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Australian Cyber Week 2020 showcases vibrant, growing sector




Today, the Federal Minister for Industry, Science and Technology, The Hon Karen Andrews MP, launched the fourth annual Australian Cyber Week, a week-long series of events and activities nationally coordinated by AustCyber – the Australian Cyber Security Growth Network.

The official launch event, featuring Minister Andrews, Innes Willox of the Australian Industry Group, Chris Painter of the Global Forum on Cybersecurity Expertise, industry heavyweight David Thodey and AustCyber’s CEO Michelle Price, will highlight the shift to digital through the COVID-19 pandemic and how it is accelerating the economy – a theme that will be explored further throughout the week through almost 30 events spanning the full breadth of the cyber security landscape for those within the sector, but also well beyond.

Held from 26-30 October, Australian Cyber Week 2020 provides opportunities for Australian cyber security and related organisations to showcase their capabilities and network with peers, potential investors and customers. It also provides an excellent way for cyber curious individuals and organisations to better understand what cyber security can do and mean for them.

“Cyber Week 2020 is one of AustCyber’s key programs under our mission to grow a globally competitive cyber security sector,” said Michelle Price, CEO of AustCyber. “The events during Australia’s Cyber Week connect Australian cyber capabilities with key domestic and international stakeholders who are contributing to the growth and success of the sector and creates further opportunities to enhance future economic growth.”

Australian Cyber Week has traditionally featured in-person events and activities at various locations across Australia. In 2020, AustCyber is debuting a new virtual conference platform which features 100% Australian technology. The 3D ‘circuit board city’ is the gateway to daily live events, a networking hub and exhibition hall showcasing booths which feature sovereign products and services. Online events will be complemented by in-person events in South Australia and Western Australia, facilitated through AustCyber’s National Network of Cyber Security Innovation Nodes.

“Each day, Australian Cyber Week has a feature event to demonstrate our globally completive cyber security ecosystem,” said Ms. Price. “The range of speakers is broad – ranging from CEOs of large corporates and venture capital investors, to ethical hackers, school students with a keen interest in cyber, and those with disabilities working within the sector.”

Later today, AustCyber in partnership with Cynch Security, Deakin University and RMIT University, will explore small business attitudes towards cyber security. While small businesses have had to fight for survival during the COVID-19 crisis, the unprecedented period of digital adoption has left many exposed to threats they are unprepared for. As Australia looks towards the future again, there has never been a more important time than now to understand the challenges this sector faces. This event will provide paths forward for building cyber fitness in the most vulnerable businesses.

AustCyber has partnered with CISO Lens and cyber security accelerator CyRise to host Sky’s the Limit on Tuesday 27 October. This event will feature ten Australian cyber security companies delivering short pitches to executives from ASX listed companies from key Australian sectors including advanced manufacturing, health, consumer services, mining and financial services.

To underline the importance of digital trust in keeping our digital activity secure and resilient, during an event on 28 October, AustCyber will simulate a significant cyber-attack on Australia through a hypothetical situation. Experts from the Australian Energy Market, Siemens Digital Industries Australia, TOLL Group and cohealth come together to examine the impact on critical infrastructure, crucial parts of our society and how it would impact almost all of us.

The National Missing Persons Hackathon 2020, held on 29 October, is one of the most innovative events to be held in Australia this year and is being held in partnership with the Australian Federal Police, National Missing Persons Coordination Centre and Trace Labs.

This event will see the gathering of ethical hackers and investigators using online investigative techniques within the bounds of the law to find new leads on 12 real missing persons cases in Australia. Contestants will be using their cyber skills to gather open source intelligence (OSINT) on long-term and current missing persons using only information that is publicly available on the internet. The goal of this is to generate new leads on cases that can aid the relevant Australian policing jurisdictions in their investigations.

“We are excited to be returning for 2020 and going virtual for the first time,” said Linda Cavanagh, National Network Lead at AustCyber and Founder of the National Missing Persons Hackathon. “Theoretical concepts are put aside so participants can operate in real time, with real data, for real human impact. Imagine the possibility of a missing person case being solved by the community using crowdsourced cyber skills! Helping close a case would be a great result and show the value and power of OSINT.”


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Factors to consider before you make payments on casino sites?




first-ever slot machine

This article will help people understand how to choose the right casino sites for the needs and effective ways of identifying trustworthy places online.

Table of Contents

Investigating Online Casino Security

Players also had to worry about the fairness of games and the casino’s safety in the time before live casinos were regulated. Now that government agencies have closely regulated and supervised live casinos, players have little cause for concern and can concentrate on selecting the casino that best suits their needs and desires.

A similar evolution is underway in the internet casino industry. With the Internet’s inherently anonymous nature and the risk involved in online financial transactions, gamblers are right to be too concerned about online casino security. This page is designed to provide you with a starting point to understand the fundamentals of online casino security and the resources needed to maximize your chances of choosing a reliable and stable online casino. Only some live casino in Canada offers real-time protection for their users and information. 

Casino Security: Meaning and Evolution

Security was far from a primary concern in the early days of the internet casino industry. Sadly, the same can be said for many Internet-based sectors, especially those that grew during the online boom’s nascent era. As the Internet has changed from a wild western mindset to a platform with more rules and structure, online casinos have also shifted from loosely controlled organizations to reputable, multinational companies that emphasize providing a healthy gaming environment for players.

Factors Ensuring Secure Online Casinos

How do you separate respectable casinos from those of low quality? The organizations that oversee and test the casino and the random number generator that the casino employs are two initial study points.

Bodies for Regulatory and Research

A license given by a reputable jurisdiction is required for any quality casino. Three of the most highly thought-of licensing bodies to ensure online casino safety are Malta, the United Kingdom, and the Isle of Man. Online casinos that apply their games and systems to the annual auditing necessary to retain a license are merely more likely to be safe than those that are poorly managed or operate without an e-license.

Random Number Generators’ Basics

The heart of a safe and equal online casino is random number generators (RNGs). You have no way of knowing if a casino game is fair without an accurate, completely random generator. Since online casinos use virtual card decks and slot reels, the RNG is the primary tool to ensure that the card deal or the slot spin is dependent on chance and not subject to external intervention. Reliable casinos that take safety seriously can include their RNG details and hire independent firms to test and validate their RNG – verification that should be easily accessible on the casino website.

Online casinos: Where there is a compromise on security

Although honest companies back the vast majority of internet casinos, the past of internet-based casinos is still scarred by many scandals involving lax or absent casino protection. If you’re talking about unencrypted systems that have revealed the customer’s private details, then games that have been unfairly rigged in favor of the house. Also, casinos that have absconded with player funds and an unfortunate number of times, the value of carefully selecting a safe online casino based on their track record has been impressed upon players. In our guide to rigged casinos, we’ve discussed this topic in more detail.

Safeguarding your bank data

History makes it all the more vital that you take the time and energy to select a reliable online casino properly. It’s your money on the line, after all – and it’s not just about the money you deposit. For fun, we all play casino games, but we all also know that there is a chance, however slim, that we might stumble into a jackpot. When you play online casino games, you frequently play for several progressive jackpots worth considerable money. It would be devastating to have the misfortune of actually reaching one at a casino that has no intention (or means of paying you. So a smart way to safeguard your winnings is to ensure good online casino safety.

It’s meant to be fun to gamble, but there’s no excuse why you can’t have fun and win too. It’s more than just a smart idea to protect you by carefully choosing a stable online casino at the outset – it’s necessary to save your money and financial identity.

Here are five specific protections that you should look for to point you to an online fair and stable casino. 

Encrypting Data

Casinos use 128 or 256-bit encryption

Both of these translate any personal and financial details you send to the casino into unbreakable code strings.

How safe are they? Ok, it’s the same type of security that is used by your bank.

By looking at your toolbar, you can tell your casino is using some encryption. They have an SSL certificate if it says HTTPS in front of the website’s name, which means that your information is encrypted.

Generators of Random Numbers

 An algorithm that casinos use to deal with games is a random number generator.

There is no need for any outside input to run casino algorithms. They use a seed number instead. You get outcomes that are seemingly random when paired with the algorithm.

The algorithm and the number of seeds are both unknown. It’s the only way to stop being hackable by the algorithm.

The explanation is that algorithms are mathematical formulas (combined with seed numbers). And 2+2 equals four at all times. This is why when you know what algorithm and seed is being used; algorithms are hackable.

Here, there is another protection at work: 3rd party businesses whose primary focus is to test casino RNGs and fairness apps. Technical Systems Testing (TST), now owned by Gaming Laboratories International, is possibly the most well-known firm (GLI).

Policies on Privacy

Privacy policies are important because they inform you how the casino is going to use your data.

This will inform you of the privacy policy. But it has to be read by you.

This is vital because you will be able to take legal action if you agree to sign up and the casino decides they’re going to sell or rent out your details. To know for sure, you’ll want to speak with a lawyer.

You keep your data safe from less than stellar businesses by sticking to casinos that say they will not sell or rent your details Or only companies that are involved in bullying you.

Typically, you can find the privacy policy of an organization at the bottom of their website.

Licenses for Games

Before they can open their doors to the public, offline have to go through a rigorous process. Obtaining their license from the local or state gaming authority is part of that process.

Before they issue them their license, these gaming authorities or commissions ensure that the casino is legit and above board. Then over the coming months and years, they continue to check on them to ensure they still deserve it.

They search for all kinds of material, such as player complaints, bug-free apps, random games, options to exclude players, and so on.

If they graduate, they get their license (to keep it). But if they’re failing?

They lose their license, meaning they can no longer do business.

For you, this is a fast and simple way to decide whether a casino is fair and safe. But one thing has to be kept in mind. Online gaming authorities, commissions, and licensors are distinct from offline sources.

At the footer of their website, you may see the granted license details. Some gaming authorities often post on their website, which they gave a license to or took charge away.

Words of a Casino

The terms and conditions are kind of like a policy on privacy. The casino shows you how their casino works. Laws that everybody has to obey.

These pages clarify the rules about welcome bonuses, policies to cash out, and what happens if a big jackpot is struck.

You would like to read these very closely. I’d go as far as taking a screenshot, actually, and I’ll tell you why.

One of the nasty things rogue casinos do is adjust on the fly their terms and conditions. In a casino vs. player dispute, it usually sides with whatever decision they make.

For instance, say you take advantage of a deposit bonus and clear up the criteria for rollover. Then you go out for cash, and the casino tells you you can’t do it.

To help them, what some of these casinos would do is tweak the terms. They’re going to say you played the wrong games or you haven’t played enough. Then your bonus money and winnings are canceled.

The problem here is that sometimes the casinos don’t have the cash to pay you. Or they’re not able to. So the word will be tweaked.

And you’ll be fortunate to get back your original bankroll in several situations, let alone some bonus money.


Having read the terms and conditions and preferably saving a screenshot does not get your money or bonus money back (offshore sites are more challenging to fight because of current laws), but by advising them of the casino, you’re having issues with and you can hurt their credibility do other players a favor.

At the bottom of the website of any casino, the terms and conditions can be found.


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Mobile Threat Landscape Exploding: Security In Motion




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The evolution of global corporate enteprise has taken a decided leap in the year 2020. The on prem perimeter is simply a thing of the past. Vast swaths of data are accessed by distributed workforces from new endpoints to the enterprise. 

And so, global corporates are newly exposed on this mobile threat landscape. Security In Motion, presented by Cyber Security Hub and partner Lookout- examines the threat landscape and the explosion of mobile threats.

Register now for Security in Motion.

In his Zero Trust session with NFL, CISO, Tomas Maldanado, Ramy Houssani, Chief Cyber & Technology Risk Officer & Group Privacy Officer, BNP Paribas put it rather succinctly, “Mobile threats are quite frankly exploding. We see from the Verizon Mobile Security Index report that there are about 5% of Android devices that contain malware. That’s actually pretty bad. It means that we really have a set of devices that could be weaponized against an organization and could create data breaches, could create ransomware propagation across the network. So most of these trends, they really rely on the fact that there is a consumerization of enterprise IT, which will continue and would only amplify in magnitude and scale.”

Addtional Highlights Include:

  • In the session How Hackers Use Mobile Devices as Bait, executives examine the evolving enterprise threats presented to the organization through the expansion of personal device use.
  • The Security vs. Privacy session outlines how to ensure your organization does not choose between the two initiatives, but that each initiative benefits each other.
  • Eugene Oksman, VP & GM Salesforce Mobile Publsiher & Mobile Security breaks down brand new mobile security means in the Securing Your Mobile Apps session.
  • Jim Routh, CISO, MassMutual notes “software development in a cloud-first environment, in a DevSecOps pipeline model, it’s different, it’s fundamentally different.” in his Fireside Chat.
  • Google’s Sriram Karra and Verizon’s Jim Floyd discuss how to provide continuous protection for your corporate data as it is accessed by remote apps on personal devices

These are just a few of the highlights from the many sessions at Security in Motion. It’s a new cyber security world with new rules and new threats. Gain intelligence from your peers by joining us. 

Benefit from myriad lessons learned in mobile security by registering for Security in Motion now.


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Potential of AI and machine learning to stop bot attacks




Potential of AI and machine learning to stop bot attacks
By Priya Dialani

The vast majority know about automated bots like AI powered chatbots are really software applications that can utilize artificial intelligence to interact with human users to achieve a task. Read how does AI and Machine Learning can stop bot attacks to ensure a secure business environment.

Bot attacks are drawing an ever-increasing number of features with stories of fraud. The abundance of customer information available on the dark web through breaches, social media and more and more are offered to hackers to order online shopper profiles to take over accounts for money, products or services.

Bot detection is (or ought to be) a key security priority for any business with an online presence. About 33% of the world’s total web traffic is presently composed of malignant bots, and terrible bots are answerable for a large number of the most serious security threats that online businesses are facing today.

The topic of who is genuine and can be trusted, and how organizations should protect against this issue stays unanswered. For cutting edge bot detection solutions to be effective, there is a requirement for a lot higher accuracy in the level of user behavioral analytics that must be implemented.

Bots of the most recent generations are now practically unclear from human guests, and they are difficult to detect without truly expert bot detection know-how. They have provoked the requirement for tools that can decide the visitor’s purpose, instead of essentially examining traffic volume and known bot signatures.

The vast majority know about automated bots – chatbots and such – that are really software applications that can utilize AI to interact with human users to achieve a task (for example book a hotel, answer customer service questions, and so forth.), however, some are just principles-based.

In any case, advances in deep and machine learning, natural language understanding, big data processing, reinforcement learning, and computer vision algorithms are paving the way for the ascent in AI-powered bots, that are quicker, improving at understanding human interaction and can even copy human behavior.

Organizations like Amazon have been putting resources into AI and machine learning methods for several years, from fulfillment centers to Echo powered by Alexa, to its new Amazon Go. Amazon’s AWS offers machine learning services and tools to developers and all who utilize the cloud platform. However, malicious bots would now be able to use these definite abilities for deceitful purposes, making it hard to differentiate among bots and true human users.

Instacart shoppers and the grocery workers keeping racks loaded and stores open are among the true heroes of this pandemic. Without them, a lot of us wouldn’t have had the option to get staple goods and guard our families. Instacart customers will regularly wait in grocery store parking for a rewarding request to show up on their application, then accept it and go inside to fulfill the order.

For some, customers, working for Instacart fulfilling orders is most of their salary. Customers can make up to $1,800 every week during busy periods, as per a recent Seattle Times story, Instacart customers blockaded by bots that grab lucrative orders.

Terrible bot engineers see the exponential development and prevalence of Instacart during the pandemic as the ideal market opportunity. Creating and selling subscriptions to bad bots that consequently catch the biggest, most rewarding orders in under a second are taking orders away from the various customers. The normal expense of Instacart applications ranges from $250 to $600, with numerous bot engineers requiring a monthly fee of at least $130 or more to keep the bot active. Bot engineers just take installment in digital currency to save their anonymity, as per the dark web research firm, DarkOwl.

Instacart says this is a small percentage of their total order sales and is making a move to battle the bots by forbidding any violator discovered utilizing one to re-course orders. 150 customers have been deactivated and Instacart claims a few bot selling sites are currently down. Instacart is likewise initiating new procedures, for example, inciting customers to confirm their identity with a selfie and not allowing customers to switch gadgets in the middle of an order. Customers utilizing the updated application can likewise decide to review a single order for 30 seconds before guaranteeing it or passing it to another customer. Instacart also a month ago enrolled the assistance of security platform HackerOne to fight bots by offering a bounty program, according to the Seattle Times.

While prevalent in the financial business, these attacks can possibly affect some more. For example, with online ticket sales , an AI-controlled bot could perform check-out abuse by professing to be a human user, then purchasing out all the tickets for an occasion within a moment.

Also, the advertisement tech industry keeps on enduring significant losses because of ad fraud. In 2016, it was assessed that almost 20% of total digital ad spend was squandered, and $16.4 billion was lost in 2017. Click-fraud likewise presents an issue, where bots over and again click on ad hosted on a website with the goal of producing income for the host site, emptying income out of the advertiser.

Kount’s Fraud Prevention Platform is one such platform that depends on AI procedures, including supervised and unsupervised machine learning algorithms, to recognize great and malicious bots in real-time, making it extraordinarily fit for distinguishing known and emerging attacks. It tends to be a challenge to block terrible bots without affecting the great ones and it’s considerably harder to manage sketchy bots, which could be beneficial for certain organizations however, awful for different ones. Identity trust platforms can help recognize and address various types of bots real-time and without a negative impact on business.

Utilizing AI and machine learning algorithms, it is conceivable to persistently learn patterns of user behavior dependent on the muscle memory they show when they walk, sit, stand, type, swipe, tap – even the hand they want to hold their gadget in can be utilized to make customized user models.


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Stellar Repair for MS SQL – Software Review




Cyber Defenses

Corruption in the SQL Server database can lead to unplanned downtime. SQL database downtime can be costly, impacting business productivity and sales. As SQL Server professionals, we need to be prepared with the right set of tools to troubleshoot such database issues.

Table of Contents


You can use DBCC CHECKDB with a repair option to resolve database corruption. However, using REPAIR_ALLOW_DATA_LOSS option with CHECKDB can result in the loss of (deallocated) data. And, it can be difficult to determine the extent of this loss.


Here, I would like to discuss about Stellar Repair for MS SQL, a specialized tool recommended by MVPs and DBAs to repair and restore SQL database. I will share how the SQL database repair software from Stellar® helped me repair and restore a corrupt SQL database (MDF) file in the least possible time, keeping the file data intact.

Following are the key reasons that make Stellar Repair for MS SQL a must-have tool for DBAs:

  • Repair corrupted SQL Server database (MDF/NDF) files on both Windows & Linux systems.
  • Handle all types of SQL database corruption errors, such as a database in suspect mode or recovery pending mode, DBCC CHECKDB fails to work, etc.
  • Support SQL Server 2019 and earlier versions.
  • Allow selective recovery of specific database objects (like tables, views, keys, stored procedures, triggers, etc.) and data to an MDF, HTML, CSV, or XLS file format.
  • Restore deleted SQL database table records.
  • Intuitive interface to scan and repair corrupted SQL database
  • Download free demo version of Stellar Repair for MS SQL to analyze software effectiveness with preview feature. Purchase the software once you have verified data integrity.

Repair a Corrupt MDF File using Stellar Repair for MS SQL

Note: Stellar MS SQL Repair software fixes corruption in MDF files. For running the repair process, the software requires complete access to the files. And so, the MDF files should not be attached to an active SQL Server instance.

The best aspect about the software is that it doesn’t require shutting down your SQL Server instance to repair SQL database. You can DETACH the database from the server instance, instead of shutting it down.

Steps to Repair MDF File with Stellar SQL Database Repair Software

Step 1: Download and install the Microsoft SQL repair software from Stellar®, run the software, then software main interface window with an Instruction message box is displayed as shown below:

Step 2: Select Database dialog box is displayed offering two options to select the corrupt file that you wish to repair. Select ‘Browse’ if the MDF file location is known. If the file location is not known, click ‘Search’ to find the file from a particular drive.

Step 3: After selection of the MDF file that needs to be repaired, clicking the ‘Repair’ button opens a ‘Select appropriate scan mode’ dialog box. At this point, Stellar Repair for MS SQL software begins to scan the database.

The software provides two levels of scan, Standard Scan for quick scanning, and Advanced Scan for thorough scanning. For my database, I tried running both the quick and thorough ones. Running both the scan modes took the same amount of time, but the advanced scan spotted more problems.

Step 4: If the selected MDF file is severely corrupted, the software will be unable to detect the SQL database version, then you can manually select the database version from the ‘Select Database Type’ drop-down as shown below:

Step 5: After successfully completion of the repair process, Stellar’s software will display status of the database repair. In my case, it was a success!

Step 6: Once the repair process succeeds, a preview window appears showing all the database objects that can be restored from the repaired database file. The preview feature helped me verify data integrity, as I was able to see complete data of the database.

Step 7: Once satisfied with the results, purchase the licensed edition of Stellar Repair for MS SQL by clicking the save button. You will be redirected to the software buy now page from where you can purchase the product and receive the activation code via email. Open the activation window by clicking Activation on the Buy Now menu. Enter the activation code in the dialog box as shown below to proceed with saving the repaired database file.

Step 8: Now, you can save the repaired database to a new or a Live (existing) database.

The eight-step process explained above is simple to implement and helps perform the SQL repair and recovery process without any technical monitoring or support.

Check out the how-to product video to know how the Stellar Repair for MS SQL Software works.

End Note

Time is of essence for any SQL database administrator. However, resolving SQL database corruption requires significant time and effort. While there are tools that can help you fix corruption in a database, chances of data loss risk is high. But, Stellar Repair for MS SQL software does exactly what it promised: repaired corrupted SQL database without any data loss. Also, the simplicity with which the software GUI helps repair the database file is excellent.


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