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Axie Infinity Now on Apple App Store; Sky Mavis Launches New NFT Marketplace | BitPinas


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Editing by Nathaniel Cajuday

  • Axie Infinity: Origins is now available on the Apple App Store for iOS users in select Latin American and Asian countries. 
  • Sky Mavis has also launched Mavis Market, a non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace that allows users to buy, sell, and showcase NFTs powered by its proprietary blockchain Ronin.
  • The release of Axie Infinity: Origins on the app store and Mavis Marketplace marks a significant milestone in creating more accessible and dynamic web3 gaming experiences, according to Sky Mavis CEO Mark Nguyen.

A year after Axie Infinity: Origins was released, the game is finally available on iOS devices, as Sky Mavis announced the launch of the game on the Apple App Store. Along with this, the firm also introduced its new non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace, Mavis Market.

Axie Infinity: Origins in iOS

Initially, Axie Infinity: Origins will only be accessible to Apple users in specific Latin American countries, such as Argentina, Colombia, Peru, Mexico, and Venezuela, and Asian countries, including Indonesia, Malaysia, and Vietnam. 

“Axie Infinity: Origins will be one of the first Web3-native trading card games launching on both desktop and mobile platforms, which will expand the game’s reach to include a broader non-web3 native audience,” Sky Mavis said in a statement.

Accordingly, the developers assured that they are working closely with Google and Apple to ensure that mobile users have the same features available. Access to the game via Android devices was launched along with the release of the game. 

“Sky Mavis remains committed to our vision of a player-owner digital nation and is excited to work with app stores to open our ecosystem to a new generation of Lunacians,” Trung Nguyen, Sky Mavis’ CEO, stated.

Prior to this, the Origins version was only accessible to iOS devices through a third-party application called TestFlight.

Mavis Marketplace

The Mavis Marketplace is expected to allow users to buy, sell, and showcase NFTs powered by Sky Mavis’ proprietary blockchain, Ronin.

According to the firm, the marketplace will also offer select collectibles from third-party game or DApp developers that use Ronin, noting that the initiative aims to extend the success of Axie Infinity and its marketplace by empowering third-party games to enhance ownership, interoperability, and future cross-game integration by integrating key features.

The release of Axie Origins on the app store and Mavis Marketplace marks a significant milestone in creating more accessible and dynamic web3 gaming experiences, as per Nguyen, 

He also mentioned that it has upcoming updates in store for its community, including the release of their merchandise store. Sky Mavis expressed excitement about providing their community with more ways to engage with the Axie Infinity brand.

The new five studios set to launch games on Ronin are Directive Games, Tribes, Bali Games, Bowled.io, and Battle Bears. The collectibles from them will soon be available on the Mavis Market.

“We are incredibly excited and have big plans for the Mavis Market Launch at Tribes Studio. We have a number of initiatives that will utilize the NFT marketplace to engage with our community and to help bring our Tribesters World to life,” Glenn McGuire, Tribes’ CEO, commented. 

McGuire also disclosed that there are currently a number of projects in development that demonstrate the potential of the Mavis Market, emphasizing that some of these include the creation of membership NFTs for their proprietary platform, NFT campaigns for engagement and collectibles, and groundbreaking Tribesters Genesis NFT Pack.

What is Axie Infinity: Origins?

Axie Infinity: Origins is the third version of the game and is the current gameplay of Axie Infinity. The mechanics of the game allow players to attack simultaneously, unlike in Axie Infinity: Classic, where it is structured as a turn-based card battler where players create teams of Axies to duke it out in the arena. 

The Early Access release of the game was on April 7, 2022, which included the introduction of free-to-play starter Axies to make the gameplay more accessible. 

“We have exciting updates on the horizon, including the much-anticipated release of our merch store, and are thrilled to continue to provide our community with more ways to engage with the Axie Infinity brand,” the CEO stressed.

Recent Axie Infinity News

Recently, Sky Mavis successfully upgraded Ronin to Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS). The blockchain also provides an ecosystem for four gaming studios, which will have the opportunity to access the Axie Infinity intellectual property (IP) for their games or build entirely new games with their own distinct IP on Ronin. 

Last January, Sky Mavis also launched the Alpha build of Axie Infinity: Homeland, the beginning of Phase 1 in the game’s roadmap, which will include plans for NFT Axie gameplay, land tokens, and mobile accessibility in future phases.

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