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Best Moon Lamp Reviews and Buying Guide




Moon Lamps

You need to get a moon lamp if you want to enjoy a moonlit evening, but don’t want to leave your living room’s cosy nook. But you need to get the ideal moon lamp for your home in order to enjoy the ideal moonlight. Not only does the ideal one emit perfect light; it also looks exactly like the moon and has many other characteristics.

It wants to be the same as the moon in texture and appearance. People buy them for the visual beauty concealed in them, not just for the sun. They act as both light and home decor. Here is a list of the best moon lamps to help you pick the best light.

Table of Contents

Best Reviews on Moon Lamps

BRIGHTWORLD 7.1 IN 3D Night Light Moon Lamp

A broad moon lamp with a USB port for charging, rechargeable batteries, and touch control for brightness and warmth is the Brightworld 3D printed 7.1 inch moon lamp.

Features The Features
It provides cool white light that mimics the moonlight experience.

It is made entirely of plant extracts of natural origin. It is also completely eco-friendly.

Based on NASA astronomical data, the crests and troughs on the surface were planned. This, combined with cutting-edge 3D printing technology, helps to view the surface of the moon on the lamp vividly.

By touching the metal button at the bottom, you can adjust the colour of the light. You can switch colours between warm and cool white colours. You need to click the button for a long time to adjust the brightness of the light.

Reasonable for room lighting, bedside lamp, night light, etc.

It can also build an atmosphere that is warm.

It has a rechargeable built-in battery that takes a maximum of 3 hours to fully charge and can deliver power for a minimum of 8 hours. Via the USB port, it can be charged.

In addition, the bottom of the lamp is just 0.7 inches in diameter. The regulation is not influenced by charging.

For friends, children, and family members, it can be a fun gift. A valuable Christmas, birthday, or housewarming gift can also be made.

It looks like the real moon with the light turned on and has a charming and soothing effect. As a reading lamp, you can also use it.

You can also get warm as well as soft yellow lighting, apart from the classic cool white hue. Moreover, as appropriate, you can change the brightness of the colour.

ZgmdaHOME 7 inch Moon Lamp with stand, LED touch control

This is a compact and cordless moon lamp for home and outdoor decor.


It has a surface texture that is moon-like and natural.

It is available in 16 distinct colors that can flash and fade as well as change from one to another seamlessly.

Using a remote control as well as a touch control, you can control the color and brightness of the display.

It is made entirely from PLA, a substance that is biodegradable and derived from plants.

It includes an energy-efficient LED light and an integrated lithium rechargeable battery that can be recharged via the regular USB port.

You may use the lamp for charging purposes.

The lamp is powered by an integrated rechargeable battery that can provide a maximum charge for up to 48 hours of illumination. Even if you run it at full luminosity, it will retain its luminosity for 8 hours. In order to get a full charge, the battery takes about 3 hours.

For adjusting light color as well as turning the lamp on or off, it has a touch control.

You can also remotely control it from a distance of up to 35 feet. You can adjust colour as well as the mode of lighting with the remote control.

The colors are able to flash as well as fade.

SUPER3DMALL 7.1 Inch 16 Color Full Moon LED Lamp With Touch and Remote Control

A practical lunar surface and 16 color lighting choices come with this moderate-size luna moon lamp. This makes it not only an elegant night light, but also a trendy home décor and a family party decoration piece.


This moon lamp is not made from moulds and is 3D printed. This has given it a lunar surface texture that is realistic.

Also, it is safe to use and accurate.

It is made of PLA material that is durable and eco-friendly. Therefore, you can use it for a long time and dispose of it in non-toxic ways as well.

3000k of light is emitted by the energy-efficient LED lamp, which does not damage the eyes but can be bright enough to read books.

It comprises one battery with a rechargeable life of 10000 hours.

There are 16 colors the lamp can emit. By simply pressing the touch button for less than a second, you can change from one color to another. Throughout its range of 16 colors, you can constantly shift from one to another by just doing this. It changes the luminosity if you touch it for more than one second. Using this touch button, you can also turn it on and off.

It operates for remote controls as well. So, from the comfort of your couch or bed, you can run it.

5.9 inch LED moon lamp Segoal 3D with wood stand

The Segoal 3D 5.9 inch LED moon lamp comes with a wood stand and touch & remote controls. It will build a perfect gift piece.


The lamp ‘s surface includes craters that were mapped with satellite images from NASA.

It is made from durable PLA which, by lowering it from a height of 6.5 feet, has undergone a high altitude test. So, even if you drop it from a height of 6.5 feet or less, it won’t harm your moon nightlight bulb.

With a touch button as well as a remote control, it can be controlled. So, with both a touch control and a remote control, you can change the tone.

In four different modes, it can emit 16 different RGB colors. So, by touching a button, you can make the mood of the room romantic, comfortable, peaceful, or beautiful.

There is a USB charging cable that can be used for other charging needs, such as smartphone charging, charging for laptops, etc.

If you run it in blue light and soft mode, it has a 500mAh battery capacity that can last for 15 hours.

It provides comfortable light that is flicker-free, which is ideal for reading and lighting in the bed, home party, courtyard, coffee shop, etc.

You may get a complete replacement for a broken USB cable or remote control. · The direction of light is adjustable.

Elstey 3D Moon Star Sky Lamp

Moon Light measures 5.9 inches in diameter and comes with a stand and LED light for the Elstey 16 Color, Touch, and Remote Control. It is a great piece for a home decoration object, a birthday present, and more.


The decorative, romantic, and warm night light can give rise to unique colored patterns.

Energy-efficient LED light that can be connected to any Power Bank, USB adapter, laptop or phone.

Crafted from durable ABS + PLA and unbreakable. Due to the durable nature of the content, even if you operate it for a long time, it poses no danger. In the space or on the kid’s reading desk, it appears to cast a light.

16 customized colors and 4 lighting effects are available to choose from. Your favorite color and hue can certainly be found in these. You also obtain four light modes, including Flash, Strobe, Fade, and Smooth.

This light can be controlled by touch as well as by a remote control. Near the charging port, the touch control is mounted. Apart from the touch control, you can also turn the lamp on and off by means of a remote control.

For your bedroom, study table, café, desk, and even office, it can be an ideal decoration object as well as a lamp. A beautiful atmosphere can be created by the shining moon lamp.

The brightness can be dimmed.

The direction of light can be changed.

Stroboscopic light can be obtained in 7 colors that change gradually.

You can also get 3 colors of stroboscopic light that change gradually.

Glowing 3D Moon Lamp Ehobroc 5.9 Inch with a tap to change 3 colours

The Ehobroc 5.9 Inch Glowing 3D Moon Lamp comes in 3 colors, i.e. cool, yellow, and warm white, with tap control to adjust the light. It is a good one for home décor, children’s light reading, bedside night lamp, and birthday gift reading.


The moon lamp ‘s surface has a bright lunar look. It consists of curves, craters, and mountains carefully built to resemble the surface of the moon. What makes the lamp extremely practical is this.

For children, it is environmentally friendly and healthy. The lamp is made of PVC, while the outer shell is made of non-toxic and environmentally-friendly ABS. The lamp is unbreakable and robust, too, due to the use of these materials.

It has a high burning point that, if you light it for a long time, helps to stop the chance of burning. So, with complete protection, you can simply place the moon lamp on the stand and enjoy a calming moon light or a romantic dining light for hours.

It can be turned into three shades, i.e. cool white, warm white, and yellow. Tap the lamp and the colours will change. On successive clicks, it will begin to change colour and will turn off at the fourth tap.

It has a gentle LED light that saves massive amounts of energy. On a complete charge of the rechargeable battery, it can emit light continuously for 8 hours.

It takes approx. 2 hours for the battery to completely charge and can be charged through a USB port. So, from your laptop or power bank, you can charge it.

For children, women, parents, and more, it is a great gift. It can also be a great gift for Valentine or birthday, as well as a good decoration piece for the bedroom, table, cafe, desk, and even office. It can build an atmosphere that is wonderful and cosy.

The business also provides reliable after-sale service.

4.7 Inch Moon Light Lamp Baby ACED 3D Printing

For multipurpose use, this is a dimmable and colour-changing, touch-operated LED moonlight lamp. It can be a cool gift item for kids , teenagers, lovers, and more for Christmas. As a cool decorative lamp for your home, you can also use it.


The lamp has been 3D printed in such a way that the moon ‘s presence is vividly imitated.

For the children’s bedroom, living room , dining room, office, etc., this will offer good ambient light. It can also be donated to children for use as a toy.

There is an integrated and rechargeable battery that, depending on the brightness you set, can provide up to 20 hours of illumination.


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GoDaddy Workers in Action Against Cryptocurrency Resources Hackers Trick





After tricking GoDaddy employees into supplying them with keys to client accounts, cybercriminals were able to alter the DNS settings of certain cryptocurrency websites.

The event occurred earlier this month and impacted an undisclosed number of clients of the firm, including at least two websites connected to cryptocurrencies: the Liquid virtual currency exchange portal and the NiceHash crypto-mining operation.

On November 18, after GoDaddy wrongly turned over custody of their accounts, both platforms announced that threatening individuals were able to hack their internal networks.

Liquid CEO Mike Kayamori confirmed that the incident took place on November 13, and that the “ability to change DNS records and in turn, take control of a number of internal email accounts” was given to the threat perpetrator.

The malicious attacker thus damaged the resources of the trading network and also obtained access to record storage. As well as “preventing further intrusions and mitigating risk to customer accounts and assets,” the platform said it took the appropriate measures to contain the attack shortly after detecting it.

We will ensure that consumer funds are accounted for and remain safe and stable by containing the threat, reaffirming domain ownership, and carrying out a thorough review of our infrastructure. Kayamori said that MPC-based and cold storage crypto wallets are safe and have not been hacked.

NiceHash reported that the same GoDaddy problems triggered a service interruption on November 18th, and that the DNS records for the domain were changed as a result of unauthorised access to the domain settings.”

After ensuring that funds were safe and customers had access to their accounts, the firm promptly froze all wallet operations and resumed its operation. Pending the outcome of an independent investigation into the incident, withdrawals were suspended.

“It looks like no emails, passwords, or any personal information has been accessed at this point in time, but we do suggest resetting your password and activating 2FA security,” the firm said last week.

In looking into the attack, investigative journalist Brian Krebs found that threatening perpetrators used social engineering to manipulate staff of GoDaddy into changing access to their accounts, and that their addresses were changed to for all the targeted accounts.

Cryptocurrency sites that may have been attacked by the same hacker community include,, and, in addition to Liquid and NiceHash.

The event seems to have been recognised by GoDaddy, claiming that only a limited number of clients were harmed, but not providing specifics about how the opponents attacked their staff.


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Cyber Security: What Is The First Thing To Do In 2021




You may have seen last week’s piece showcasing cogent advice from some of our venerate contributors on the last thing to do this year. Some of those same executives as well as a few others, have chimed in on the first thing to do next year in cyber security. 

Insights from Aligning Security Strategy With Business Strategy; Aligning Security Enablement With Business Execution; Engaging Threat Hunting; Matching Talent With Technology; Understanding Budget vs. Reality; Engaging Strategic Partner Security and Engaging Immediate Security Awareness are covered.

What is the first thing to do in 2021?

Align Security Strategy With Business Strategy

Parag Deodhar, Regional Chief Information Security Officer- APAC, VF Corporation

Understand the strategy of the organization. CISOs need to understand the business a lot more deeply and align their strategy with the business strategy. So the first thing to do is to do a deep study on the business strategy and realizing how the security strategy can align with the business strategy.

Align Security Enablement With Business Execution

Iain Lumsden, Director of Information Security, Denver Health

We’ve been so agile this year and I suspect it’s going to be the same thing in the beginning of next year. Speaking specifically in healthcare- there’s conversation around a COVID-19 vaccine coming soon. We’re working with the business to make sure that we can do what’s needed for the patients. And that’s still going to be on top of our minds at the beginning of next year. We need to be flexible, but at the same time enforce necessary security requirements. 

Engage Threat Hunting

Kayne McGladrey, Public Visibility Initiative spokesperson, IEEE

It’s really looking at the threat landscape as it exists on that day, in that point of time and do a reality check on how much the world has changed since you got that budgetary approval. This is a step that not everyone does. They focus on doing things right, not necessarily doing the right things. Organizations need to have a continuous model of risk reduction and risk assessment and threat informed assessments of those risk models. 

Something that we’ve seen historically, threat actors know we take holiday. They know that those two weeks around Christmas and New Year’s, between like the last two weeks of the year, if you don’t celebrate those holidays, tend to be slow weeks. Tends to be the B shift, the C shift that are actually taking the reigns of organizations. When companies come back- if they weren’t threat hunting over those periods of time- start a threat hunt. Go find out who now has persistence in your network. And I hope it’s nobody. 

Matching The Talent With The Technology

Nannette Cutliff, SVP, Chief Information Officer, CISO, Pacific Service Credit Union

The first thing to do next year is to make sure that you have resource accountability for managing and assessing how you’re going to attack the things that you know have to be executed. Look at the skill set and the resources that you have on staff to make sure that you’re adequately geared up to handle what you’ve got on your plate and the future threats that are coming.

Many of us bring on new tools, new platforms, new integrations and we haven’t gone back to look at how they’ve played in our environment. 

Understanding Budget vs. Reality

Tom Kartanowicz, Regional Chief Information Officer- Americas,Commerzbank AG

The first thing to do next year is check my budget numbers. Check the approval process and see what amount of coinage I’m working with and what the reality is. Checking the project status and seeing what we can kick off, and balancing the money versus the reality. 

Engage Strategic Partner Security

Lisa Tuttle, Chief Information Security Officer, SPX Corporation

We’ve had a lot of strategy meetings with our vendors. We will start off the year focused on our priorities. We’ll focus on strategic partner tools as well as the potential enhancements they can make. We’ll then be able to realize how we can be better business partners to each other so we’re in lockstep on how we take advantage of the things for which we’re already paying.

Engage Immediate Security Awareness

Stephanie Derdouri, Sr. Director Information Security Risk at Fannie Mae

Everybody’s going to want to be optimistic about the year ahead. Start out by saying ‘we’re all in this together and that means that we’re all holding each other accountable.’ We understand everybody has flexible schedules. It’s important to get in right away with that employee engagement. And that probably needs to happen before any sort of hope of there being any sort of security awareness digestion. You have to make sure people are ready and listening.


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5 Reasons You May Not Want to Install macOS 11




Mac malware

After nearly two decades, Apple finally decided to leave macOS 10 behind and introduce macOS 11. Many people installed the operating system immediately after the release with the strong belief that Apple knows what they are doing. Of course, the new macOS 11 was bound to be an upgrade from its predecessors, but is it really better than what you are currently using? What are its downsides? Read on for a few reasons you might want to avoid Apple’s macOS 11:

Table of Contents

Lack of support for 32-Bit apps

The absence of the 32-bit software functionality has proved a major turn-off for most Mac users, with some early adopters choosing to downgrade from Mac OS 11 just to continue using apps that are only available in 32-bit. It is a real dilemma for anyone running a 32-bit app, as you have to choose between giving it up and sticking with the OS you are currently using.

Compatibility issues

As expected, macOS is heavier and packed with CPU-resource-consuming features that need newer processors to run correctly. However, unlike recent updates such as High Sierra, which came out in 2017 and ran on machines from as early as 2009, Big Sur only runs on machines released in 2013 or later. There is no point mooning over the new operating system if your machine isn’t among the following:

    • 2013 or newer Mac Pro
    • 20-17 or newer iMac Pro
    • 2014 or newer iMac
    • 2014 or newer Mac mini
    • 2015 or newer MacBook
    • 2013 or newer MacBook Pro (Some MacBook Pro machines from early 2013 may not be compatible)
    • 2013 or newer MacBook Air

Some programs bypass VPN

If you fancy encrypting your data using a VPN, macOS has found a way to circumvent that for some of their apps. The OS, unlike all its predecessors, won’t allow you to use the Kernel Extension to set up a VPN or firewall. This is because all of Apple’s applications do not strictly operate within the user’s control on macOS 11. This is a huge data privacy and security issue, especially for businesses that use Apple devices on their network.

Huge space requirements

Not only have people reported problems with downloading macOS 11, but the space requirements for installation are also proving an impediment for some users. To install the operating system, you need to have at least 35 GB of space on your SSD.

Issues with certificate checks

There have been concerns over how certificate checks are conducted on macOS 11. According to hacker Paul Jeffrey, the Apple server was down for most users when they tried to install the new OS, and programs started significantly slowly. This is because the system conducts a check every time you start a program to confirm the validity of the developer’s certificate.


Without a doubt, macOS 11 has lived up to the hype, if you choose to focus on the pros. However, there are quite a few downsides that some users cannot afford to ignore. Hopefully, Apple corrects the above issues in upcoming updates to enhance the OS’s inclusivity.


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Microsoft Released an Out-of-Band Update for Windows to Address Authentication Issues





In order to fix authentication problems relating to a newly patched Kerberos flaw, Microsoft issued an out-of-band update for Windows last week.

The problem is linked to the subkey value of the Perform Ticket Signature register in CVE-2020-17049, a bypass security function flaw in Kerberos Key Distribution Center (KDC) patched by Microsoft on November 2020 Patch Tuesday.

CVE-2020-17049, clarified in an advisory by the tech firm, exists in the way in which KDC decides whether tickets through Kerberos Constrained Delegation (KCD) are eligible for delegation.

A compromised server designed to use KCD could leverage a service ticket that is not legitimate for delegation to compel the KDC to allow it in order to exploit the vulnerability. The upgrade fixes this vulnerability by modifying how Microsoft states that the KDC validates service tickets used for KCD.

Last week the company disclosed that a variety of problems could arise on writable and read-only domain controllers (DC), including tickets that are not renewed for non-Windows Kerberos clients and S4UProxy delegation fail when PerformTicketSignature is set to 1 (default), and services fail when PerformTicketSignature is set to 0.0 for all clients.

To fix a documented problem concerning Kerberos authentication, an optional out-of-band upgrade is now available on the Microsoft Update List. Ticket renewal and other tasks, such as scheduled tasks and clustering, may fail as part of this problem. Microsoft states that this phenomenon only concerns Windows Servers and Windows 10 computers and apps in business environments.

The business advises that only affected organisations instal their domain controllers with the out-of-band update. In addition, Microsoft advises that after downloading the update, there are several problems that businesses should be aware of about the Microsoft Input System Editor (IME) for Japanese or Chinese languages.

In a post last week in addition to applying the upgrade to all of the DCs and RODCs (Read-Only Domain Controllers) in the environment, Microsoft Japan issued a set of guidelines on the steps administrators could take to resolve certain issues.


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