in using their Blinks.

Dota 2 analyst Gustavo “Bowie” Mattos is convinced that the support Void can work and posted a Twitter thread about it.

Undying finished third in the Upper Division of the NA DPC League last season and are quite close to being a tier 1 Dota 2 team. Their first game in season 2 is on the 15th of April against the newly promoted team, The Cut. DuBu has won all four games in his pubs with the support Faceless Void, but it will be interesting to see if he and his team think it is good enough to be experimented with in a professional game.


Do you think Faceless Void can be a good support becuase of the changes in patch 7.29?

Thank you for voting!

Thank you for voting!

Siddharth “Gopya” Gopujkar

A Mechanical Engineer who is as interested in the mechanics of DotA 2 as every machine he studies. Pursuing his Master’s at the Michigan Technological University.

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Code S RO16: Rogue and INno advance to the RO8




Voted by users as the most difficult group in the RO16, Group C saw Rogue defy death and claim first place with a perfect 4-0 score. Rogue utterly dismantled his hand-picked opponent Zoun in his initial series, with the Alpha X Protoss barely able to dent Rogue before getting crushed in the first major battle of each game. Dark hardly did any better, losing one game on account of a failed 12-pool and losing the next game to Rogue’s early Ling-Bane all-in.

Rogue showed his usual humility after his dominating performance, downplaying his chances of winning the tournament at his current skill level. He did offer an interesting caveat, saying he might just be able to win if he was to regain his passion.

INnoVation was the second player to escape the group, despite starting off with a one-sided loss to Dark in his initial series. Zoun put INnoVation on the ropes in the losers match—he proved to be quite justified for previously taunting INnoVation for being unable to dodge Disruptor shots. Still, INnoVation’s overall macro play and army movements proved to be superior, and he put the upstart Protoss down by a 2-1 score.

INnoVation faced another uphill battle against Dark in the losers match, but once again overcame a game one loss to take the series. The final game was an exemplary INnoVation performance—after maxing out at nine minutes, he overran Dark’s Lurkers and Vipers by pure strength of numbers.

The Code S RO16 will conclude on Thursday, Apr 15 9:30am GMT (GMT+00:00) with Group D of the round-of-sixteen, featuring Trap, Armani, sOs, and Zest.

[image loading]

Match Recaps

Initial Match #1: Rogue vs Zoun

Game 1 – Oxide: Zoun opted to skip Stargate and go for the older Glaive-Adept opener. Despite not doing any direct scouting, Rogue sensed what was going on and had defending units in time to ward off any Adept dives. Zoun followed up with Disruptor tech, moving out once he had two Disruptors and Warp Prism speed. Despite Rogue having a huge defensive army, Zoun still attempted an aggressive Adept Shade-dive while dropping his Disruptors. This ended up being a catastrophe for Zoun (his poor micro making things even worse), and he GG’d out after his army was utterly crushed.

Game 2 – Jagannatha: Zoun went for the more common Void Ray-Oracle start this time around, going up to three bases and delayed Glaive-Adept tech. Rogue spread Creep aggressively and kept the threat of Queen-walk all-in in Zoun’s head, but continued to play a macro game while teching up to hive. Meanwhile, Zoun transitioned out of Adepts and looked to build a mid-game army based on Stalkers, Disruptors, and Colossi.

Zoun moved out once he had two Disruptors and two Colossi to support his Gateway troops. While the army looked dangerous at first, it turned out to be rather toothless when Rogue set upon it with mass Roach-Ravager-Hydra-Viper. The Colossi were instantly abducted and killed, while well-placed Blinding Clouds nullified the remaining Stalkers. After crushing Zoun’s army, Rogue reinforced his swarm to easily take the game.

Initial Match #2: INnoVation vs Dark

Game 1 – Deathaura: Dark expanded normally to his natural, but then placed a proxy Hatchery at INnoVation’s third base to go for a cheesy Roach-Ravager all-in. Despite getting caught off guard, INnoVation managed to scramble his SCVs on defense and hold off the initial wave of attackers—albeit at the cost of many SCVs.

However, Dark wasn’t done just yet. He reloaded for another round of attacks, and despite a couple of Tanks being out on the Terran side, he was able to bust through with Corrosive Biles and end the game.

Game 2 – Romanticide: The two players went for a more passive macro build-up in game two, with Dark showing his personal style by relying on Roaches instead of Ling-Bane for mid-game defense. In any case, INnoVation looked to hit a 2/2 timing with Bio-Tank, while Dark teched up to Lurker-Viper behind his Roaches.

INnoVation’s 2/2 attack came well after Dark was done filling his Viper energy, which meant the initial advance of Tanks on Dark’s third base was quickly stopped. INnoVation tried to exploit the immobility of Lurkers and Roaches by loading up for an abrupt drop in the main, but Dark had anticipated such a move and already had spores and Zerglings in place. Dark crushed the drop, giving him a brief window where he had a significant army advantage. Dark tried to exploit this by attacking several of INnoVation’s bases at once, but INnoVation responded well on defense and set himself up securely on five bases.

Despite INnoVation increasing the Tank, Marauder, and Ghost numbers in his army, Dark decided to stay on Roach-Lurker-Viper for a while. His second round of attacks were much more successful in finding the holes in the Terran defensive line, taking a great fight against a mispositioned chunk of INnoVation’s army and sending him reeling. Dark refused to let INnoVation regain his bearings, and continued to send reinforcements swarming in from multiple directions until INnoVation GG’d.

Winners’ Match: Rogue vs Dark

Game 1 – Lightshade: Dark opened up a 12-Pool cheese while Rogue went for a Hatch-first build. Despite being extra-aggressive and building up to twelve Zerglings, Dark was unable to do any significant damage against Rogue’s great Drone defense. This left Dark massively behind in terms of both economy and tech, forcing him to gamble on a quick Spire. A good idea in theory, perhaps, but it wouldn’t work out for Dark—he was overrun by Rogue’s Roaches just as his first Mutalisks popped out.

Game 2 – Oxide: After more ordinary three base starts, both players ratcheted up the Zergling and Baneling production for some early bane skirmishing. Neither player was able to take an advantage, and they eyed each other carefully while looking for a chance to transition.

Dark was the first player to flinch in the game of chicken, returning to Drone production. Meanwhile, Rogue went for continued production of Ling-Bane. Seeing Dark’s army positioned too far forward, Rogue took advantage of the situation by sending his forces down one of Oxide’s paths and straight into Dark’s main (unfortunately for Dark, his defensive Banelings were covering the wrong bases). The situation quickly snowballed out of control for Dark and he GG’d out.

Losers’ Match: INnoVation vs Zoun

Game 1 – Deathaura: INnoVation went for a proxy-Starport Hellion drop, while Zoun planned a slightly later strike by going for 4-Gate Glaive-Adepts. Good reactions from Zoun let him stop the Hellions without losing a single Probe (a follow-up drop killed 3), leaving him to plan his counterattack. While the scouting from the Hellion drop let INnoVation have defenses set up, Zoun decided to just suicide Adepts into INnoVation’s SCV lines to significantly hurt his economy.

While this move put Zoun temporarily ahead, INnoVation was able to use his army advantage to pay Zoun back. As Zoun looked to secure three bases and transition to Stalker tech, INnoVation abused the relative immobility of the Protoss defenders to cause distractions and launch devastating drops into the Probe lines. This ultimately put INnoVation ahead, secure on four bases with a powerful army being rapidly built.

When INnoVation moved out with his ultimate army of Bio and Vikings, Zoun responded by trying to temporarily base-trade with his main army before recalling back to defend. The difference in firepower between the forces meant it didn’t quite work out for Zoun—both players were knocked back down to three base economies, but Zoun lost significantly more Probes.

It seemed like it was curtains for Zoun, but rather improbably, he managed to turn the tide. Partly, it was due to INnoVation overestimating his position and taking some questionable fights. But the real stars of the comeback were Zoun’s Disruptors, which INnoVation proved to be quite poor at dodging (as Zoun had previously remarked). Each scrappy skirmish saw Zoun pull further and further ahead, until he was able to take the fight to INnoVation’s base and end the game.

Game 2 – Romanticide: INnoVation went for another Hellion drop variant, this time adding Armory-Mines for a quick one-two combo. Despite going defensive Phoenixes, Zoun’s control wasn’t up to snuff this time around and he ended up losing 13 Probes to the drops. Yet, somehow, this wasn’t an utter disaster for Zoun. INnoVation’s follow-up drops were largely wasteful, while Zoun’s Phoenixes picked off a decent number of units and SCVs on the other end of the map. Ultimately, the two players ended up building up to a macro game on reasonably even terms, with Zoun looking to exploit INnoVation’s weakness with another Disruptor-centric composition.

Having learned from the previous game, INnoVation avoided head-on attacks and made more mobility-based plays. Zoun’s defensive positioning and multitasking proved to be rather lacking, with his army easily drawn out of place by feints. Seemingly at will, INnoVation was able to find a way to distract Zoun’s army and tear down his fourth base, keeping Zoun stuck on a three-base economy for an extended period of time. While INnoVation continued to be a Purification Nova-magnet when he had to go up against Disruptors, his resource advantage let him eventually bludgeon Zoun to death with bigger armies.

Game 3 – Pillars of Gold: INnoVation went for a full 1/1/1 proxy, and Zoun quickly realized something was awry when he Probe-scouted an empty Terran main. INnoVation showed two Hellions to Zoun’s subsequent Zealot-scout, but his actual plan was to go for a 4-Mine drop with an Armory.

Zoun pulled off a solid defense against the initial drop, minimizing his Probe losses. However, his execution wasn’t quite pristine when the Mine cooldowns cycled one more time, losing more Probes and even an Observer to incidental splash. Meanwhile, INnoVation had floated everything back to his main and seemed to be gearing up for a deadly Raven-Tank-Marine follow-up.

Some good Blink-Stalker harass from Zoun delayed INnoVation’s Combat Shields upgrade, to which INnoVation responded by taking his third base and going for a later attack. The delayed attack proved to be just as deadly, with INnoVation having a significant number of Tanks from near non-stop production. Zoun had managed to squeeze out a few Colossi and Disruptors, which helped him barely fight off the first Terran attack. However, Zoun couldn’t fully stabilize against INnoVation’s signature parade-push, and he GG’d out against the unrelenting waves of Terran reinforcements.

Decider Match: Dark vs INnoVation

Game 1 – Romanticide: INnoVation gambled on a proxy 2-Barracks build that was quickly discovered by Dark’s Overlord. Dark opted to defend with a small Drone-pull, sending out five of them to try and pick off the initial pair of Marines produced. This ended up working rather well for Dark, who lost two Drones but was ultimately left with a far better economy.

INnoVation tried to play a macro game from behind, but it was a hopeless endeavor against a player of Dark’s caliber. Once Dark assembled his Hive-tech army, the game was effectively over—even though INnoVation managed to survive for a surprising long time.

Game 2 – Nautilus: Dark started bottom left, while INnoVation started top left on the four-player map of Nautilus (the third time in a row we got these exact spawns!). After a three-hatch start, Dark looked to go for an early poke with Roaches, which INnoVation managed to scout with his initial Reaper. With this information in hand, INnoVation opted to sneak his initial Hellions around the Roaches for a backdoor attack while conceding some SCV losses to Dark back at home. While the trade seemed to go well for INnoVation at first, Dark squeezed out some extra kills toward the end of the exchange, killing 18 SCVs while losing 14 Drones.

The two players collected themselves and moved on to another macro game. Perhaps fearing the short push distances on Nautilus, Dark delayed his tech to stay on a Roach-Infestor army in the mid-game. This worked well against INnoVation’s initial Marine-Tank push, with Fungals blanketing the Terran army and helping the Roaches wipe it out. However, INnoVation fought back well from this setback, securing more expansions on his side of the map while trying to exploit Dark’s slower army with drops.

Somehow, Dark ended up in an awkward spot where his tech-switch to Lurkers and Vipers was very late (a situational misread, perhaps?), and he was ill-equipped to handle INnoVation’s second major push with maxed-out 3/3 bio and mass Tanks. Dark was forced to concede ground to the Terran force, which marched forward with gusto and tore down several Zerg bases. Dark managed to barely get a few Lurkers and Vipers out on the field when the Terran army started to threaten the core Zerg bases, but his swarm was still outgunned. Not even some great Fungal Growth hits could help Dark’s forces prevail, and he GG’d out.

Game 3 – Pillars of Gold: Both players decided to go for ‘honorable’ macro openers on the final map of the night, with INnoVation going for some Hellion-Banshee harassment but not finding much damage. As in previous games, Dark looked to play a Roach-oriented mid-game while teching up quickly to Hive tech.

As for INnoVation, he opted to punish this Baneling-less play by maxing out at nine minutes and launching a huge Marine-Tank attack. This caught Dark at an awkward moment where his first Lurkers and Vipers had just entered the battlefield, but were still lacking in numbers. INnoVation arranged his troops into a wide arc and attacked into Dark’s fourth base, with his superior positioning allowing him to defeat the Lurkers and Roaches with their impressive firepower. Dark conceded defeat and sent INnoVation on to the playoffs.

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FunPlus Phoenix Set to Face RNG in the 2021 LPL Spring Split Finals!




Petar Vukobrat
| Apr, 13th 2021

The 2021 LPL Spring Split finals are set — FunPlus Phoenix are going to face Royal Never Give Up on April 18! And, needless to say, it’s quite a mind-blowing match-up. It also didn’t come easy as both of these giants had to fight their hearts out in order to reach this oh-so-prestigious point. 

The odds, however, are heavily stacked in FPX’s favor for one simple (albeit crucial) reason: they’ve already beaten RNG less than a week ago. And they didn’t scrape by or struggle much either — it was a clean sweep during which FPX never lost control. 

Now, to be fair to RNG, they looked like a shadow of their former selves. Nothing they went for seemed to work, and FPX simply capitalized on the openings which were presented to them. We know for a fact that RNG are better than they had shown that day, but it’s still hard to shake off the fashion in which it all went down. Had they looked at least a little bit better, had they fought with a bit more fervor, had they shown some modicum of resilience and fortitude, we’d be more inclined to believe in their potential  triumph at the 2021 LPL Spring Finals this month.

But right now, as things stand, it’s nigh impossible to give them our benefit of the doubt. They’re undeniably talented and have some fairly legendary players under their banner, but FPX seem to be on a whole ‘nother level — we’re talking five World Champions, one of which still hasn’t been dethroned (Jang “Nuguri” Ha-gwon, formerly of DWG KIA).

How do you prepare for such a team? A slew of players who are “right at home” in the current meta and are graced with a mind-blowing amount of talent, along with an equal measure of mechanical prowess.

A Most Noticeable Surge

It’s not a secret that the shift to Best of 5s benefited FPX in all the right ways. Then again, maybe this shift in format simply coincided with their growth? A fortuitous series of events, if nothing else. They certainly weren’t this good during the regular portion of the split. They didn’t exactly struggle, but they paled in comparison to some of their peers which, needless to say, came as quite a surprise. Seeing a bolstered FPX in fifth place with eleven wins and five losses to their name isn’t something you’re ever really prepared for, given whom they have competing under their banner. But they grew and developed and have hit their stride at the best possible moment. 

FunPlus Phoenix 2021 Line-up

RNG, on the other hand, are a bit of an enigma right now. They’re obviously mighty dangerous but if they don’t shore up their weaknesses in record time there’s no way they’ll be able to compete on even footing come April 18. Still, FPX would be wise not to underestimate them, despite what happened mere days ago.

We’ve seen time and time again that these teams — the best ones in the world — can correct course overnight and mount a comeback despite community expectations. And, well, RNG definitely fit the bill in terms of talent, depth, and overall potential. 

Either way, we can’t wait to see which team comes out on top at the 2021 LPL Spring Finals!

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NHL’s Montreal Canadiens join esports industry




Esports organization OverActive Media announced that the NHL’s Montreal Canadiens have joined its ownership group. OverActive Media is the organization behind teams such as the Toronto Ultra, Toronto Defiant and MAD Lions.

Alongside this announcement, OverActive Media reported the second closing on its private placement. The aggregate gross proceeds reached over $40 million.

The NHL, OverActive Media and esports

The Montreal Canadiens’ investment in OverActive Media signifies a move into the esports ecosystem. It is also an indication that the Montreal Canadiens wish to play a leadership role in the esports space, according to the press release.

Geoff Molson, the CEO, co-owner and president of the NHL team, said he is thrilled to join the partnership group. He added how he has followed the organization’s progress over the years.

“They are an impressive operation and clearly a leading organization in the global esports industry,” Molson said. “We could not be more excited for our future together.”

Chris Overholt, the president and CEO of OverActive Media, highlighted how partnering with the franchise would help inform the esport organization’s strategy.

“We are beginning to manifest our vision for building a world leading sports and entertainment organization for a new generation of fans,” Overholt said. “We have much to learn from Geoff Molson and his team, and we look forward to a long and successful partnership with the Canadiens and their leadership group.”

Arizona Coyotes, Washington Capitals and Toronto Maple Leafs

OverActive Media also announced that two professional hockey players have joined the organization as athlete owners.

The two players are Phil Kessel from the Arizona Coyotes and Carl Hagelin from the Washington Capitals.

Both Kessel and Hagelin joined alongside Mitch Marner, who plays for the Toronto Maple Leafs. Marner joined OverActive Media’s ownership team back in 2020. The Toronto Maple Leafs player said he livestreamed with Toronto Ultra players in the past as well.

“As a gamer, my investment is an opportunity to join one of the best global esports organizations and to help bridge the gap between hockey fans and esports,” Marner said in the announcement.

He added how he was eager to introduce the Toronto Ultra and Toronto Defiant to the younger generation of traditional sport fans.

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