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Best Bitcoin and Crypto wallets in 2024


The Nano X is the Ledger’s latest version of a cold storage wallet. It comes with the Ledger Live platform, which is simple to operate and understand, and it can hold over 5,500 digital currencies and tokens, such as bitcoin, ether, and XRP. This wallet is also compatible with your computer through a USB cable, and it supports Bluetooth connections for Android and iOS smartphones, features that the Model T does not have.
In 2019, Ledger unveiled the Nano X. This gadget, similar to all Ledger products, securely stores the user’s digital currency and NFTs away from the internet. That is why it supports Bluetooth, and, for the connection, there is a USB-C port. Like all Ledger Nano X devices, the device is compatible with the macOS, Windows, iOS, as well as Android systems. It can use up to 5,500 out-of-the-box tokens used for running up to 100 applications.


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